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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Over the years, I've sort of stuck to my favorite facial towelettes and really haven't explored too much when it comes to other brands (three or four years ago I think I was on a kick and reviewed several different brands, if you've been with me for a while and remember that!).

But over the last year or so, I have heard from several of you here on the blog and on social media who have been raving about these Simple wipes. So when I had the opportunity to receive some for review a while back, I jumped on it. I've been using these wipes for over four months now, and today I'd like to give you my verdict!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
(retail: $5.99; 25 wipes per pack)

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Made in UK

These wipes are 7 x 7.5 inches, which I think is a pretty ideal size. They're not so small that you will need to use a zillion of them to cleanse your entire face (I can get the job done with two cloths if I'm wearing a lot of makeup, and just one cloth if it's a light makeup day), but they're also not so big that they feel bulky or cumbersome in the hand.

As for the cloth itself, I feel that this is one of the softest cloths I've ever used when it comes to drugstore facial towelettes. They are softer than my longtime favorite Epielle towelettes (also thicker and bigger than the Epielle towelettes) and they are much softer than the Equate towelettes from Walmart (the ones that come in the blue pack that I know many people love). To me, the Equate towelettes feel almost like they're made of fiberglass or polyester; I don't know, they just have an odd feeling to me and they feel scratchy on my skin. The Simple cloths, on the other hand, feel very soft on my skin.

You may be asking yourself how I tested one packet of cloths for four months, and I have an answer for you. The package you see in my photos is not the original package that was sent to me for review. In fact, this package is my SECOND purchase. That's right--I enjoyed these so much that I blew through my review sample, then purchased, and repurchased these again. I literally haven't touched my Epielle cloths since I started testing these for review.

Now that I have four+ months of use under my belt, let me tell you why these are officially my new Holy Grail towelettes.

First of all, the softness of the cloths (as mentioned above) is excellent. Second, I love that these truly remove every last trace of my makeup, with very minimal effort. As you know, I don't wear waterproof mascara, but I tested these cloths with Benefit They're Real Mascara (which might as well be waterproof because believe me, it's stubborn) and no problems at all with removal. These cloths also remove my longwear makeup like a champ, even when I'm wearing primer and/or sunscreen underneath.

I also love that these cloths are not too wet, and not too dry. They have the perfect amount of moisture for me. I dislike really wet towelettes (like the Pond's ones, which are so wet that they leave foam on my face) and I equally dislike cloths that are too dry (I mean, what's the point, right?). These Simple cloths have just the right amount of moisture to be able to easily remove makeup/dirt/oil without leaving any type of weird residue on the face, yet they're not so wet that they make it hard to actually LIFT the makeup/dirt/oil from your skin. (TIP: store your makeup towelettes upside down, with the opening facing your countertop, vanity, etc. to ensure that they stay moist through the life of the packet.)

Speaking of residue, I love that my face just feels clean after using these cloths. I don't have that weird, oily, wet residue with these (the kind that the Equate cloths leave behind on my face), and my skin also doesn't feel dry, tight, greasy or sticky after use. My face just feels clean. I also love that these cloths are fragrance-free, so there's no eye irritation (the Equate cloths burn my eyes like crazy and I really dislike the fragrance).

The biggest selling point for me personally, and the reason that these have taken Holy Grail status away from my Epielle cloths, is that the Simple wipes are so efficient in removing all of my makeup. Granted, the Epielle clothes are great and quite inexpensive ($1 a pack at Big Lots) but something I've grown tired of over the years is having to use three or four or five of them at a time on heavy makeup days. For me to be able to use two cloths max, and ensure that every trace of makeup is gone without any tugging or pulling, makes the Simple wipes my new number one choice when it comes to drugstore makeup cloths. (I'll still continue to purchase the Epielle wipes for removing makeup swatches from my hands and arms when it comes to blogging but, for my face, Simple is my top choice!)

FINAL VERDICT: I think the proof is in the fact that when I ran out of my original review sample, I immediately went to the drugstore and purchased another package. And then I blew through that package, and repurchased ANOTHER package. All before I ever reviewed these for you. I think that speaks volumes as to how much I love these towelettes and, after over four months of continuous use, I can safely say that these are my new Holy Grail makeup towelettes. I simply (no pun intended) love that these Simple wipes are fragrance-free, soft as heck, remove every last trace of my makeup with minimal effort, and have the perfect amount of moisture to them (not too wet, not too dry). Plus, they often go on sale at the drugstores. For me, these are a win-win-win all the way around and I highly recommend them. I think they're one of the few facial care products out there that truly lived up to every single claim on the packaging.

What are YOUR holy grail makeup wipes? Have you tried the Simple wipes? If so, do you agree with my assessment? I'd love to hear from you!

A sample of this product was given to Nouveau Cheap for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews. For more information, click here.


  1. These are the only makeup wipes I use now for a year or two. They are AMAZING. Looks like I have to run to walgreens!

    1. I'm so glad to hear you love them too! Thank you for sharing, and yes, time to stock up! :)

  2. I decided to give these a try about a month or so ago and I'm hooked. They're there first word that don't seem to irritate my skin in some way. I wish I'd read this earlier though as I just bought a pack this afternoon. I might have to stop by Walgreen's and stock up anyways.

  3. Was just wondering if I should switch from my towelette brand. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't use these every day, but they are a MUST during camping trips and when I ride my bike to work.

  5. I must be a party pooper and say I hated them, they were way too dry for my taste :( couldn't wait to use them up, bought them because they were discounted to $5 in my canadian drugstore (otherwise they're $8+tax I guess)

  6. These are my favourite wipes ! They get everything off with out irritating my face !

  7. I love these too! Been using them for about a year & haven't looked back.

  8. Love these and their foam face wash. I don't use anything else.. Well baby wipes when I run out of the wipes lol..

  9. I've loved these for a while now. I tried many brands before finding these. They are the only ones that don't burn the skin around my eyes. Even regular makeup remover does that to me. But not these. Even so I really only use them for fixing mistakes and use Clinique Take the Day balm for removing all my makeup at the end of the day.

  10. Yeah these do nothing for me, my makeup must be more stubborn that yours I guess. They never get my eye makeup off, no matter what eyeliner/mascara combo I'm wearing. Always just smudges it around.

    Neutrogena wipes for life, only ones I have used that will actually remove my makeup!

  11. I need to try it, now I use the Wet n Wild wipes :) Im on my 4th package already!

  12. I love that they're fragrance free. I hate scented wipes plus they remove makeup very well.

  13. I've been using these for two years and I love them.They really do remove all of the makeup. They're a staple in my skincare routine: remove eye makeup with Equate oil-free, Simple wipes for face, Simple moisturizing face wash, and finish with Simple micellar water and moisturizer! Great review!

  14. I like these too, but I switched to oil cleanser and the micellular water.

  15. I used to get free samples of these at my work, and after my stockpile ran out, I STILL forked over the cash to buy them. Nowadays, I find that the 98cent hypoallergenic baby wipes work decently well for a fraction of the price, so I use those.

    I LOVE the Simple cleansing wipes (hated the exfoliating, never tried the illuminating), but for the price, I'm going to stick with baby wipes.

  16. I have loved these since they were introduced. Since I stopped couponing, I usually stock up during a deal. Make sure you purchase the CLEANSING wipes. The Sensitive wipes do not remove makeup as well. I also use the Exfoliating wipes once a week for a deeper cleaning. I have sensitive skin, and the Cleansing wipes are gentle and do not cause me any irritation. Welcome to the club, G!

  17. I love these! New holy grail for me too. I particularly love how (so far anyway but I'm only on my third pack) they somehow stay cool which is super refreshing at the end of the day. I don't put them in the fridge or anything but they are in a drawer away from direct sunlight and other wipes I've used don't act this way. I want to try other wipe varieties in the line, so I'll probably make a stop at Walgreens; thanks for the heads up about the sale!

    Can Costco start selling these in bulk please?!

  18. The Epielle ones have changed, by the way. They are thinner and a little scratchier now :/ I'm disappointed. I'll still use them, but I might look for an alternative. I liked the Simple ones when I tried them, but they are certainly more expensive. I like how cheap the Epielle ones are. I use makeup remover before I use towelettes anyway, so I don't need the towelettes to remove my full face.

  19. I love these wipes, particularly the original ones which, i think, are the cleansing kind. I did not like the exfoliating ones at all, too rough for me and I don't even have sensitive skin. Thanks for the tip about the sale at Walgreens, will need to stock up.

  20. I use them, but they are not the best. They kind a my dry (non sensitive skin). I recently tried garnier wipes for sensitive skin and I'm in love. I had never expected such a good product from them. they contain lot of moisture and are not rough.

  21. I used to love these as well until I tried the Kirkland (Costco) brand face wipes. They are thicker, larger, and wetter and I can take off my whole face with one wipe. Now when I try the Simple ones they just feel super dry to me.

  22. For a while I was a huge fan of Ponds for the same reason you don't care for them G--they were super wet and saved me a trip to the sink. Then I switched to Neutrogena for softness and superb eye makeup removing ability. Those are close to Simple but leave a slightly greasy residue (which comes in handy when I re-apply mascara for my makeup-free face--haha--because any stray mascara rubs away easily with the oily residue). Simple is great because they have TWO functions: removing makeup and cleaning my brushes off between applications of eyeshadow, blush/foundation/bronzer.

  23. These are the best makeup wipes are the drugstore! I only buy these now. I have tried other brands that are just ok and some burn my eyes, but these are AMAZING! They are gentle, a good size, and clean off all of my makeup with just one cloth. I highly recommend.

  24. I just tried the Dollar General dupe for these towelettes, and I like the fact that they are unscented. Also, I don't wear a lot of makeup so the dupe worked fine. Wasn't drying and the towelette was just right moisture wise. Not dripping wet but not dry either. Would you consider doing a comparison of the two? the Simpe brand was $5 for the pack and the Dollar General dupe was $3.


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