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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spotted: eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition Sets (BCA Awareness and Rachel Roy A Ray of Holiday Sunshine)

Continuing from my post from yesterday about the limited edition Rachel Roy sets I showed you, today I have even more pics and info for you, plus pics of the eos Breast Cancer Awareness sets as well!

Many thanks to reader @triceratips on Instagram and her lovely fiance @mrandypuppy for the following pics. You know you've got a keeper when your significant other helps you with drugstore sightings, right? The lovely couple spotted ALL of the limited edition Fall/Winter eos sets at their local Ulta this week and shared lots of pics with us. Take a look!

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition
Rachel Roy A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Lip Balms

Keep reading for more info and pics of the BCA sets...

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition
Rachel Roy A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Trio
(retail: $7.99 at Ulta, 0.25 oz x 3)

As I mentioned in my original post (click HERE for pics of each balm in this set), the flavors are as follows:

  • St. Barth's Sunrise (pink grapefruit)
  • Aloha Hawaii (strawberry kiwi)
  • Indian Summer (orange blossom)

According to reader Tiffaney Tork, who left a comment on my original post about this set, the texture of the balms in this trio appears to be more in line with the new Visibly Soft balms (which, to me, are creamier and more emollient than the original eos balm formula--you can see my review of one of the Visibly Soft balms HERE). Tiffaney also said that the individual Rachel Roy balm (below) is the same as the original formula eos balms. (Thanks so much for that info, Tiffaney!)

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition Rachel Roy
A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Barbados Heat Lip Balm
(retail: $3.49 at Ulta, 0.25 oz)

The flavor of this balm is Barbados Heat (wildberry). Both the Rachel Roy trio and single lip balms have little wings on the cap, which you can see in my original post HERE and also in the pic below of the back of the packaging:

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap

Next up, the BCA sets:

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition BCA Sets

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition BCA Set
(retail: $7.99 at Ulta)

This set includes:

  • Berry Blossom Hand Lotion (1.5 oz)
  • Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Sphere (0.25 oz)
  • Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Stick (0.14 oz)

None of the individual products in this set are limited edition but the set itself is limited edition. 

image credit: @mrandypuppy for Nouveau Cheap
eos & Nicole by OPI Fall/Winter 2014 Limited Edition BCA Set
(retail: $9.99 at Ulta)

This set includes:

  • eos Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm (0.25 oz)
  • Nicole by OPI nail lacquer in Feeling Berry Pink Today (0.5 oz)

The balm in this set is not a new/limited edition flavor, however I believe that the NOPI polish was created exclusively for this set (I can't find any mention of it outside of this set on the internet). 

Many of you have told me that, in addition to spotting the Rachel Roy and BCA sets at Ulta, you have also spotted the Rachel Roy sets at Rite Aid. I would imagine that these will also be available at Target as well (if you haven't spotted them there already). 

For online shopping, the BCA lotion/balm set is available at on the eos website. The balm and nail polish set is available on the eos website and the Ulta website

Thanks so much,  @triceratips and @mrandypuppy, for the great photos and info. I really appreciate it!


  1. Such a bummer we don't have these products in store in The Netherlands!

  2. Thanks to Tiffaney for the info on the formula. Now I know I can skip the Wildberry one, but I will be going to Rite Aid today to find the set. I just bought the new Visibly Soft balms yesterday and I love them both. They're way better than the original EOS balms.

  3. I'm a beauty advisor here in Torrance, CA for Kohl's and we have a remodeled store so our beauty section is huge. We have every single flavor of the EOS balms and lotions. We also have had the breast cancer sets for a while now but they sell like hot cakes. Haven't gotten the nail polish one, or the Rachel Roy ones yet but I expect they'll come in a shipment sometimes very soon. Also letting you know OCT. 5th we will be putting out the Balmsai palette, The Mont Balm, All LORAC Holiday sets. :)

  4. I find that my Wildberry is just as soft as the ones in the trio. My Wildberry is definitely softer than the original ones.

  5. I picked up the Rachel Roy trio and they smell amazing! I found mine at Rite Aid stuck on the top shelf of a random aisle. The pink grapefruit is my fave and I agree that the trio does feel creamier like the visibly smooth balms.

  6. I finally found the Rachel Roy trio at an upstate ny RA. I love the new improved formula, it does seem more like the swirly pink and blue (I only have the pink, but heard the blue is the same.) Gotta say though, that while I do like the smell of the "orange blossom" one (smells delicious, like Tang) it smells nothing like orange blossom, and everything like a sugared orange. The grapefruit is so zingy and fresh with a touch of herbal the stems and leaves I guess, and the kiwi/strawberry is eh, meh to me. Just don't be fooled like I was with the whole orange blossom thing.

  7. Ook, so I came here to share that I found the entire (all 4) Rachel Roy eos set at BJ's (it's like Costco.) It is $9.99, so the same price I paid at Rite Aid, only you get the Wildberry one too! I wish I would've waited, but think I'll get it anyway and gift out the three I already have. So to recap, you get the RR eos in Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, Strawberry/Kiwi, and Wildberry all on a cardboard card w/ plastic bubbles for just $9.99 @ BJ's!


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