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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies in Cherry Smash and Berry Mojito

I feel like if you added up all of the drugstore jumbo twistable lip pencils I've seen, reviewed, spotted and shared with you here on the blog, the sum total would be roughly 5,682. I'm kidding of course but, really, is there a drugstore beauty brand that doesn't have a jumbo lip pencil line at this point?

But guess what? I STILL get excited every time a new jumbo lip pencil hits the market. Why? Because they're just so darned convenient and easy to wear.

So naturally, I picked up two of the new NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies back when I ordered my NYX Macaron Lippies (click here for my review of those). I've been testing these new lip pencils for a few weeks now, so here are my thoughts!

NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies
(retail: $6 each, 0.11 oz)

I intentionally left one of these pencils unopened in the photo above so that you could see that these do come fully safety-sealed (yay!). These pencils come in 12 shades and you can purchase them at Ulta (in-store and online) as well as directly from the NYX website. I don't know if we will eventually see these at CVS, Target, etc., but hopefully they'll be at those stores eventually.

These are standard twist-up pencils. Some swatches:

Cherry Smash, Berry Mojito
Two swipes per shade

Please note that I took these photos this week and it's been 100+ degrees here in San Diego for about three days now. My lips are even more dried out and chapped than usual, but hopefully you can see that these lip colors don't accentuate that dryness too much (I think they actually make my lips look a bit smoother than they really are):

Cherry Smash

Cherry Smash is a sheer, neutral red (my favorite!). It's not cool-toned, but at the same time it's not so warm that it reads orange. It has a slight brick-red feel to it, without that heavy brown undertone that you sometimes find with brick reds. If you too love sheer, neutral red lippies, I think you'll love this one.

Berry Mojito

Berry Mojito is a sheer, cool-toned magenta-berry. It reminds me of the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten, but not quite as bright and opaque as the Revlon version. It's like a more subtle version of Smitten, if that makes sense. 

Let me get straight to the point here: I love these, and I wasn't expecting to love them. Some reviews that I've seen online describe these as super sheer and weakly pigmented, and that may be the case with the lighter shades in the range (I only own these two colors). But as far as Cherry Smash and Berry Mojito are concerned,  I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the level of pigmentation with these two colors, even after just a few swipes. For sheer lippies, these are beautifully pigmented and they can be built up for even more intensity than what you see above.

And, they feel amazing. Seriously, NYX isn't lying when they call these hydrating. In the current heat that we've having here in San Diego, I've been very happy with how moist and hydrated these make my lips feel. The texture is like a lip balm--they're quite "balmy" actually--and not at all like a stain, lipstick or gloss to me. I should also add that these lippies don't have any fragrance or flavor to them--I literally detect nothing when I'm wearing them. 

As for staying-power? Another home-run. Because these are sheer and moist on the lips, I completely expected these lippies to disappear after about 30 minutes of wear. Wrong! I've been wearing these off and on for almost three weeks now, and I consistently average 2-3 hours of wear (sometimes more). After about 2-3 hours, these fade to a nice, even stain on my lips, which lasts for about another hour or two (sometimes longer). Oh, and the stain doesn't morph into a weird hot-pink color like some other jumbo lip pencils tend to do--these stay very true-to-color throughout their wear-time.

FINAL VERDICT: The NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies are what I wanted the NYX Butter Lipsticks to be (the Butter Lipsticks failed me on staying power). These Chunky Dunks get a thumbs-up from me when it comes to pigmentation, formula and staying power. Considering how sheer and moisturizing these are, I think it's fantastic that I can get three hours of wear from them, and I love the nice, even stain they leave behind. The pigmentation is fantastic after a few swipes (they can be built up for more intensity) and I appreciate that they're fragrance-free and flavor-free. I can't speak to the lighter shades in this range, but I'm extremely happy with Cherry Smash and Berry Mojito--I highly recommend them if you love sheer lippies.

Do you own any of the new NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies? I'd love to hear from you!

Once again: you can purchase these at Ulta (in-store and online) as well as directly from the NYX website. I don't know if we will eventually see these at CVS, Target, etc., but hopefully they'll be at those stores eventually.

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. Thank you for the review, these sound great!

    And I hope you are far, far away from the San Diego fires. Scary stuff.

  2. You're always mentioning your chapped lips. Have you ever tried Lanisoh? It's the same ingredient in Dr. Lipp, but a quarter of the price. It's basically medical grade lanolin, often used on nursing mothers. I used to have terribly chapped lips all the time and I use Lanisoh or Vaseline every night and I can wear the most drying of lip colors.

  3. I think I NEED Berry Mojito in my life! Thanks for the review!

  4. I've actually seen a few of these at my local CVS in Bethesda, MD! It was quite a surprise, because I don't think they had even been out on the NYX site at that time. Odd. Also, they were just sort of stuffed here-and-there throughout the store, as if the stock crew had no clue where to put them and just said "yeah, the chip isle is a good place for this. yes". haha

    ((also, I totally suggest layering pure vitamin-E oil under your favorite lip balm; I've been doing this for years now, and not only has it helped with moisture retention, but I /swear/ that my lips are bigger! Who knows, man. who even knows. Your lips are gorg, though! Super symmetrical and plump and all nice lip-related adjectives!))

  5. I still can't get over the name, lol. But the swatches and praise from you seem great!

    1. Me neither! Reminds me of the Clinique Chubby Sticks that all have those "fat" adjectives in the names which frankly i find both unnecessary and off-putting:

    2. I'm glad you both brought this up, because I wanted to mention something. When I wrote this review, the only time I ever heard the term "Chunky Dunk" was in reference to, which is a body-positive swimming group. I thought the term "Chunky Dunk" in general was pretty innocent because my only association with it was that organization. But then when I heard some people complaining about the name on social media, I decided to look it up and when I saw the definition(s) on Urban Dictionary, I was absolutely shocked. I had no idea that it had all of these other connotations (not surprising since I'm "old" and don't know a lot of internet slang). But now that I do know, I think the name is in very poor taste. :(

    3. Meh, didn't bother yet to check Urban Dictionary to see the slang version of the term...but 1. Urban Dictionary will have some nasty definition of almost anything (even innocent) words you search, and 2. Some folks will get bent outta shape and get all über PC over everything and anything. Could it be any worse than Sinful Colors Beau Khaiki, lol? Pretty gross, but didn't get me all up in arms. As far as I know, for years I've seen in catalogs etc. shirts and signs that read, "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk." So, whatever...chubby, fat, thick, how many ways can you really describe a pencil that is, well BIGGER than the norm? If people find this offensive that's fine, I really don't see the big deal as I doubt whatever UD says it means is what the majority of people will have come to mind at first mention of the name. As far as the weight connotations, big deal (no pun intended) they have things called skinny this or that too, skinny laté and skinny eyeliners for example and Bubba Burgers, just adjectives and just my opinion. It is a fact though that some peeps will petion and whine and moan any chance they get.

  6. I have to admit, I am not a fan of a chunky lip pencil. However, your review is making me want to try these. Especially if they are as hydrating as you say. I have super dry lips right now and need something that will continue to hydrate while providing color. Thanks for the great review! (Also, I can't believe it is 100 degrees in SD! How are you dealing with that heat with no AC? Unless you've since gotten AC?)

  7. I am dying. Chunky dunk? That makes me think of chunky badunkadonk. And that is not a good pairing with a lip pencil. Pretty but who on their marketing team thought that up?

  8. I have tried a few of these and while some are pigmented (like the two you have tried), I found the Caramel, Happy Buddha & the Orange one some of the most sheer with the Orange one applying completely clear. Love the Berry Mojito :D

  9. The red one is so pretty on you!

  10. I'm going to pass on these cosnidering I still have some of the Revlon ones I never even touched. I have seen these at my CVS ATL, and also found the matte bronzers from Milani, Sold out, but got my hands on Sunset,!!!

  11. Keep ussafe up tothe datethen on youthe and theI San Diego fires. It's all very scary.

    Do they slide off the lips like the wet n wild ones do? I have to line my lips to prevent that, and some of them do change color after a time.

    Do NYC products go on sale at CVS? I haven't noticed.

    I have a lot of the WNW ones and don't need these... but I also don't need more Nail polish and that doesn't stop me from buying a ton more at every excellent sale.

  12. This is a great review G., thank you! My husband and daughter have a "thing" with chunky dunk. One will say it and they both die laughing!!! IDK what it is...anyway if I buy one I will have to make sure that they don't know what it is called! LOL. Anyway I thought I was the only one to get that weird pink stain after wearing one these type things (no matter what color) I figured it was because my lips are pretty pigmented! Anyway I hope to run into Ulta soon and will definately be checking these out!

  13. Both look great on you. I'm always on the lookout for a good hydrating lip product, thanks!

  14. I must have Cherry Smash. It's gorgeous.

  15. Do these feel similar to any of the other drugstore ones? The texture I like best are the Neutrogena ones, followed by the Rimmel ones (which I can't wear because they all turn FUCHSIA on me).

  16. I saw these at Urban Outfitters a couple of days ago. Nice review!

  17. Great review, I'll head to Ulta this wknd. The fact that you 2-3 hours of wear was surprising and great to read.

  18. I got Sex on the Beach, which is a warm, strawberry red, and Caramel Martini, which is a plummy brown. I like them both a lot, and have been wearing Sex on the Beach every day since I purchased them two weeks ago. I love jumbo lip crayons and these are great.

  19. Both colors are lovely on you! At $6 a pop it's a good Clinique dupe. Hang on... it could even be a Revlon dupe!

  20. How is the cap on these? One problem I've had with chubby lip pencils is that the plastic cap either crack easily or they don't stay on the pencil tightly ( I fix that by painting on some payers of clear nail polish around the barrel to make it thicker and more grabby) . I just got one of the WnW Balm Stains & I was thrilled that the cap clicks on to stay on. The color I got, Pinky Promise, is really nice too, so I think WnW are my favs of this kind of lippy right now.

  21. I can't get over the name Chunky Dunk.... I might have to buy one just to say that I own a Chunky Dunk Chubby stick.

  22. I love the Nyx butter glosses so must give these ones a try! I’ve just started my blog and I’m still trying to find my feet but yours looks great :) Awesome post.
    Hannah xx

  23. I bought the Cherry Smash lippie based on your review ... I wanted a nice red that wasn't *too* red. I think it looks good on me -- very fair, medium blonde -- but I wish that it had a little more blue undertone. I do agree that the staying power and pigmentation on these are great.

    Also, I got mine at Ulta and right now NYX products are buy one, get one 50% off.

  24. Cherry Smash looks so juicy! I'm terrified of reds but might give it a shot.

  25. They look so pigmented! I feel like I need to try them now. haha

  26. The colors are simply brilliant!


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