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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spotted: Permanent New L.A. Colors Display at Target

L.A. Target? Yes! A new, large, permanent display is now popping up in stores, and I have lots of pics to share with you today thanks to two lovely readers.

image credit: @starparra for Nouveau Cheap
NEW L.A. Colors permanent display at Target 
(nothing over $5)

Thanks to reader @starparra on Instagram for the above pic of the display that she spotted at her local Target this week!

There's even more in this display than what you see above, so keep reading for a closer look...

PLEASE READ: I am aware that some of the products in this display at also available at Dollar Tree, etc. for $1 each. However, there are some products here that I have actually only ever seen at Kmart up until this point, so hopefully this display at Target is good news for those of you who don't live near a Kmart and/or haven't seen some of these products locally. Also, don't forget that Target often offers gift cards with purchase on certain merchandise, so this is one more thing that you'll be able to purchase with those gift cards. Also, they may run sales and Cartwheel deals on L.A. Colors in the future, so even more possible ways to save! Also, many of these products are now listed on the Target site but, as of the time of this post, they are only available "in stores only."

Reader Jen spotted this display at her local Target this week too, and kindly shared lots of pics:

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap

I enlarged Jen's pics a bit so that you can see everything that's in this display (with prices):

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
Mascaras and 16 Color Palettes 
(there are three palettes in this display; you can see all three in the photo at the top of this post)

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
Eyeliner/Brow Pencils
Eyeshadow Primer (this is new to me!)

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
Mood Gloss
Brow Kit
Hydrating Lipsticks

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
Grafix Liquid Liners
Jumbo Eye Pencils
3 Color Eyeshadow Trios

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
Chunky Lip Pencils
Moisturizing Lipglosses

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
6 Color Metallic Shadow Palettes
Art Deco nail stripers
Color Craze nail polishes

image credit: Jen for Nouveau Cheap
12 Color shadow palettes
Flash Pop nail duos
More Color Craze nail polishes

Exciting, right? Have you seen this new L.A. Colors display at YOUR local Target yet? 

Thanks so much, Jen and @starparra, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. Replies
    1. Lol sorry you're not as excited as I am by this news! ;)

  2. what are the holy grail products from this brand? I've never heard of any!


  3. i bought 2 of the 3 16-pan e/s palettes (haute & sweet) at kmart last month & they're awesome !!

    really smooth & buttery . the "neon" palette (haute) swatches more like pastels, but still pretty nonetheless .

    the neutral palette (sweet) is my fave . the shades in top row look very similar when swatched , but the bottom row is beautiful .

    --- nicole

    1. I've tried the 12 color palettes and the metallic 5 pans.. both are pretty nice. The 12 colors contain a lot of mattes which are quite nice.

  4. Those lipsticks and chunky crayons look nice! Does anyone know if they have an undesirable smell?

  5. I'm sure if I come across this display I won't be going home empty-handed, especially if I can get ahold of those eyeshadow crayons and the liquid liners ... and the mood lip gloss ... and so on.

  6. C'mon LA Colors, give us what we really want- the concealers.

    I have a few of the 3 and 5 pan palettes from K-Mart and have found them quite nice. Very buttery. The 16 pan palette on the other hand, I found very hard and quite lacking in pigmentation.

    1. Are you thinking L.A. Girl? For the concealers?

  7. G thanks for the scoop and Nicole thanks for the eye shadow review! It all does look too good to be true, but when neons look like pastels and top row contains colors that all look the same that makes more sense and makes the buttery shadows all the more worth their low price!

  8. Loving the grafix eyeliners! They're my go-to, beats all my hi-end liquid eyeliners, and doesn't budge through my tears from allergies! MUST TRY, nothing much to lose but $2 if it doesn't work out. VERY Opaque as well and EASY to apply. My must have and the only thing I love from the line so far!

  9. Sooo many mascaras! I've never seen mascaras from this brand around. Last week at Target they were doing a total beauty reset...hope I see this next trip there, and an updated elf section would be nice too!

  10. Any recommendations, G?

  11. Do you know where the makeup is manufactured? what is your opinion on this line?

  12. Well, I for one am excited about this sighting. I already own one L.A. Colors eyeshadow pan (nude/neutral palette?) that I scored on the after Christmas clearance sales at HEB for $1.50. CVS also had them marked down at the time. I thought these palettes would only be available during the holidays so it's pretty cool to see I can now go to Target to buy them. Family Dollar has more of a selection of those chubby lip pencils, but I wonder if the shades at Target differ from the ones sold at FD? Yes, some of the products shown are sold at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, HEB and Family Dollar, but it's nice that now Target sells them as well.

    1. Well put, awesome knowing can also go to target to get LA Colors! I went to walgreens Mon and actually found some pallete like ones you got at HEB I think they were leftover from Xmas rang up for 1.50 too nothing wrong with them

  13. Do you know what areas of the country these were spotted? I live in the Southeast (Nashville) and my local Target stores just got the NYX displays about 6 months ago. I remember first reading about NYX coming to Target on Nouveau Cheap what seems like forever ago. I feel like we're the last to get everything! Sigh.


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