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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ross Sightings

So I was at a local Ross last week and WOW, I hit the jackpot. I'm so excited to share what I found with you, because I've heard that some of you have also found these things in your area recently, which means there's an even better chance that YOU may them (fingers crossed). So let's get right into it!

NOTE: As always, you may also find these items at Marshalls, TJMaxx, or Burlington Coat Factory, so don't limit your search to Ross. All four retailers tend to carry similar inventory from time to time, so if you strike out at one, try another.

I found this five-pack of NYX Black Label Lipsticks for $7.99. What? I know! The Black Label Lipsticks are amazing and I really wish NYX hadn't discontinued them. For some reason I had it in my head that the retail price of these lipsticks was $5.99 each, but a quick Google search landed me on Phyrra's blog, where she confirmed that they were $7.25 a piece when still available. So yeah, you're basically getting five for the price of one if you find this set. (By the way, these sets are in a sealed bag--there's a lock on the zipper--so no tampering. Yay!)

Keep reading for the shades in this set, plus more Ross sightings...

Natural, Socialite, Heather, Tea in the Afternoon, Diva

I also found this six-pack of NYX Color Lip Balms (now discontinued) for $7.99. I was in a hurry and forgot to take a photo of the shades, but my pal Amber of Beauty Junkies Unite has an old review of these here with swatches and all of the shades in this range, if you need more info. 

Next up, I found a ton of City Color cosmetics sets. I know that it's hard for most of us to find City Color in stores, so definitely check your discount stores for these sets if you don't want to order online, or are new to the brand and would like to try some things before placing an online order. This set above contains a Matte Blush and Lipstick for $3.99.

I also found this Color Correction 4-piece set for $4.99.

And this 4-piece lip color set (two lipsticks and two liners in earthtone shades) for $4.99.

And this lip sampler set (Creamy Lipstick, Lip Balm, Matte Lipstick and Lip Crayon) for $4.99.

Bonus sighting:

I adore H2O+ and I was happy to find tons (much more than you see above) of their bath gels and body balms for $3.49 at both Ross and Burlington Coat Factory. In addition to Ginger-Citron and PiƱa Passion (my fave) they also had Milk and other fragrances. The body washes retail for $10, while the body balms retail for $12, so $3.49 is a nice little deal if you're an H2O+ fan. 

What have YOU spotted at your local discount stores lately when it comes to beauty products? Please share with us below!


  1. I have got to get out to the mall near me with Ross and Marshall's. I like City Color a lot from what I've tried from Ipsy! And I love the NYX Black Label Lipsticks and didn't realize they were gone :(

    1. City Color is at Five Below, too! I just recently got 3 of their matte blushes for $3/each.

  2. I was litterally just in the ROSS in Las Vegas a few hours ago and saw that same NYC set, the lip balms.

  3. Hi G I also saw tons of Maybelline baby lips in TJ Maxx and Marshalls this week for 2.99 in various colors. But the biggest surprise was they had the newer limited edition lip buds in the popular Oh Orchid shade so I stocked up.

  4. So, G., what did you haul? All of the above? I hope at least the Lipstick set!!! If I am lucky I will find time for some hunting soon!

  5. There are actually two different sets of NYX Black Labels. The one you got and also a second set that includes, Garnet, Summer in the Hamptons, Dusty Rose, Brick, and Hot Tamale.
    This is too good of a lippie find!

  6. Great beauty spotting! :-)

  7. I adore the NYX Black Label lipsticks. I snagged a ton of them at Nordstrom Rack when I got the Too Faced bronzers earlier this summer. They were marked $4.99 but rang up $1.49! But these sets have shades I don't have. I'll have to check my local stores to see if they have them!


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