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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Lipstick League – week of 5.12.14

Lipstick League Question of the Week: 

 How do you keep your makeup looking fresh in hot weather? 

G's answer: If I absolutely need my makeup to look fresh in hot weather, several steps are required. I first use the lightest, sheerest moisturizer with SPF that I can (nothing too heavy or emollient) and I let that set. Then I apply a face primer, followed by a long-wear foundation (I love the combo of Black Radiance Complexion Perfection primer + CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation). I then do spot concealing with a good concealer that stays put (L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon doesn't budge all day for me) and I follow it with an oil-control face powder (Neutrogena Shine Control Powder is excellent in hot weather if you have oily skin). Oh, and I use a powder blush (the Milani matte baked blushes last forever on me), powder eyeshadows and usually a liquid liner since pencils tend to smear in hot weather on my oily skin. I use blotting papers throughout the day and I whip them out the moment I sense that I may be oily. And then I just cross my fingers that I don't look like a big ol' grease ball by the end of the day.

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  1. I live in S. Louisiana.. we give new meaning to hot when you take into consideration the humidity. It's not uncommon to be 100+ with 80% humidity in the summer. I'm also outside a lot with my horses and other animals. I had to basically relearn how to apply makeup when I moved here because it would literally melt off my face within an hour or two.

    My routine when it's really hot: Clean your face, you build up oil overnight. Use as little moisture as you can get away with. I use a moisturizing toner (NOT a "regular toner"). Apply oil control primer, I use MOM on my entire face including my eyelids, then sunscreen.. specifically Neutrogena liquid sunscreen.. it's the only one I've found that keeps me matte. I put the sunscreen over the MOM because the MOM leaves a white cast and the sunscreen removes it. Apply eye primer. Set all over with a light dusting of oil control powder, my favorite is Black Opal invisible oil blocking powder. Use concealer vs foundation, and you want one that sets. My current favorites are Maybelline eraser, CG fresh complexion, or Loreal true match crayon.. that last one takes more blending, but it also has the best coverage. The goal is to get the coverage you need while using as little product as possible and I find I get a lot more bang for my buck with concealer than foundation. Apply a bit in areas where you need coverage (NOT all over your face), blend out well with your foundation brush, then go back and spot conceal anywhere that needs it, tapping in to retain the pigmentation. Set again with powder. Then apply your makeup as usual keeping to powders as much as possible. For the eyes use a cream or liquid color base first (paint pot, wp crayon, color tattoo, etc) then shadow on top. Skip lashline liner or use wp liquid liner, I have no problem with my TL/WL liner melting in the heat so that's a good choice as well. Go easy on highlighter, or choose a matte one, your face is going to "glow" anyway. Too much shimmer looks greasy.
    I can go all day with this routine and never have to touch my face. If it's not too hot I'll make adjustments like only using MOM on my hot spots (forehead and eyelids), using a creamy primer instead (BRCP or Rimmel stay matte), wearing foundation, etc. Everyone seems to be BB cream or TM crazy in the summer.. save them for the winter, the last thing you want on your face in the heat is all that moisture.. unless you have really dry skin, but if that's the case you probably don't have much trouble keeping your makeup on.

    1. All I have to say is thank you! I've been wondering how to stagger my products, haven't perfected it yet, and seems you have! I have them, now just have to use them.

  2. I'm going to have to try that L'Oreal True Match crayon; sounds like it's worth trying. Summer is a disaster for me. If it's too hot and muggy I feel like that guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark when his face melts off. Recently I purchased the L'Oreal Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion (the tinted one). It's light and adds a nice silky, matte finish, so I have hopes that that and a good concealer and a touch of powder make my skin look human. Usually I just carry basics (the tinted/BB cream for the season), concealer and powder with me wherever I go for touchups if it's too muggy and hot, and have a mascara, a budge-proof eyeliner and lip tint with me, and then just try to keep my skin in good shape so I can dial down the camo.

  3. Use a lightweight liquid foundation like urban decay naked skin or the new cover girl ready set gorgeous. Set with a good powder. -mac studio fix or maybelline dream wonder...use a good primer underneath. I like the lorac poredection.

    If its going to be super humid. I skip liquid foundation all together and just use concealer and a power foundation or just mineral foundation. L'Oreal bare naturale and mac prolongwear. GREAT.

    Also like the maybelline fit me concealer.

  4. Usually if its really humid I just use concealed and powder or skip concealed and just use mineral foundation.

    But I really love urban decay naked skin (holds up really well) .

    I always use a setting spray (urban decay all nighter)
    And a good primer. (lorac porefection or the L'Oreal pore vanisher is pretty good)

  5. I would love to find something, something simple as I don't like 2,000 layers of stuff on my face...bad enough gotta do the sunscreen. When it's really hot and humid I just use a remover wipe that doent leave a slickness or moisturized after any of the YES TO wips, and start over. I saw Goss make-up artist from YT suggest putting a thin dusting of powder BEFORE base etc., then again after. I haven't tested this out yet...but I think I will. If I can't start fresh, the only thing that helps somewhat is coffee filters or starbucks (or just brown) paper napkins for blotting.


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