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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beauty Bite: Love 2 Love Fragrance Mist in Fresh Rose + Peach

If you're a "perfume snob" (and I say that affectionately!) you might be pleasantly surprised by this affordable little body mist. I received this fragrance for review a little while back, and it was love at first whiff. Keep reading for the details...

Love 2 Love Fragrance Mist in Fresh Rose + Peach
(retail: $6.98, 8.0 oz)

  • What: Love 2 Love Fragrance Mist in Fresh Rose + Peach by Coty
  • Where: available exclusively at Walmart (in-store and online)
  • Who: launched in 2014, Love 2 Love Fresh Rose + Peach was created by Master Perfumer Calice Becker. Calice Becker is the nose behind such popular fragrances as Dior J'Adore, Marc Jacobs Lola, Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl, Vera Wang Rock Princess and several By Kilian fragrances.

From the Walmart website:
Top notes: this luscious scent opens with juicy notes of peach nectar, lychee and fresh cassis buds to evoke joy and optimism. 
Middle notes: the heart of the scent geranium and Bulgarian rose oil infuse innocence and femininity into the fragrance.  
Base notes: the blend of musk and orris at the base provides a dose of comforting warmth and tenderness. 

  • This body mist lingers on my skin for upwards of five hours (impressive for a body mist!). It also has some nice projection--it doesn't stay too close to the skin.
  • This is a fresh, clean scent that is a lovely combination of both rose and peach, without being too heavy on either note. This smells a bit like a very expensive shampoo--it's more clean than it is floral to my nose. 
  • For a drugstore-level body mist, the packaging is quite pretty. It's not loud or obnoxious, and if you tend to like delicate, flowery designs, you'll probably enjoy this bottle. 
  • The clear plastic lid secures firmly in place and it does not budge. I always tend to lose caps like this, but I feel like this one will never accidentally fall off.
  • The retail price of $6.98 for 8.0 oz. seems very fair to me, considering the staying-power and the lovely fragrance.

  • This product is available exclusively at Walmart and Walmart's website. If you don't shop at Walmart, you won't have access to Love 2 Love. 
  • "Love 2 Love" isn't my favorite name when it comes to the world of affordable fragrance. I think that some may write off this brand completely after seeing the name, because they may jump to the conclusion that these are cheap body mists with generic fragrances and zero staying power. That would be a shame, because I find the opposite to be true.

THE LAST BITE: Do not let the youthful name fool you! Love 2 Love Fragrance Mist in Fresh Rose + Peach is a very lovely, fresh fragrance with wonderful staying power. For under $7, I feel like this fragrance rivals or even outshines some of my Bath & Body Works fragrance mists that cost about double the price. If you haven't explored the Love 2 Love line yet, I think it's definitely worth considering. If you don't care for the idea of rose & peach (which would be crazy because it's awesome, but I'll try to understand!) there are three other fragrances in this line, which I'm looking forward to trying. By the way, these fragrances also come in 3.4 oz. EDTs for $9.98.

Do you own any Love 2 Love fragrances? I would love to hear about your experiences with this new brand!

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I have been looking for a peach fragrance mist. I will definitely try these out.

    1. I'd love to know what you think if you try it! By the way, if you're looking for more of a straight peach, The Body Shop has a new peach fragrance. :)

  2. I saw you 8nstagram this a few weeks ago maybe?...just about the same time I noticed these in Walmart. I thought for certain I would like the rose&peach better than the rest, but after a few sniffs I think I really like the orange blossom&white musk. Seems like a way better deal though to get the edt, as its only a few dollars more. Side note: the rose/peach reminds me of the early 90's when I had some off brand of lotions that came with the pearly bath oil beads (remember those?) One set was peach, the other rose, and I used to mix the lotions together to get a "rosy peach"! It was one of my favourite scents ever! Omg! Sorry for going on here, but remember Naturistics? Specifically the Ocean or Sea something-or-other? Came in an oil, perfume spray, bar soap, shower gel, and even shampoo + THAT was my fav 90's scent right there. They had others and the most easy to recall (without internet searching) besides the ocean one is White River Musk, wow! Those were awesome, what happened to them? I think they were made on Long Island at Dell Labs...same as Flame Glow, I think?...

    1. 1) You're on instagram?? What's your user name?? If you don't want to say publicly, please email me! :)

      2) THE LOTIONS WITH THE PEARLY BATH BEADS!!!!! When I read your comment I instantly knew exactly what you were talking about and I swear to you I don't think a single other person I know remembers those! My gosh, I haven't thought about those in FOREVER but I was absolutely obsessed with them back in the day. Gah!! I wish I could find a pic, but I don't even remember the brand! I feel like I just bonded so hard with you right now! Lol!! I mean, not as if we didn't bind before, but PEARLY BATH BREADS!!

      3) OF COURSE I remember Naturistics! Aaah! I think you're right about Dell Labs...that sounds totally familiar.

      Sidenote: remember Rose Milk? :)

      Sidenote 2: when I first got this body mist, I was wondering if it might smell like ShiKai Apricot Rose. Do you remember that scent from the early-mid 90s? I am still so bummed they discontinued that scent. Why??

    2. Oh wow, what a trip back! Naturistics were some of my first and favorite cologne sprays. I thought the packaging was so classy!

      A stroll down the internet confirmed, that yes, they were made by Del Labs on Long Island, which was acquired a few years ago by Coty - makers of Love 2 Love. So we've come full circle!

      I remember sniffing these at Walmart and being pleasantly surprised by how good they smelled for inexpensive body sprays, but in retrospect - Coty + Calice Becker? Oh hells to the yeah!!

    3. Del labs also had a plant near where I live and they had an outlet store that we went to all the time!

    4. Abigail: OMG, that truly does bring it full circle! I never would have known that had it not been for your comment. Thank you! You rock!! :D

    5. A Del Labs outlet?? You must have been in heaven, R.!!!

    6. G.: I think I need to actually "follow"you her on NC. I always figured that I'm here on the daily anyways, but I guess that's how I would be notified of replies? If I don't happen to recheck to see new comments, I could totally miss out on good convo as well as bonding with kindred addition to that it may seem as if I'm ignoring someone, which would not be the case at all! No, I'm not "on" IG, I just peek at yours to see little things that may not be shown here. I'll share for sure if I ever do get on there! Cannot believe nobody remembers those pearly oil beads?! Wow, they were a dime a dozen by me back in the day, always had an assortment of them floating around the house (no pun intended, re: floating.) PEARLY BATH BEADS, YEAH! Rose Milk lotion...I remember the bottle when I was younger, but never smelled it and that is SOOO VERY WEIRD (LSOH ref there) as I smell every bath and body item possible since I was little...if it isn't sealed it is fair game! It was (still is) a fave pastime in the drugstores besides checking out new promo displays to sniff the new shampoos and body washes. My bf's sis has very fond memories of it though, and I see it is available online. I've seen a possible similar lotion in the Latin section called Hinds Rosa something-or-other. Unfortunately, I never got to smell ShiKai AR. I only became familiar with the brand around 2000-01. I like the Yuzu wash, but would've loved to experience their AR. I actually scored big at the supermarket clearance section (Stop&Shop) and found a bottle of Sandalwood ShiKai Body wash for $2.50!!!

  3. I tried a sample of this hoping to smell peach but I only smelled the rose scent. The good this is this does have a great lasting power.

    1. Aaah, I'm sorry this wasn't what you were expecting! :( For some reason I don't get a strong rose note here, but I also don't get a strong peach note. It's like right in the middle of both for me! Lol! :)

    2. This is my favorite perfume, and I get compliments on it every day. I've found that Walgreen's also sells it. Wal-Mart seems to be out.

  4. I saw these in Allure magazine awhile ago. I was shocked that Walmart would carry such a quality item. You are right, most people (myself included) would just pass this by on the shelf thinking it was a cheap knock-off. But since I read about them in Allure, I knew they were made by an actual Master Perfumer and I thought for that price I'll give them a try. Thanks for the review!

    1. Right?? Such a nice surprise!

      I can't wait to hear what you think when you give them a whiff! :)

  5. Good to know about this line. I like body spray for summer but always feel like they fade too quickly! Thanks G.

    1. R., I don't think you'll have that problem at all with these! :) The other night, I sprayed this on my PJs and I kid you not, two days later when I went to do my laundry, I caught a nice whiff of this fragrance, still on my PJs! :)

    2. PS: I should clarify that I changed out of my PJs the following morning and they were in my hamper for two days... and I could still smell the fragrance when I took them out to do the laundry. Lol!


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