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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spotted: NEW NYC New York Color Expert Last Satin Matte Lipsticks and Lip Lacquers

Brand new lip color lines from NYC! Can you feel me swooning through your computer/laptop/tablet/phone screen right now?

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, then you know that I adore any and all NYC lip colors, so I'm grateful to reader Brittany (@bblois on Instagram) for this one. Brittany spotted not one, but TWO new lip colors lines in a new NYC display at CVS this week, and shared tons of pics with us. Take a look (but fair warning: I won't be held responsible for any spontaneous drooling).

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
NEW NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquers and Satin Matte Lipsticks
(retail: $2.19 each at CVS)

 These are all new permanent (not limited edition) products. And notice the $1 off tear-pad coupon on this display. If you can find these this week at Rite Aid, you'll pay just pennies if you use that coupon, since (now through 12/13) all NYC cosmetics are 50% off.

Lots and lots of pics, after the jump...

First up, let's just take a moment to admire this:

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
NEW NYC New York Color Expert Last Satin Matte Lipsticks
Five shades: 452 Red Suede, 450 Pure Coral, 451,Velvety Fuchsia,
449 Creamy Mauve, 448 Smooth Beige

NYC has just introduced these new Satin Mattes into their Expert Last Lipstick line. In the beauty world, this is referred to as a "product extension" since these are an offshoot of the regular Expert Last Lipstick line. I'll take one of each, please and thank you.

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
NEW NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquers
(Twelve shades)

New lip lacquers from NYC? Again: one of each please and thank you.

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
500 Rockaway Ruby, 400 Big City Berry, 204 Central Park Passion,
201 Lincoln Square Love Affair, 200 Chelsea Cherry Blossoms

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
200 Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, FiDi Fuchsia, 101 Riverside Romance,
100 Bare Brooklyn, 300 Madison Square Mauve

Shout-out to any of you who have ever worked in a financial district or currently work in a financial district! I must own FiDi Fuchsia for the name alone (but I happen to love that type of shade anyway).

image credit: Brittany for Nouveau Cheap
101 Riverside Romance, 100 Bare Brooklyn, 300 Madison Square Mauve,
202 Coney Island Candy, 700 Tribeca Mocha, 600 Turtle Bay Toffee

Are you in lip color overload right now? Obviously I am and I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on this display. Let me know what you think in the comments below (I'd also love to know if you've spotted these in person yet!).

Thanks again, Brittany, for the awesome sighting and pics (and for jotting down all the shade names of the lippies--you rock!).


  1. Oh good grief.... there's so many of those glosses that I NEED.

  2. I need so many of these! I hope someone comments that they found them at Rite Aid! This is why I didn't buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I pretty much want them all! I'm happy to be excited again! Thanks G and Brittany!

  3. Did you notice how nice the model's makeup looks on the display? Thank goodness! I will definitely be trying the lipsticks. I'm eyeing them all except for the beige one!

  4. Guess I'll be making a trip to the "good" rite aids today ;)

  5. I NEED Coney Island Cotton. I grew up nearby so I hope it's a pretty color on me.

  6. I'm curious about the satin mattes, but I'm kind of telling myself not to buy any more NYC lip products. I like the color and formula, but the scent proves too distracting -- like putting soapy perfume on my lips -- and I end up tossing them after they sit in a drawer relatively unused for months.

    1. I agree about the scent. Especially the lipglosses. Gross!!

  7. Tomorrow's payday, I'm going to Rite Aid before work lol!

  8. Has anyone seen these at Rite Aid yet? I don't have a CVS near by and started hunting RA with out results

  9. I got two today at my local krogers got my hands on #red suede and smooth beige for 99€ each. With the coupon!!!

  10. I bought two of the satin matte yesterday at CVS. The coupon pads were empty so I didn't know they were $1 off coupons. Anyways the lipsticks smell delish! Not like the typical NYC lipstick. They smell like candy! As fas as the lippies they are very pigmented. I bought Velvet Fuschia and the coral color. Satin matte? Honestly they are satin to me. The difference between these and the last lipstick lineup was the glitter. I do like how they applied but they arent matte :-/

  11. I just got the satin matte lippie in smooth beige soooo pretty, the bb radience in bronze and an eyeshadow stick in taupe!!!!!!!!!!!! very pretty.

  12. I bought smooth beige and it is identical in color to myth it isnt a matte its a bit shiny.


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