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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spotted: NEW Jordana Cat Eye Liners Colored Liquid Eyeliners (with Reader Swatches)

I'm a huge fan of Jordana and Milani liquid liners (Milani is the sister company to Jordana, in case you didn't know). In fact, Jordana's Fabuliner in Black has been my Holy Grail liquid liner for several years now. So when two lovely readers let me know that there's a brand new line of colored liners by Jordana now popping up at Walgreens, I immediately did my new-makeup-happy-dance. Check it out:

image credit: @kaarlakaarla for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Jordana Cat Eye Liners
(retail: $2.99 each at Walgreens)

Reader @kaarlakaarla on Instagram spotted this display this week at her local Walgreens and was nice enough to share the above pic. I'm guessing these will probably show up at Kmart as well (if any of you have spotted these at Kmart, I would love to know!).

Keep reading for more pics and some reader swatches...

Looking at the display pic above, you can see that these liners have a fine-point brush applicator, and there are eight shades in the range.  The applicator on these liners looks very similar to Jordana's Color Envy Waterproof Liquid Liners, which also have a very fine-point brush. I'm so curious if the formula is similar to those, or if the formula may be closer to the Milani Ultra Fine Liquid Liners or Milani Limited Edition Fall 2012 Color Play Liquid Pens (both of which wear like iron on me).

Reader Sweety, who also spotted this display at her local Walgreens, purchased seven of the eight shades in this range and kindly shared some pics (and swatches):

image credit: Sweety for Nouveau Cheap
Jordana Cat Eye Liners

If you look at the caps in the photo above, you can see that there's a shimmer/sheen to most of these (the black does not have that shimmer/sheen). More pics from Sweety:

image credit: Sweety for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Sweety for Nouveau Cheap
Orchid, Caribbean, Twilight, Future, Envy, Suede, Black Leather
Not pictured: Shade #02 (shimmery brown)

The one shade that Sweety did not purchase was 02, which she said was a shimmery brown. Here are her swatches of the shades she purchased:

image credit: Sweety for Nouveau Cheap

Sweety said that there's a "beautiful sheen" to these (except for the black, which is matte) and that her swatches "don't do these justice." She also said that the formula is on the thin side, but that these "dry down beautifully" and are "smudge-proof."  Aaaah, I can't wait to try them--I'm really excited to see some non-traditional shades here like that yellow and mint green. Fun, right?

Have you spotted the new Jordana Cat Eye Liners in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much, Sweety and @kaarlakaarla, for the great sightings, pics (and swatches!). I really appreciate it.


  1. Dang! Those colors are great, and nothing you ever see at the drugstore, especially in a liquid liner! Good work, Jordana. Now, if only any physical stores near me stocked and Jordana beyond the permanent (and permanently depleted and unchanging) display at Walgreens...

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of liquid liners but these look really nice!

  3. I'm loving the lipstick on the model in the display. I want to know what she's wearing.

  4. Future and Envy just scream spring to me!

  5. To bad these aren't waterproof, I have to have waterproof for my eyes because they are always watering :(!

    1. Dude, these liners are awesome! I bought the black today. I already had on a full face of makeup, but being the impatient child that I am, i swatched it on my hand. This is the deepest, darkest, blackest liner I own. I have already washed my hands at least 10 times today, and the lines I drew on my hand are still there and still just as vibrant. I do wish it was a more matte finish, but they are still awesome. If you do try them, I know you will love them

  6. Kicking myself for not buying more of these when I bought Black leather to try. Can't wait to get back to Walgreen's!

  7. I want <3 I really, really want.

  8. These colors look amazing and look like dupes for urban decay liners, I'm impressed

  9. I picked up the black brown but haven't tried it yet! However, the applicator looks very fine-tipped and precise compared to traditional liquid liners.

    I spotted it at Kmart in the Portland area.

  10. I've never used a liquid liner before but these are AMAZING! I got the Twilight and Suede and Suede is my favorite but I love them BOTH. Sadly no black or brown still at my store but I'll grab them when I see them because I'm seriously in LOVE. I even experimented and did a little cat eye flick on my eyes and it comes out perfect or close enough every time. *happy dance*


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