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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Spotted: NEW Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvets, Provocalips, Matte & Radiance BB Cream and Lasting Finish 24HR Foundation & Primer

I have very exciting news for my fellow Rimmel fans today! Many of the products we've been anxiously awaiting to see here in the US have landed at CVS, so if you're interested in anything featured in this post, check CVS first (I'm sure they'll pop up everywhere else soon, though).

First up, thanks to reader @beautyreviewsbyg on Instagram for these first three sightings. @beautyreviewsbyg spotted all of these displays at her local CVS this week and kindly shared pics!

NOTE: All of the products featured in this post are new, permanent additions to the Rimmel line-up; they are not limited edition.

image credit: @beautyreviewsbyg for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Lip Colors
(retail: $7.79 each at CVS)

Keep reading for more info and sightings...

Regarding the new Provocalips, if you caught my post about the new L'Oreal 2-step longwear lip colors, then you know that I talked about these as well. For those who missed it, here's an excerpt from my original post:

Rimmel is about to launch a new line of 2-step longwear lip colors called Provocalips here in the US (already available in the UK), so this appears to be a trend for 2015. Unlike the L'Oreal version, the clear topper in the Rimmel version is a gloss rather than a balm. Provocalips is receiving some very good reviews from across the pond--you can check out some UK reviews HERE and HERE. Apparently these are similar to Chanel Rouge Double Intensite.

Definitely check out those reviews to see the pigmentation on these--it's impressive. I'm not even a fan of 2-step longwear lip colors but I'm so curious to try these. Also, it  looks like we in the US have ten shades in this range (see display pic), whereas the UK has eight shades. So two shades here are US-exclusives (I'm not sure which shades those are yet, because the Provocalips are not yet listed on the Rimmel US site as of the time of this post).

image credit: @beautyreviewsbyg for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation (New Formula) and Primer
(retail: $7.29 each at CVS)

Next up, we have the newly-reformulated Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation, now with something called "comfort serum" which promises "party-proof, transfer-proof, around the clock" wear. Looking at the display above, you can see that there's also a new primer in this line. 

If you'll recall, the old Lasting Finish Foundation came in a squeeze tube, whereas this new formula comes in a pump bottle. Also, I believe the old formula did not contain SPF, but this new formula is SPF20. 

Now this foundation has been available in the UK for years now, but I believe it just received a revamp in the UK as well. The UK also has a new version called Lasting Finish 25HR Nude Foundation, which I think is a softer, less matte version of this one. Hopefully we'll get that one too, eventually! Oh, and from what I can tell, the UK does not have the Lasting Finish 24HR Primer.

image credit: @beautyreviewsbyg for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Rimmel BB Cream Matte and BB Cream Radiance

So I'm a little bit confused by this one. As you can see in the pic above, the left side of display contains the "new" BB Cream Matte. Only this isn't new, right? Well, unless they totally reformulated it since it debuted back in January of this year? I'm not sure. Maybe they added a shade? I know there were only the shades Light and Medium before, but so maybe one of the shades in the above pic is new? Again, I'm not sure.

On the right side of the display, there is the new BB Cream Radiance, which is brand new to both the US and the UK (Really Ree in the UK just posted a review of this product on her blog yesterday).

And last but not least, look what has FINALLY landed in the US:

image credit: @vmariex for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvets at CVS

Many thanks to reader @vmariex on Instagram, who spotted the new Show Off Matte Lip Velvets at her CVS this week and kindly shared the above pic. If you'll recall, Rimmel UK posted pics of these on their Instagram back in September (that's when they released in the UK) which I prompted shared here on the blog. So yay! They have landed, and guess what? Unlike the UK, which has four shades, it looks like we have 10 shades. So six of these are US-exclusives. If you'f like to see some swatches, check out some UK blogger reviews HERE and HERE.

Whew! I think that about covers it...for now! Have you spotted any of these new Rimmel collections in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, @beautyreviewsbyg and @vmariex, for the great sightings and pics. I really appreciate it!


  1. I really want to try that new BB Radiance foundation!! And the Lasting finish but it'll likely be too dry for my dry skin.I hope I spot them soon!!

  2. I can't wait to try the matte lip velvets. I'm a sucker for a matte lip!

  3. I really wish they would come out with some new Lasting Finish by Kate colors :( the UK gets all the new collections and we don't get any! :(

  4. i've been waiting for drugstores to come out with something that rivals the lime crime velvetines. I don't know if these are it, but we are getting closer!

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on those lippies! Especially those Matte Lip Velvets!

  6. Can't wait to find these new Rimmel products in store in my area!! Definitely trying out both of the lip products first.

  7. Wow, so many new foundations coming out and so many matte versions. I sure hope at least one works put for me; the new Maybelline one is not bad (I found a perfect color match!!) but just doesn't control my oiliness and doesn't last. Will be trying all the new foundations you've been posting. Thank you!

  8. I wonder if the foundation has a pump like in the UK. We never seem to get those from Rimmel.

  9. I got one at Harmon in FL today and love it!

  10. Saw the Matte Lip Velvets in the nosebleed section of Walgreens today and picked up Meteoric Matte. It goes on nicely and gives a lovely satin matte finish. Wear time hasn't been too bad, The color seems more of a darker bordeaux (on my lips) than the UK version which on the blogs reads more as a fuchsia color to me.

  11. At my CVS they had the exact same display of the Show Off Matte Lip Velvets but there were only 5 shades (just like the UK...same shade names too). They mixed the Show Off Lacquers into the display so every other one was actually a Lacquer. I almost bought one by accident, so then I figured out that even though the tubes look identical, the Lip Velvets are Matte tubes while the Lip Lacquers are shiny.

  12. Great blog! As I am from the UK I have tried most of these products and they are all great, I hope the U.S gets more of these great products for you to try soon!!

  13. The new glass bottle 25hr foundation does NOT have a pump, which is a real shame because the old version was in a much nicer squeeze tube. It was a wonderful foundation that did not get nearly enough love.

  14. So far my favorite matte liquid lipsticks have been NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. They feel powdery smooth and not dry. I wonder if these compare, although they already don't match the $6.00 price tag.

  15. Found the Provocalips at Harmon yesterday, $5.99 with .50c off at the checkout. I was interested in these as a possible dupe for the Chanel Lip Instensite. If they are good will go back and get more.
    They had the Matte Velvets too I as I just bought the L'oreal one I passed, not sure if they had the foundations....


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