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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Now available online: Milani Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection

Great news, Milani fans! The Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection (click here for photos of the in-store display) is now available on the Milani website:

Click here for product info and to order (everyday free shipping on orders over $25). This collection is also available NOW at select Walgreens, Kmart and Fred Meyer retail locations, if you haven't already seen it in your area. Again, you can click here to see what the display looks like.


  1. To my surprise, I walked into a random Walgreens last week and they had this display. Couldn't believe it! Got the polish (which is a duochrome) and two of the three mascaras. The mascaras are excellent! I layer them on top of black and they look fantastic. I've never seen a LE Milani display in my area so I was pretty excited to say the least! :D

  2. I really want the mascara! I love colored mascara for a bit of fun. :D

  3. Me and my partner walked in walgreens last night and it took our breath away. We purchased the nail polish, OMG it is beautiful.

  4. your money and don't buy the lipstick. It's terrible and it doesn't look like the model's lipstick. Not even close!

  5. Randomly I walked into Walgreens last week and saw every thing in a clearance bin for .99 so I got all three mascaras and the lipstick which I haven't tried. I found the mascara to be a little on the dry side and flaky but good color payoff!

    1. Where city and state and store location if possible please and thanks

  6. This display is at Fred Meyer 97005.

  7. I feel extremely stupid because I was very convinced this whole time those mascaras were lipglosses. Wow.

  8. Thanks! And YAY! I want that polish sooo bad. And everything else. Lol! I would like to wait on a deal, but it's not *too* bad full price, so I may just bite the bullet and order. We only have Waggs here in central AR, and the seasonal options are spotty at best. There is a CVS being built (hooray!) across the street from my nearest Waggs, but lord knows when it will be done!

  9. I went into a random walgreens I rarely go to and what do you know, they had the display. I was after the lipstick but it was all sold out much to my dismay. However I looked up swatches online and from what I can find it looks like the lipstick may actually be quite terrible =/ I don't think I will continue my hunt for the lipstick. I did buy one of the mascaras to try and I'm possibly going to give the polish a second look. I would love to see swatches of it and so far there doesn't seem to be any.

  10. I was just at Fred Meyer and they have a BOGO Milani nail polish sale going on. 97005.


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