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Friday, May 15, 2015

Spotted: Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Nail Color Display

Back in January, I posted about how Hard Candy was bringing back some of their original nail polish colors (in their original packaging!) for a limited time in honor of their 20th anniversary this year. The original release date for these polishes was April, but it then got pushed to May.

Well I've been looking for these polishes at my local Walmart ever since May 1st (I still haven't found them!) and if you've been looking too, I'd like to show you what the display looks like. Many thanks to reader Meg (@kentuckyglamour on Instagram) for this one:

image credit: Meg for Nouveau Cheap
Hard Candy 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Nail Color display at Walmart
(retail: $4 each)

Meg spotted this display at her local Walmart just last week and was nice enough to share this pic. The colors in this collection include Sky (my absolute favorite from back in the day!), Mint, Coconut, Scam, Claws Up, Tangerini, Zombie and Girlie. Janine of Beauty Geeks has swatches of Mint, Sky, Scam and Tangerini, as well as a press photo of all eight polishes HERE

Have you spotted this display at your local Walmart yet? I've heard from some of you who have just spotted it this week, while other spotted it at the very beginning of May. So it looks like it's starting to make its way across the country. Hopefully we'll all able to find it soon!

Thanks again, Meg, for the great sighting and pic!

PS: And I also haven't found those Hard Candy Limited Edition heart-shaped bronzer and highlighter duos yet. Have you? 


  1. Holy crap I'm old. I remember when these first came out and you had to get them at Nordstrom. I never could save enough to get them. Feeling nostalgic and 30 something. They're still just as cute.

  2. I found them, at one of my walmarts. (BTW the walmarts carrying the 20th anniversary collection are listed on the hard candy website). My stupid redneck walmart had the nail polishes shoved in a basket on an endcap. So unprofessional! But sky is finally mine, I only had to wait 17 years, lol!!

    1. Thank you so much for posting about the website!! Now that I see my town isn't getting them I can stop going to our WalMarts and checking lol.

    2. Yes, thank you so much for that info! I have been checking the two Walmarts nearest to me with no luck and now I know why! Now I can stop wasting my time as well searching for something they'll never get.

  3. I haven't found these in the San Diego Area either.

  4. I remember getting Sky back in the day! I'm sure I was on vacation because no one in my Podunk town would have ever carried it. Also I did see the heart shaped bronzer in a clearance bin. I didn't get it since I just bought the Sephora favorites with the bronzes.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know they had nail polish.

  6. The heart shaped duos are in this same display! They are on the right side. If you look closely at the pic above, you can see one peeking out.

  7. I saw a small display at my Walmart but it only had 5 nail shades and the pastel eyeshadow palette. There's a larger display at certain Walmart stores that have the heart blushes and more nail shades but none of the stores near me have it. Unfortunately the list of stores on the Hard a Candy site could have either the large or small display...they don't tell you which. I'm so bummed, I really wanted the heart blushes. :(

  8. Girl, I never saw these at my Walmart on a display - I DID, however find three of the re-releases in their clearance section! I was able to get Sky, Scam and Claws Up! I'ma hafta check other Walmarts for the others. Gracias for sharing! XOXOXO

  9. I found the bronzer and highlight duos a week or so ago and have photos on my instagram page. They are beautiful and soft. I also grabbed Sky, and Tangerini polishes and they are just as amazing as I remember them being!

  10. I found both of the bronzer/highlighters in my local Wal-Mart which absolutely shocked me since I'm in the middle of Indiana and we hardly get anything new here… but there happens to be a Wal-Mart distribution in our town, too. I swiped both of them up. They aren't really anything special, but they are cute!


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