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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: NEW L.A. Colors 6-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Haute

Lots of new L.A. Colors products have been popping up at Dollar Tree in the last few months, including new lip colors and shadows. I purchased a few of the new lip products and also this new 6-pan a couple of weeks ago, and today I'd like to share my thoughts with you (I'll be reviewing the lip products at a later date). L.A. Colors has also released a new Cover Up! Pro Concealer, which you can now find at Family Dollar. I don't have a Family Dollar in my area, so hopefully this shows up at Dollar Tree eventually. I can't wait to try it.

If you're unfamiliar with L.A. Colors, you can find a nice assortment of their products at Dollar Tree for, of course, $1 each. Lots of independent dollar stores and beauty supply stores also carry L.A. Colors, and Kmart has a nice selection as well (you can also occasionally find limited edition colections at Rite Aid). You can also purchase their products directly from the L.A. Colors website and also on Cherry Culture.

L.A. Colors 6-Color Eyeshadow in Haute
(retail: $1, 0.14 oz)

If you're already a fan of L.A. Colors eyeshadow palettes, the first thing you'll notice is that these new 6-pans look different from the original 6-pans. The new 6-pans have a white case instead of black, and there are horizontal and vertical stripes running across each shadow. 

Also, I don't recall the 6-pans ever having an inner safety sticker (see pic above), do you? So that might be new as well. 

swatched with a sponge applicator on bare skin

swatched with a sponge applicator over Wet n Wild Fergie Primer

Just like with most L.A. Colors eyeshadows I own (and I own several), the shadows in this palette do much better with the help of primer. Without primer, the lighter colors are barely visible on my NC20 skintone. Over primer, things become a lot more vivid and the colors are much more rich.

All of these shadows are shimmery with the exception of the dark grey-brown on the far right, which is a matte. But ALL of the shadows, including the matte, contain some iridescent micro-glitter. It's always hard for me to capture micro-glitter in photos, but it's there, I promise.

In terms of texture and pigmentation, I don't see much difference between this new 6-pan and the original 6-pans. To me, these shadows have the same consistency as the shadows in the original 6-pans. They're soft and a bit crumbly, so you need a delicate hand when you're picking up color with your brush (otherwise you'll be prone to making a mess). I find the pigmentation to be about the same with these new shadows--I really can't distinguish much difference at all between the old and new palettes (other than the new packaging).

Looking at the colors in this palette, it struck me that there might be some similar shades in the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. So here are a few comparisons:

Top row: shades from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Bottom row: L.A. Colors 6-pan in Haute

There were no clear lookalikes for either of the medium brown shades in the L.A. Colors Haute palette (but I think there might be one in my UD1 palette--I'll have to check and get back to you on that). However, I think that Urban Decay Burnout and Darkside both have similar counterparts in the L.A. Colors Haute palette.

FINAL VERDICT: Is this a mind-blowing, must-have palette? No. Is it something that you can make work for you if you're on a tight budget? ABSOLUTELY. The colors are quite versatile and a few are even Urban Decay-esque. If you apply primer beforehand, the pigmentation will be good enough to get you through the day. Yes, these shadows are soft and a bit crumbly, but if you are already used to applying loose pigments and you have the time to work slowly and carefully with these, these shadows won't be any messier than a loose pigment. Also, there is no strong or funky fragrance to these--they have a very faint talcum-powder scent to them, but I don't notice it unless I hold the palette right up to my nose. For a buck at Dollar Tree, this could be a fun palette to purchase if you're a neutral addict or just starting to experiment neutrals.

Do you own any of the new L.A. Colors 6-pan palettes? I'd love to hear from you!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I have a trio from LA colors I purchased at a dollar tree. I actually like it. Fun bright colors and decent pigmentation.

    1. I like the trios too! And I totally agree...they do come in a lot of fun, bright colors. :)

  2. I got some of the 3 pan palettes as a stocking stuffer a few years ago, and they were beautiful on, but it's the only makeup I've ever had an allergic reaction to. So now I'm rather hesitant to try anything else from the line! It's a shame, the pigmentation was lovely, especially for a dollar.

  3. Looks like a great budget buy to me!

  4. I love the L.A. Color palettes. I hoard them-I get the new ones as they hit the dollar store near my house. Are they mind blowing? Nope, but they're also a buck. They're my quick color fix when I'm broke.

  5. Ugh! I commented on this first thing this morning and I have had the feeling lately that alot of my comments have not been going through to you G. and this confirms it! Anyway I said this morning that I have the LA Colors concealer in the lightest color. It is ok, goes on sheer but able to build if you have the time and patience to complete coverage. It is not streaky at all it applies quite nicely. Also I had a single pan of LA Colors Beige ( I think) that is a great dupe of Stila Kitten and for some stupid reason I tossed it!!!! UGH what I goof I am since I can't find it anywhere anymore!!!!

  6. I haven't tried La colors before but now that u have compared to urban decay I'm definitely interested. Thanks G for the swatches!

  7. I found tons of assortment of colors today at my nearby Big Lots/Culver City and purchased one of each intrigued to see how the cilurs will turn out? So far tried a gold bronze tonight and living it! Also they have many pretty Summer lipsticks from Revlon also and some items from Elf. It was a fun haul! So excited!


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