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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spotted at Walgreens: SOHO Beauty Disney Princess Brush & Sponge Collection

Not to be confused with the various Disney-themed makeup and accessory collections we've seen at Walgreens over the years (Jasmine, Ariel, Villains, etc.), did you know that there's a new, PERMANENT Disney-themed brush & sponge collection now popping up at Walgreens? Yep!

I spotted this new SOHO Beauty collection at Walgreens earlier this week (thanks to several of you for letting me know that you also spotted it at your Walgreens stores) and I snapped some pics to share with you. If you're a fan of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid, I think you're going to love these.

SOHO Beauty Disney Princess Brush & Sponge Collection at Walgreens
(retail: $9.99 - $14.99)

Keep reading for tons of pics (the detailing on these brushes is adorable)...

First off, just to reiterate, these are PERMANENT and can be found in the permanent makeup aisle at Walgreens alongside all of the other brushes:

Here's the back of the Ariel set, just so you can see the product info:

SOHO Beauty Disney Ariel Brush Set
Made in China - nylon fibers

I didn't check the labels on all of the brush sets, but I'm guessing that, since the bristles all look similar from set to set, they are ALL made of nylon (not animal hair).

Here's a closer look at each set:

SOHO Beauty Disney Snow White Spellbound Beauty Sponge
(retail: $9.99)

SOHO Beauty Disney Belle Enchanted Eyes 3-Piece Brush Set
(retail: $12.99)

SOHO Beauty Disney Jasmine Exotic Eyes 3-Piece Brush Set
(retail: $12.99)

The brushes in this set are are all double-ended:

The brush on the far right (the one you can't see in my pic above) has a spoolie on the other end. It's hard to tell perspective from pics, but that liner brush on the left is VERY fine in person.

SOHO Beauty Disney Aurora Fairy Sponges 3-Piece Sponge Set
(retail: $12.99)

SOHO Beauty Disney Ariel Magical Illusion 2-Piece Brush Set (face brushes)
(retail: $14.99)

Only the brush on the left is double-ended. Here's what the other end looks like:

Isn't the detailing cute on these brushes? Have you spotted this collection at your local Walgreens stores yet? Do you have your eye on anything in particular? Who's YOUR favorite Disney princess?


  1. I must get ALL of them because I'm such a Disney freak but if I have to pick a favorite would be Cinderella

  2. I just saw the display today. Almost everything was gone though.

  3. Ah grab as many as possible, look out Walgreens!

  4. Omg how cute!!!!! I must find these ASAP!

  5. I must get the sponge set! This whole collection is adorable!

  6. Has anyone tried soho brushes? I'm curious what the quality is like. How do they compare to Elf studio line, ecotools and real techniques?

    1. I just bought these yesterday and I like them better than my elf studio brushes they are so soft! And way cuter too x)

  7. LOOOVE it! Those sponges must be mine!! :D

  8. I store my brushes standing up so it's unfortunate that some of these are double ended. That said, I plan to get both eye sets because I love Disney princesses and I need new eye shadow brushes anyway. My fave princesses are Ariel, Belle, and Snow White.

  9. The Walgreens stores here in Charlotte must get their shipments by mule train. We're still waiting for the new Fergie blush, eyeshadow, concealer, etc. I mean, it is really pathetic.

  10. My favorite is Sleeping Beauty so I wish those were brushes. I don't tend to hold High hopes for sponges that aren't the Beauty Blender.

  11. Ahh these are super cute! I wish w could get these in the UK! :)

  12. The walgreens by my work only had the sponge ones and the jasmine set in the display x( but they did recently extended the whole wall so maybe they aren't up yet idk I need the Belle set I'm droolin

  13. I need that Ariel brush set... although I'm not really a fan of the paddle brushes but this is too cute!

  14. Love these. When I stopped by my Walgreens, it looked like they were still resetting the brush section. They weren't out. :-(

  15. I don't even know if these are any good, and I don't care. I need these!! Note to self: When in the States!! Muwah how do I get these in CA?!!

  16. Oh, and Ariel has always been, and always will be, my favorite. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. <3

  17. beautiful brushes! yes Walgreens here I come :)

  18. All those brushes and no blending brush? :((


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