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Friday, November 7, 2014

Reader Swatches of the J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints Now Available Online & In-Store at Ulta

I've got some great news for those of you who have been wanting to try the J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints (OCC Lip Tar "dupes")! As I mentioned the other day, half of the shades in the full range are now popping up at Ulta stores, and they are also now available for purchase on the Ulta website (and remember, this week you get free shipping at on all orders of $25+, no code required).

Many thanks to reader D'Anna (@notanothernb on Instagram and author of Not Another Nail Blog) for not only sharing a pic of the display with us, but also for swatching all nine of the shades now at Ulta!

image credit: D'Anna for Nouveau Cheap
J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints at Ulta
(retail: $4.99 each, 0.33 oz)

Before I show you D'Anna's swatches, I want to thank several of you for the comments and messages on social media this week letting me know that these are now on the Ulta site:

J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints, now on the Ulta website

Keep reading to see D'Anna's swatches of all of the shades above...

D'Anna purchased all nine of the shades now at Ulta (again, there are 18 shades total in this range--if you're lucky enough to live near a Harmon, you can purchase all 18 shades there, as well as on the J. Cat Beauty website).

image credit: D'Anna for Nouveau Cheap
From Top to Bottom:
Underland, Pishslaver, Much Mucher, Heartadocious, Always Late, Rabbit!,
Ches Desire Cat, 2nd Impossible Thing, Mad Splatter, Red Potion

As you can see, these have a thinner, runny consistency. I've actually heard from several of you who have mentioned this, and you can see it in the two top shades in D'Anna's swatches above. I would probably recommend using a lip brush with these. Also, I'm wondering if the thinner consistency makes these easier to mix, for custom shades? If any of you have tried mixing these, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

D'Anna also swatched each shade on her lips for us:

image credit: D'Anna for Nouveau Cheap
All nine shades now available at Ulta, as swatched by D'Anna

I just noticed that I misspelled Ches Desire Cat above--it's also misspelled on the Ulta site, but if you go to the J. Cat site you'll see there's only one "s" in "Ches."

And last but not least, D'Anna shared a swatch comparison of the two J. Cat purples next to OCC Hoochie:

J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints in
Always Late, Rabbit! and Ches Desire Cat
OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie

I hope this post helps give you a better idea of the shades that are now at Ulta. Again, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to let me know that these are now available on the Ulta site (in addition to being in-store).

Thanks so very much, D'Anna, for the great sighting, pics, swatches and comparison. I really appreciate it!


  1. I have ordered almost all of them from eBay and I love them. My favorite is Caterpillar Smoke followed by Blabberwocky. I have not found the wear time much different than the OCC ones. I have been putting them on with a clean doe foot applicator and have better results with that rather than a brush.

  2. I picked up Blabberwocky and Wonderland at Harmon's and love them both. To mix the two colors I just put about two to three tiny dots of each on my lips and smush and smear them together. It sounds funny but I find they blend beautifully like this and is the least messy way to go.

  3. The shades are sooo cute!!! Loving Always late Rabbit(that is totally me. I'm ALWAYS freaking late, never on time), Ches Desire Cat and Red Potion. Can the Ulta coupon of $3.50 off $10 be used on these?

  4. Great swatches!

    I like Heartadocious and Always Late, Rabbit!, but not sure if I would like the thin, runny texture and the fact that I'd have to apply it with a lip brush.

  5. One of these is coming in my ipsy bag this month: the dark red or dark magenta. I will probably blend it with something lighter because holy buckets that is dark.

  6. ooooh Red Potion is gorgeous!!!

  7. I really need "always late,rabbit!" It's so cute!

  8. I don't know how I feel about these. The staying power isn't that great, it's really watery, but I haven't used OCC's brand. I think I'm going to try a sample to compare.


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