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Thursday, August 14, 2014

NYX $1 off coupons spotted at CVS

Thanks to reader and frequent contributor Meghan (@cupcakecore on Twitter) for this one! A NYX coupon (!) is popping up at CVS right now. Check it:

image credit: Meghan for Nouveau Cheap
(bad graphics: Nouveau Cheap)
$1 off any NYX purhcase coupon on the permanent NYX display at CVS

Yep, Meghan spotted a (very rare) NYX coupon on the permanent display at her CVS this week. Woot! Hopefully your CVS location(s) will have this tear-pad as well!

I don't know the expiration date or whether or not this is a manufacturer's coupon or CVS store coupon, but I'm guessingbased on the "CVS/pharmacy" printed on the front, that this is probably a CVS store coupon that can only be used at CVS.

(Note to coupon newbies: sometimes coupons will have a particular retailer's name printed on them with the phrase "Available at..." but the coupon itself is actually a regular manufacturer's coupon that can be used anywhere. To tell the difference between a manufacturer's coupon and store coupon, click here.)

Have YOU spotted this coupon at your CVS recently?

Thanks again, Meghan, for the great sighting and pic!


  1. HOLEY MOLEY thank you! This makes me want to drive 15 miles out of my way tonight just to get it from the CVS in York PA! It's the only one I know of in 60 miles that sells NYX.

    1. The CVS on spring valley road in Lancaster (across from the health campus) just got a permanent display case!

  2. They had these at one of my local CVS's at the end of June. The expiration was, I think, July 30th so I hope these are a new batch. (Oh, the deals I scored that day deserved a victory lap because NYX was also bogo ½ off, and I had other CVS coupons and deals, so awesome!)

  3. Well I got it but not right now, I now it's a new date if I'm not mistaken, the expiration is for september. And is a manufacturer coupon but in the back it states that it is only at cvs, but really you can use it another because it is a manufacturer coupon it is to the store discretion to take it, but the coupon surely, will scan, hope it helps, btw, next week cvs has them BOGOH and if you buy 30$ they give you 10$ gift card back

  4. Hah I got a kick out of (bad graphics: Nouveau Cheap)


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