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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two ways to get Topshop Beauty (and more) with FREE SHIPPING

image source:
Topshop Lips in Legend Lipstick in Pink

If you've a lover of British beauty, here are some ways to get your fix (with free shipping)....

First let me back up and explain Topshop for those of who may be unaware of this brand. Topshop is a popular clothing and apparel retailer in the UK, and they have their own beauty products as well. I can't even remember how I was first introduced to the brand, but let me just tell you that many, many UK beauty bloggers rave about their lipsticks. Here's a nice "Top Five Topshop Products" post if you'd like a bit more info.

On to the tips!
  • You can get most of Topshop's beauty products right from the Topshop website HERE, where they offer everyday free shipping to the US, no minimum order required. They do not offer nail polish to US customers, which probably has to do with shipping restrictions for nail polish.
  • Another great place to get Topshop beauty products in the US is via the Nordstrom website HERE. As we all know, Nordstrom also offers everyday free shipping on all orders, no minimum order required. AND, they carry Topshop nail polish!

One more thing: another thing that's nice about ordering from the Topshop website is that they also carry other beauty brands that are hard to find in the US, such as Balmi Cubes!

image source:
Balmi Lip Balm Cube SPF15 in Mint
(retail: $10 on the Topshop website)

Balmi Balms are pretty challenging to find here in the US, so if you've been wanting to try one, here's your chance. There's also a strawberry flavor HERE (this balm also comes in Coconut and Raspberry, which you can view on the Balmi site, but I think Topshop only carries Mint and Strawberry).

I'm kind of obsessed with Balmi Balms--if you haven't seen what these look like inside, CLICK HERE. I love that they come with a little keychain. Cute, right? I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to be placing a Topshop order soon, because the force is strong with this one!


  1. I just may join you G. I love shopping there in Vegas and will be in NYC next month and hope to get there then but I am ready to receive fun mail! I haven't ordered anything online in a while

  2. G, a Topshop is opening up in Fashion Valley this fall! I can't wait to try out their beauty stuff, I hear so many good things about them.

  3. Thanks for linking up my post! Really appreciate it x

  4. This is so good to know! Thanks so much!


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