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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spotted :NEW Burt's Bees Matte Lip Crayon Collection

I was wondering if Burt's Bees might be making room for new lip products since they're currently running a discount + free shipping offer on all of their existing lip colors. Thanks to reader @k4hurricane1 on Instagram, I now have my answer! @k4hurricane1 spotted this new collection of Matte Lip Crayons at Walgreens recently and was nice enough to share some pics. Take a look!

image credit: @k4hurricane1 for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Burt's Bees Matte Lip Crayons

image credit: @k4hurricane1 for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Burt's Bees Matte Lip Crayons at Walgreens

I think this is only the second time we've seen Burt's Bees do pencils (anyone remember the Wings of Love Lip Pencils from the early 2000s?). There are six shades in this display--here's a closer look:

image credit: @k4hurricane1 for Nouveau Cheap
Left to right:
Sedona Sands, Redwood Forest, Niagra Overlook, Carolina Coast, Hawaiian Smolder, Napa Vineyard

Notice the cute beehive design on the lids! I'm so excited to try these. You know I love my chubby lip pencils, and the fact that they're matte makes them even more enticing to me (I love my mattes!). Have you spotted these in your area yet? Thoughts?

PS: As far as I know, this a new, permanent line (not limited edition).

Thanks again, @k4hurricane1, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. Creamy matte? Chubby pencils? SIGN ME UP!

  2. Replies
    1. Psh! I watch your videos, I bet your mouth is watering!

  3. My display at Walgreens had 1.50 off each Pencil coupons.

  4. it says Niagra Overlook... the Hawaiian one doesn't look like it says sunrise or sunset and it probably isn't as the rest are names of locations (sands, forest, overlook, coast, vineyard)
    : )

  5. I think the coral might be called Niagara Overlook? These look very similar to Annabelle's lip crayons here in Canada, which are awesome, but matte! Very cool.

  6. I totally remember the Wings of Love pencils, G! The boutique I worked at sold them, but it never seemed like we ever had more than 2 of the colors in stock. Burt's Bees used to send us amazing samples.

  7. Crayons..that draw...bwahaha...
    I look forward to a review of these! Not sure how I feel about the matte part...

  8. Matte lip crayons by Burt's Bees? Please let there be a brick red!

  9. Ohhh, nice! Thanks for the heads up! The colors look great!

  10. I bought one the other day at Walgreens because there was a $1.50 MFC off the $8.99 price. I got Sedona Sands, the lightest color (light pink nude). I personally think too drying if you apply it to bare lips, but the good news is that I've used it on both drier lip balms (Nivea) and more "balmy"/waxy lip balms (Softlips cube) and the pigmentation is just as good. It has good pigmentation and decent lasting power. It's unscented and no discernible taste when I accidentally lick my lips.

    The packaging is adorable and the twisting mechanism is really smooth. I love the color and I prefer putting a lip balm underneath lip colors anyway, but I don't think I would purchase another one unless I fell in love with another color swatch (and had another coupon!). If you find the two-step process to be a hassle then I think you can find a better option elsewhere.

  11. I'm buying one today, I'm hoping it's a dupe for Bite's Sweety. I'll swatch and send a pic regardless. :)

  12. I found this display today. The Hawaiian one is actually called Hawaiian Smolder. I don't know if the "smolder" is supposed to be a reference to smoldering volcanoes or what. I bought Niagara Overlook to try and may go back for others if I like it. These sell for $8.99 in my local Walgreens.

  13. I want the coral!!! I have coupons just waitin' to go! LOVE the honeycomb embossing!!

  14. i bought this in niagara overlook today and im pretty much in love with it. im picky about scents and tastes, and this has neither. the color is beautiful and very buildable, and has decent staying power. i love how it gives a great pop of summery color yet still looks natural.

  15. I bought 2 today, Napa vineyard which is a matte shade. Luv the shade but It felt dry when applied to my lips. Hawaiian smolder felt more like a balm when applied. The shade is sheer and it has a sheen to it.

  16. I was surprised to find this display in a Walgreen's I don't usually go to today! My jaw dropped. I asked the employee if they had more in the back (they were out of Redwood Forest *sad*), but she said it was a temporary promotion. Anyone else hear that?

    I've only tried Napa Vineyard so far. It's more of a cherry red on me (phew). It doesn't last very long, but I'm remaining optimistic.


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