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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spotted: NEW NYC New York Color Strip Me Off Base Coat

I think I first talked about this new peel-off glitter base coat from NYC over a year ago, so I'm thrilled to let you know that it has FINALLY landed! Reader @sf4581 on Instagram just spotted it at CVS today and kindly shared this pic:

image credit: @sf4581 for Nouveau Cheap
NEW NYC New York Color Strip Me Off Base Coat
(retail: $1.99, 0.33 oz)

Keep reading for more info...

This product has been available in Europe for a while now, but it's just now landing in the US. From NYC website:
Work on Wall Street, show on Broadway and then rooftop party in Central Park? As a truly fashion New Yorker, you might want to change outfit for each occasion all day long. Just STRIP OFF your glitter or color polish easily in only 1 step to reveal your nail ready for a new manicure. No remover needed! Yes, now it’s truly possible to add a stylish final touch to your outfit every single day. 
1- Apply generously our Strip Me Off base coat 
2- Wait until the white base coat becomes transparent 
3- Paint your nail with favorite color/special effect nail polish 
4- Just peel off to remove it

I'm very curious how this will compare to OPI Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat (around $9) since both brands are owned by Coty. If you like this type of peelable base coat for your glitters, this could be an inexpensive alternative. Well, still not as inexpensive as using just plain old Elmer's Glue, which I've been hearing about for years but have yet to try.

By the way, @sf4581 reminded me that NYC is BOGO1/2OFF this week at CVS (now through 3/7) so it's a nice time to pick this up if you spot it.

Thanks again, @sf4581, for the great sighting and pic!


  1. I wish I could find NYC near me! Rite Aid got rid of their displays, and my CVS doesn't carry any of their products! I have to make the 45 minute trip to K-Mart to take a look at their new stuff!

  2. I definitely want to try this for glitter polish!

  3. I'm eager to try this one when I track it down. I never tried the OPI one, since it's to pricey for my tastes. The Elmer's glue works okay, though. I still haven't perfected it, though, the water to glue ratio.

  4. i love using peel off base coat. It makes life so much easier

  5. I use Elmer's and it works! I don't dilute it with water nor do I use a special brush to apply it. I just put a couple drops on my index finger and gently coat the nail. Any excess dries and can be rolled off (like a booger--if I may be so poetic). Polish came off when I wanted it which was 2 days later. I'm still curious about NYC. Never coud get my hands on the OPI.

    1. Very poetic indeed! I got a good laugh. Very helpful comment! I was wondering to myself why I can't just use Elmer's glue instead of buying another bottle of polish! Thanks ^_^

    2. No problem Krystle! Well I finally did get the NYC version, and the difference is that it has a quicker dry time on the nail than school glue, and with a brush it has easier application. No need to roll anything in your fingers! So I recommend it.

  6. For $1.99 I'm trying this for sure. Don't want to spend the $ for the OPI version.

  7. Kristin Johnson on you tube has a demo on how this works.

  8. Cool. If it wasn't for tongihts snow, freezing rain and sleet I would definitely drive to CVS right now. There's always tomorrow.

    Elmer's glue is great. I use an empty nail polish remover cleaned out NYC grand central station bottle. Part fill with Elmer's, add a few or more drops of water. Apply thinly. After it dries I sometimes top with sally Hansen base coat double duty, then colored polish, then glitter. Top off with NYC grand central station.

    If you don't bottle your Elmer's just put some on some foil and brush on nails. No water needed.

    Go Elmer's and NYC!

  9. Definitely going to try it out! I have a CVS 10% off any beauty coupon that I can use with the NYC BOGO sale. I will need to try that beauty trick using Elmer's glue to remove glitter polish.

  10. I love using Elmer's as a base (in an empty polish bottle, undiluted) even under cremes and jellies. Glitters applied under a glue base coat peel off pretty easily. It can be difficult to remove thinner cremes and jellies but I've found it's so much easier to peel off when exposed to steam in a hot shower. I can't wait to try this to see how it compares to my beloved Elmer's.

  11. Do you know if this is limited or not? The only place near me that has NYC now is a grocery store and they only carry part of the core line. Still bummed Rite Aid quit carrying this brand. :/

  12. They have it at my walmart

  13. I find that my really dense glitter polishes, like some I own from KBShimmer, just peel off on their own when I want to remove them! I think because the glitter is so dense it's like not much actual polish sticks to the nail... if that makes sense. Or maybe it just works well with the base coat I use - Gelous base coat from Sally Beauty Supply.

  14. I found this last night at my CVS and they still had Grand Central Station for my half price item! Score!!


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