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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CVS Expands Permanent e.l.f. Display to Additional Stores

Remember back in November of last year when I showed you the full e.l.f. display that was spotted at CVS by a reader? Well guess what? Additional CVS stores are now getting this display! To refresh your memory, here's what the e.l.f. display at CVS looks like:

image credit: Emily for Nouveau Cheap
Permanent e.l.f. display at CVS

This week I have heard from over a dozen readers who have just spotted a permanent e.l.f. display at their CVS locations. In fact, reader @AmyRBromberg on Twitter confirmed to me today that the e.l.f. display that just popped up at her local CVS looks identical to the one above shared by reader Emily back in November (thanks so much for that, Amy!).

So if your CVS didn't get this e.l.f. display last year, there's still hope! Keep checking back and hopefully you'll see it too. I haven't seen this display in my area yet, but I cannot wait to find it (and start using my Extra Bucks on e.l.f. goodies!).

Thanks so much to everyone who let me know about this sighting this week--I really appreciate the tips!

PS: If you missed my previous posts about e.l.f. popping up at more and more retailers lately, in addition to finding e.l.f. cosmetics at Target, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, etc. etc., you can now find e.l.f. at Old Navy stores and even 7-11 stores


  1. Yay! Fingers and toes crossed they show up at more placed with more products... especially with all the stocking and shipping problems lately!

  2. Ohmigod, wish my CVS would get that...although I might spend as much there as I do at Ulta...not too far from it now lol

  3. Speaking of CVS bucks, where are the kiosks usually located? I couldn't find it in my local store.

  4. Omg yessss! I usually go to Target to stock up on my brushes and such but I'd much rather go to CVS since I always have ECB. I don't think my local CVS carries Elf at all but I have my fingers crossed that they'll get one of these displays

  5. My cvs doesn't even carry elf :(

  6. Just spotted these in my local cvs! 07094

  7. So excited! I Love E.L.F products but am so bummed that my local CVS seems so limited. Hope my local CVS steps up their E.L.F game and gets this permanent display! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Yay!!! I love me some elf!!!! Crossing my fingers I'll see them at my local CVS's!!!


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