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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NEW EcoTools Dry Body Brush

I've read many articles about dry brushing over the years, but it's something I have yet to try myself. Well that might just change soon, since I found this in my in-box today:

NEW EcoTools Dry Body Brush
(retail: $4.99)

The new EcoTools Dry Body Brush is available now on the EcoTools site (along with all their other new products; you can check out my review of the new Correcting Concealer Brush HERE, in case you missed it). You get free everyday shipping on orders $35+ on the EcoTools site, no code required. I'm not sure if this brush will start popping up at retailers like Ulta, Target, Walmart, etc. soon, but I would imagine it will. If you've already spotted it out in the wild, please comment below and let us know where you found it? Thanks!

Are you a fan of dry brushing? If so, do you think you'll give this brush a whirl?


  1. I've been dry-brushing for about a month now. It has actually made a difference in my dry skin. The skin on my body gets so dry, patchy, and itchy in the winter (New Jersey here) and it's kind of unbearable. I tried dry-brushing as a last resort (I do it before a shower) and it has helped tremendously. I'm still dry and a bit itchy at times, but I no longer have the dry patches of skin, and I don't scratch to the point of drawing blood. Sorry, sounds gross, but I really need to share how much my skin has been benefiting and getting better. I dry brush, use Dove body was in the shower (sensitive skin) and after my shower I use either Eucerin or Cerava, and my skin is insanely soft and hydrated. It's like my skin is getting better and better each day.

    1. Jersey in the house!!!! Girl, I feel you on this. My knees are killing me- so itchy & I reluctantly admit that I scratch Til I bleed :/ it's terrible & I believe I've scared myself in certain spots. I'm very interested in trying this. So do you use this to dry brush or something else? Thanks in advance :)

    2. It was some generic one I got from Marshall's for around $8-9. It has a handle for harder to reach places and you can slide it off and use it like the brush in the picture. I never had it come apart as I was using it.

      I do it before a shower. I generally brush towards my heart. Hold one arm up, brush down, upper chest, brush down, then stomach, legs, I brush up. I don't brush hard - think of brushing your hair - you won't dig the brush into your scalp, so don't do it to your skin. Problem areas, I gently brush in circular motions, like I'm buffing my skin.

      I find that doing this in conjunction with using a moisturizer has really changed my skin. It feels so much softer now, and I feel like it stays moisturized better, too. Don't expect results overnight, and don't rub your skin raw.

      I always used Eucerin or Cerave for weather like this, and while it's good, I feel like dry brushing makes them work better. I've read that dry brushing exfoliated the skin better and promotes healthy blood flow, and I like to bellieve it's true. I really can't believe how different my skin has been. Even my mother noticed I'm not scratching my legs like a dog with fleas. I used to scratch so badly, I would bleed and have awful scabs on my legs. I haven't had any in the last month.

      Hope this helps!

  2. The more I try Ecotools the more love the brand, I think this will be my next buy. I haven't tried dry brushing yet but my dry skin on my arms and legs needs some help this winter.

  3. I've been dry brushing for about five years. It took some time to get used to it (bristles felt harsh) but the break in period isn't long. The main reason I began dry brushing was for my lymph system. It helps it work more efficiently. I was thrilled with the bonus of glowing skin. I never knew just how much dead skin cells were left after using my normal exfoliating washcloth in the shower. The true test came during Chicagoland winters where my moisturizer of choice is organic coconut oil. It absorbs into my dry brushed skin twice as fast. My brush has an extender handle so you can reach your back etc.. Dry brushing is one of the best tips I ever received.

  4. This looks interesting. I have to admit I've never heard of dry brushing but it makes sense. I think I'm going to try this brush since the price is so reasonable. Thanks for this post, G. :D

  5. When you live in the awful frozen tundra of New York State, you try everything to keep your skin healthy glowy and soft! I was just thinking I need a dry brush. I will be looking for this asap! Thanks G!

  6. I have very dry, peely winter skin but I've been using a Korean italy towel this winter and it's kept my skin baby-butt soft. They're super cheap too.


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