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Friday, August 22, 2014

Review & Swatches: Sinful Colors Teal the End, Race Rubber and Prime Purple

If you're reading this on Friday afternoon, you've got a little over a day left to take advantage of the Sinful Colors $0.99 sale at Walgreens, which ends on Saturday evening (8/23). I wanted to show you the three polishes I purchased from the various Fall 2014 collections that are now at Walgreens and Rite Aid, so let's take a look!

NOTE: It appears that some of the Fall 2014 collection polishes are not ringing up as part of the Walgreens $0.99 sale this week. The ad in this week's circular does not state any exceptions, so you may have to ask a sales associate to enter the discount manually at checkout (this is at the store's discretion though, so if they say they can't do it, you might want to try another location and hopefully you'll have better luck).

Sinful Colors Teal the End, Race Rubber and Prime Purple
(retail: $1.99 each, 0.5 oz)

Teal the End
(three coats, no top coat)

Teal the End is part of the Fall 2014 Light It Up Collection and it is a new, limited edition shade.This polish is a little thin and streaky, but it does build nicely after three coats. It had some slight leveling issues, but that's nothing a good top coat can't fix. This color is not as light as China Glaze For Audrey and Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint (original formula), but also not nearly as deep as say, Revlon Trendy. Dry time was average for this one, and it dried to a nice, shiny finish.

Prime Purple
(three coats, no top coat)

Prime Purple is part of the Fall 2014 Silk + Satin Collection and it is a new, limited edition shade. This polish obviously has a satin finish but if you don't care for that, you can always slap on a top coat for a shiny finish. This polish required three coats for good opacity, but it was not terribly streaky or difficult to apply. I do tend to have leveling issues with satin and matte finishes, and you can see there were a few issues with this one. If you're more skilled at applying satins and mattes, then you probably won't have these issues (I'm terrible at applying these types of polishes to begin with!). Dry time was excellent for all three coats.

Race Rubber 
(two coats, no top coat)

Race Rubber is part of the Fall 2014 Full Throttle Collection and it is a new, limited edition shade. The polishes in the Full Throttle Collection all have a rubberized finish. It's funny because when I applied this, I was thinking, "Rubber is smooth and sort of matte; this looks nothing like rubber to me." But then I showed Mr. G my nails and he said that they looked EXACTLY like rubber to him. We had a friendly argument about it because I said, "Look at a rubber band! It's smooth!" at which point he grabbed one of his Red Wing boots, flipped it over and showed me the rubber sole:

rubber sole of Mr. G's boot

Yeah, he pretty much silenced me with this one. The texture is almost IDENTICAL, right? So bravo, Sinful Colors! You absolutely captured that rubberized look with this polish.

Race Rubber required two coats for perfect opacity (you might even be able to get away with one thick coat). This polish dried quickly and was a dream to apply. I have not one bad thing to say about this one.

Have you purchased any of the Sinful Colors Fall 2014 polishes? Do you plan on hitting up the Walgreens sale before it ends tomorrow night (8/23)? 

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Hey G, I'm siding with you on this one. When I think of rubber, I think of a smooth finish too. Like rubber bands, rubber gloves, rubber boots (wellies) and even a rubber hose for your washing machine. Only a guy would think of rubber as textured, i.e. his boots, because they typically are the majority of people who wear them. Anyway, these polish swatches are great, but I'm glad they are not my cup of tea so that will be some money saved... ;D

    1. I was going to make up the wellies comment too! Let me know G.if you want me to send a photo of mine! (In case you want to restart thr discussion!! Lol)

  2. I just got back from walgreens and got Teal the end because I thought it might be similar to For Audrey! Wish I would have seen this just a little sooner :P But it's still a really pretty color, and for only 99 cents, I'm not complainin'.

  3. Teal the end is in my stash too. I might put it aside with the receipt and swap it out for when the 99 can't polish is over and I find a better polish to buy. Walgreens is always accommodating in that way.

    Pink poppys is pretty. I'm wearing that now with a new Sally Hansen limited edition glitter Vintage Confetti. Pretty!

  4. I haven't picked up any if these this week after my haul at the beauty supply store. I'm not really a texture girl but I may take a second look today.

  5. I have the teal on as we speak. Also went this morning and got 5 new Sinful Colors at Walgreens before the .99 sale ends, although my husband was goading me along as he thinks I have enough polish.yeah right! Anyway I also bought SINFUL SHINE with GEL TECH polish at Walmart today. It's Sinful Colors, but has a shiny chrome top and some sort of gel tech(? ) I havent seen these before today but excited to try them. Does anyone know anything about these?

  6. Today I will wander back to Wags and get me some rubber polish. Why not? Last day for 99 cent sale here I come...

  7. As much as I love Sinful, I have to say that Race Rubber looks like dried scabbed blood to me. Not something I want to see on the ends of my fingers. Sorry guys, this one is a big Fail.

    1. Strange enough, Race Rubber is the one I'm drawn to the most...I don't really like or dislike it, I'm just not sure what to think?! On one hand (no pun intended) it can look like wine dreggs or a black cherry icy, on the flipside it does look like clotty blood, lol, I dunno. The minty aqua is nice too, but have soooo many similar...hasn't stopped me before though, ha!


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