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Monday, June 23, 2014

Spotted: New Summer 2014 and Halloween 2014 Collections from Bonita Colors

As they say, it's never too early for Halloween, right?

Back in April, I showed you the Spring 2014 Collection from Bonita Colors that was popping up at Rite Aid. Well, the other day at Rite Aid I spotted some fun Halloween 2014 collections from Bonita Colors, and I also received a reader-submitted pic of a new Summer 2014 Collection from Bonita as well! So I thought I'd consolidate them all into this one post, for your convenience.

NOTE: Bonita Colors is a relatively new-to-me polish brand that I don't have much experience with. Recently, Bonita sent me an assortment of their polishes to try, and I'm giving them a thorough testing before I post my review. I can tell you that so far I've been impressed with the formulas and shades that I received. Their polishes are 3-Free and can now be found at Rite Aid and Kmart (in the past, I remember seeing 6-packs at stores like Ross and Marshalls, but I haven't seen many of those lately).

image credit: @wrappedinpolish for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Bonita Colors Summer 2014 Blooming Colors Collection at Kmart
(retail: $2.49 each, 05. oz)

Reader @wrappedinpolish on Instagram spotted the above collection at Kmart this week and was nice enough to share this pic. She mentioned that these polishes rang up $3.99 at the register (not $2.49 as indicated on the display) so the price might vary from region to region. 

Next up, the Halloween 2014 collections:

Bonita Colors Halloween 2014 Witches Ball Collection
(retail: $2.49 each, 0.5 oz)

I spotted both the above and below collections at Rite Aid over the weekend. Here's a closer look:

At first I thought that the polish on the right above was white. But upon closer examination, it's a very pale gray and there's even some hidden shimmer:

Dying to Party

Also notice that these polishes have cute Halloween-related shade names (the actual display only lists numbers):

Eat, Drink and Be Scary

Bonita Colors Nail-O-Ween Halloween 2014 Gift Set
(retail: $3.99)

This set contains two glow-in-the-dark polishes, two regular polishes and one sheet of Halloween-themed nail stickers. 

the regular polishes

the glow-in-the-dark polishes

a closer look at the shape of the bottles

Have you spotted any of these new collections from Bonita in your area? Thoughts?

Thanks again, @wrappedinpolish, for the pic of the Summer 2014 collection!


  1. halloweeeeen already hehehe ! so fast! :) bottles so cute tho!

  2. I tried a 6 pack from Ross but it was awful. However, with the new design, I think I can give the new version of Bonita polishes a try!

  3. It's so funny that you posted this. Last night I was at Ross and saw a pack of Bonita polishes, which I had never heard of. I couldn't find reviews online (I looked at your blog). It was like $5 for a 5-pack so I took a chance. The colors are beautiful and the formula is great! I would definitely buy more. Sadly, there is no K-Mart or Rite-Aid where I live.

  4. I use the pack I found at Ross for stamping. I haven't tried any from Riteaid yet but I plan to pick up a couple. My cousin has bought some and liked it. Said it painted smooth and she used two coats.

  5. That orange looks incredible -- I'm so in love with corals and oranges right now.

  6. Pretty soon the new Halloween products are going to be showing up Dec 26th. The earliness of these are getting more than a little ridiculous

  7. I took a photo of the halloween Bonita colors yesterday to send to you G., but before I got a chance to sit down and do it I saw your mention of it on either FB or IG. so I didn't bother. Rite Aid near me didn't have the little set though. I really do plan on buying that subtle grey color. I also saw the summer collection and the colors were so pretty. I really want some of them also but I have begun hunting for the Sally Hansen display with the new bleached colors and want to see them first. So many choices!!!! I am going a little nuts!!!!

  8. while I'm not jazzed that Halloween stuff is starting to come out already, I have one Bonita polish and I love it. The formula is great and the color was gorgeous. Can't wait to get more!

  9. These were a happy surprise for me. They showed up at my RA at the beginning of Spring when nothing else was going on so I figured why not with a 20% discount. I have three now, a lilac purple, teal blue and a warm pink, and really like them. Never saw these displays though!

  10. I just picked up the single metallic green shade today at RiteAid, love that color green! I thought I may have lucked into clearance 2013 polishes, but no, they really are getting fall stuff this early. The dark blue/black is also pretty. I didn't know those were glow in the dark polishes! I'll be on the looked for a sale/discount to pick more up, the formula looks nice.

    1. Z., Ever since I've seen that green Halloween shade, I've been lusting after it. What is the shade name? Thanks for describing it as a metallic. I must find this but I live in San Diego, as does G.

      G, which RA did you find the Witches Ball display?

      Thanks, ladies!

  11. I found these displays at one of my local Rite Aids. For $2.49 I splurged on the Bonita Halloween pale gray. That looks like it'll be a pretty, shimmery neutral.


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