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Monday, June 16, 2014

Special Anniversary Reader Interview Series: Get To Know Destany

In honor of the five year anniversary of Nouveau Cheap, I'm interviewing fifteen readers in this very special series, as my way of saying thanks for your support (to read more about this interview series, including how the readers were selected, click here).

All of the readers who were interviewed for this series were given the same ten questions, and they were asked to submit a picture of themselves, their pet, their makeup stash, or anything else they felt like sharing.

The thirteenth interview in this series is with reader Destany. Take it away, Destany!

From Destany's "Inspired by a Book" mani series - The Day The Babies Crawled Away

G: How long have you been a fan of drugstore beauty products?

Destany: For as long as I can remember! I'd say my entire collection of makeup growing up (and I'm no spring chicken!) was drugstore - Wet n Wild, Revlon, CoverGirl... but back then, that was pretty much all the choices we had!

G: What was the first beauty product that you remember purchasing?

DestanyCoverGirl pressed powder compacts and Wet n Wild nail polish in the old-style rounded bottles :)

G: What are your five can't-live-without drugstore beauty products?

DestanyJesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer; Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner; Jesse's Girl Lipstick in Desert Rose; NYC Applelicious Lip Balms and Grand Central Station Quick Dry Polish (I use it as a top coat!) [That's my favorite "top coat" too! --G.]

G: Tell us your best "drugstore score" story (something you got for a great deal on clearance and/or with coupons, store rewards, etc.).

DestanyThe last time I went to CVS, I had ECBs and two coupons ($4 off A $20 purchase and $3 off a $12 purchase). At the time NYX cosmetics were B1G1, and I walked away with 5 lippies (butter glosses and lipsticks) for $3!

G: What's your go-to shade of lip color?

Destany: Mostly shades of orange and red. Or any mix thereof haha.

G: What's the one movie you can always re-watch, no matter how many times you've seen it?

Destany: Get Over It. Just an older mostly forgotten teen comedy - and my husband and I quote it all the time. If you like "bad" teen rom-coms, I suggest this to EVERYONE.

G: What's your current favorite TV show?

Destany:  Oh my. How do I choose???? If it's current-current-current... The 100. It's smart and edgy and interesting. But if we go all-time, it's always and forever Buffy the Vampire Slayer :)

G: What was the last book you read?

Destany: Finished? My friend Brea Essex's soon-to-be-released Ouroboros! She offered me the opportunity to pre-read and edit her latest work, and I jumped at the chance. LOVE my friend and so happy that she's published :)

G: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Destany: I'd love to be a published author. YA genre. I wanna be the female RL Stine hahah

G: Tell us a bit about your hobbies, what you like to do in your spare time, or anything you're very passionate about!

Destany: My biggest hobby is my blog! I also craft (cards, scrapbook and other projects). I love vampires and my dog. hahah NOT TOGETHER. I love almost all vampire-related things (excepting a certain franchise with sparkles). My dog, Clark Kent, is the center of my world. I know I have a husband and a son, but Clark is the one who's always happy to see me! bahaha! :) I don't know what I'd do without that crazy Cairn Terrier. He looks like Toto, except he's honey-colored instead of dark. I am very passionate about children and their well-being. I am the chair of a program at my son's school that sends food home every weekend during the school year to children who are less fortunate and may not have the food at home. It's called Bulldog Backpacks, and is open to those students on the free and reduced lunch program. I am blessed to be part of this amazing program, and I'm so humbled at all the help (volunteer and monetary) that we receive. [What an amazing program and huge kudos to you, Destany, for being the chair! --G.]

As part of the interview, I ask each reader if they'd like to share a link to their blog, Facebook page, Twitter page or whatever else they might like to promote. Destany chose her blog, Manifest Destany.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you as part of this series, Destany! I absolutely loved getting to know you a bit better, and I hope other readers feel like they know you a bit better now as well!


  1. Makeup & books (specially YA genere!) are two fine things I love too *hi5*

  2. I love that manicure. It looks so cool!

  3. My first makeup was also the CG pressed powder. I remember the latch would sometimes break or have a hard time staying closed, but I adores that powder.

    Great interview! Thanks for the read :)

  4. Great interview, Destany! Nice to get to know another reader of this blog. Your dog's name is too cute! Do you ever dress him up as Superman for Halloween? ;)

    1. Most definitely :-) He's got his own little suit and cape!

  5. Lovely interview! So cute you named your dog Clark Kent :)


  6. Great interview! I also have a Cairn Terrier; they are seriously the best dogs!

  7. Added Destany's blog to my bloglovin:)


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