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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hot Deal on Sonia Kashuk at Target

Over the years, I've mentioned numerous times that, if you shop at Target, it's a good idea to sign up for their Mobile Coupons (you can sign up HERE). About once a month, you'll receive a new batch of coupons via text message that you can use in-store simply by having the cashier scan the barcode on your phone at checkout.

If you are already signed up to receive Target Mobile Coupons, then you probably received your new batch for January yesterday, which included this Sonia Kashuk coupon:

Target Mobile Coupons for January 2015

Keep reading for a tip on how to maximize your savings with this coupon...

I posted about this new Target Mobile Coupon on Instagram yesterday and received a ton of great tips from several of you (thank you SO much to everyone who commented on that post!). So here's a summary of how you can stack that mobile coupon, submitted by reader Becca (@b3cc4xo on Instagram) who kindly shared her receipt with us:

image credit: Becca for Nouveau Cheap

As you can see, Becca purchased a Sonia Kashuk cosmetic brush set at her Target, which retails for $34.99. After the 30% Target Mobile Coupon discount, that brought it down to $22.04. 

But it gets better! 

There is also a 10% off Target Cartwheel discount on Sonia Kashuk right now, which you can use on top of the Target Mobile Coupon. AND, you can also stack this with the printable $2 off Sonia Kashuk coupon that's currently available on the Target website HERE. Combining all three of those discounts together, Becca paid $20.04 for this $34.99 brush set. Fantastic, right?

As Becca pointed out, there is also a $3 off beauty coupon that many of us received in our Target Cyber Monday Beauty Boxes. I'm guessing that you could use that coupon INSTEAD of the $2 off Target website coupon, which would bring your grand total down to $19.04 instead of $20.04. If any of you are able to use that coupon with this deal, I'd love to hear from you!

PS: Don't forget that Target allows you to use coupons (including the Target Mobile Coupons) on clearance items too, in case you find a brush set on clearance!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share these tips with me yesterday, and an extra-special thank you to Becca for sharing her receipt with us and breaking it all down!


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for letting us know! I just bought a couple of brushes a week ago, now I wish I would have waited :/ this is great time to get the eye on neutral matte palette it's amazing! (Wish I would have waited too lol) I'm definitely going to get some things I've been eyeing! Thanks again!

  2. Does anyone know the order in which Target stacks the coupons? For example, if I buy a brush that retails for a little over $10, would I still be able to use the $2 printable coupon (minimum of $10) or will the 30% and 10% be taken off first, resulting in a less than $10 subtotal before the coupon is scanned...?

  3. Phoebe, the Target Cartwheel app is on your cell phone so you can have them scan your cell phone's app barcode last for the additional 10%. For the purchase above, I would hand them the $2.00 off coupon first, then have them scan the mobile Target coupon, followed by the Target Cartwheel app so that way you can pick/control the order of the coupons and maximize the discounts. That's how I would do it if the $2.00 off coupon specifically states it has to be a $10 purchase first. Now, I've never shopped with the mobile coupons because I didn't realize Target had any, but I do use the cartwheel app all the time so I would assume since both are on your cell phone, you would get to determine the order.

    1. Thanks, Stacy. I've found unfortunately that some stores' computer systems will automatically rearrange coupons to the order they prefer, no matter what was scanned first. Hope this isn't the case with Target.

  4. Most Target's wont allow you to stack Mobile and Printable coupons bc they're both "target" store coupons. You can only use Manufacturers, mobile or printable, and cartwheel. Errr Im going to go try and hope it works!!! Pray for me. lol

  5. I went to Target near me and was able to use all of the coupons plus the 5% you get for using your Target red card.

  6. I can't get the mobile coupon from target. And I don't see them on my apps.. Help me please! :(

  7. I don't see the coupons on cartwheel and how do I see mobile coupons. Help? I really need this :(


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