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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: CoverGirl Lashblast Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara

So I haven't even tried the original Bombshell Volume Mascara that came out last November, but when I spotted the new Bombshell Curvaceous formula in that Katy Perry display back in early April, I caved and bought one. I'm all about mascaras that promise killer volume and curl for my stick-straight, puny little lashes. I've been using this mascara for about a month now and I'm ready to give you my verdict!

CoverGirl Lashblast Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara in Very Black
(retail: $11.99, 0.66 oz)

Before I get into this review, can we talk about the price for a moment? I haven't seen this for under $11.99 anywhere in my area, but then again I haven't been to a Walmart in quite some time, so I don't know if big box stores have a lower price-point (as they often do). But at all of my local drugstores, it's $11.99 and I've noticed it's also $11.99 at places like and Ulta. I don't know...that just seems high to me considering that all of the other Lashblast formulas hover in the $6.99-$8.99 range. 

Anyway, as with all CoverGirl products, you rarely have to pay full price since CG goes on sale at the drugstores constantly, and there are always coupons online and in the newspaper. 

As of the time of this post, the Bombshell Curvacous Mascara is not yet listed on the CG website, so I can't confirm for you how many shades are available in this range. Also, I don't know if there's a waterproof formula, but this is the washable formula. Well, I'm assuming this is the washable formula, since I see no mention of it being waterproof anywhere on the packaging (more on that in a bit). 

As you can see, this is a two-step mascara. The first step claims to provide "volume + curl", while the second step claims to provide an "intense, dark, all day finish". So basically the first step is the "real" mascara, while the second step is more like a tinted sealant, locking everything into place while adding more pigment.  This is even more evident when you look at the ingredients for Step 1 vs. Step 2:

"Step 1" Brush

The "Step 1" brush contains plastic bristles just like all of the other Lashlbast formulas. The brush is curved:

Step 1 Brush

"Step 2" Brush

The "Step 2" brush contains traditional, nylon bristles and it is not curved.

Step 2 Brush

This tube is huge--it's probably the biggest mascara tube I've ever owned. Above, I compared it to the Lashblast Fusion tube, and here is the Lashblast Volume wand compared to both sides of Bombshell Curvaceous:

Some before-and-afters:

No mascara

After Step 1
(one coat)

After Step 2
(one coat)

STEP 1: The formula for Step 1 feels similar to other Lashblast formulas so, if you're a Lashblast lover, you'll probably like Step 1. For me, Lashblast mascaras don't always deposit enough product onto my lashes. In other words, I  feel like I have to really work to get the mascara onto my lashes, and that's how I felt about this one. If you look at my Step 1 picture above, I'm wearing one coat of the Step 1 formula but most days I found myself applying two, just to make my lashes more visible.

STEP 2: This is like a tinted sealant which is supposed to provide intense color and all-day wear. You can see that it actually adds some volume to my lashes, and it does make them look a bit darker. I found the formula to be a bit clumpy, and it has a tendency to clump the most on the ends of my lashes (you can see that if you look to the right side of the pic above. I have some issues with using a nylon brush for the second step, because the Step 1 formula dries very quickly. So applying step two with a nylon brush makes the bristles drag across the lashes--it's the same feeling you get if you've ever tried to apply more mascara hours after you've already applied your mascara. It's not a smooth glide, and I feel that this adds to the clumpiness.

Overall, I just don't feel that this two-step process is worth the trouble. I usually have to apply two coats for Step 1, so I'm applying three coats total and I feel like I can get similar or even better results from a traditional one-step mascara after just two coats.

One my biggest gripes about this mascara is actually the design of the tube. If you scroll up a bit, you'll see that the wands for both brushes are very short. A short wand I can deal with, but when you couple that with how huge the handle is (aka the lid) that makes for a very challenging application. It's almost impossible, due to the thickness of the handle combined with shortness of the wand, for me to get to the fine, inner lashes in the inside corners of my eyes. If I'm in a hurry, I find myself just skipping that area of my lashes altogether because it's nearly impossible to reach them unless you coat each lash one by one with the very tip of the wand (and as they say, ain't nobody got time for that).

Another thing I don't like is that removal is difficult. The first thing I did after I tried to remove this mascara for the first time was look at the packaging again to make sure I didn't accidentally buy a waterproof version. This absolutely feels like a waterproof mascara--it dries to a brittle finish and a makeup towelette is not moist enough to penetrate it. My towelettes drag and catch on my lashes when I try to use them for removal. In fact, even my cleansing oils, which usually break down my mascaras almost instantly, don't break this mascara down without a lot of extra effort and rubbing. BUT, in CoverGirl's defense, shame on me for not reading the fine print on the packaging (see above) which states that you should use a  "CoverGirl Makeup Remover or any other oil-based makeup remover" to remove this product. I guess I just didn't expect that to be the case with a washable formula. Again, I'm assuming this is a washable formula since I don't see the word "waterproof" anywhere on the packaging.

But, because of the intense "sealant" in Step 2, this mascara does have incredible staying-power, and that's definitely my favorite thing about it. I can go 10+ hours without a single flake or smudge, even in extremely hot, 100+ degree weather.

The fragrance of this mascara is very similar to other Lashblast formulas. It's mild and there's nothing odd, strange or new about it.

FINAL VERDICT: Not a love-match for me. While this mascara does deliver some nice lift and curl, I find that the end result is no better than some of my traditional one-step mascaras. I did not get as much volume as I was hoping for, and the difficult removal was a deal-breaker for me, since I deliberately buy washable mascaras in order to avoid extra pulling and tugging. But if you're looking for a mascara that's truly budge-proof, and you're not too concerned with mega-volume, this might be worth considering since it really does last and last, even in extremely hot weather. 

Do you own the CoverGirl Lashblast Bombshell Curvaceous mascara (or the Bombshell Volume mascara)? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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  1. I don't have the Bombshell Curvaceous, but I did by the original Bombshell recently, and I have the exact same gripe about the size and shape of the tube. I can't apply it without getting it all over my face. I thought it was me, but I'm relieved to hear that someone else had the same problem.

  2. I saw this at CVS-I thought it was the regular bombshell,no idea it was a new one!

  3. I tried the original Bombshell, not this version and I was not impressed at all. Luckily, I got in on sale and had a coupon because that price is completely out of control for a drugstore mascara. I would not buy it again. I felt like it did nothing that a one step mascara can do and I agree that the packaging is way too big. It seems it is too much trouble to be messing with these two wands. I also felt that step two did nothing to enhance step one. Big disappointment in my book!

  4. Great review! Thanks for sharing your honest opinions with your fans. :)

  5. I tried the original Bombshell and tossed it after about 3 uses (what a waste!) The packaging took up way too much room in my collection and I found nothing special about the original. Also couldn't handle the short brush with the large and heavy handle!

  6. Just wanted to add that even with Sonia Kashuk's makeup remover or a cleansing balm, removal was not easy. I like the long wear, no-smudge of this. But the difficult application & lack of volume along with removal issues makes this a no go for me.

  7. This stuff is amazing, I love it. The best part is I can swim without it running all over my face!

  8. Use the Somaluxe Face Wash - thats the only thing that is able to remove mascara without having to be rough on my eyes. I have been using Somaluxe for 2 months now, and my skin is the happiest in years. . .


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