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Friday, May 9, 2014

My Lancome promo code haul

I know that a lot of you took advantage of that Lancome Mother's Day code I posted about here (sorry, I don't think it's valid anymore) and I want to thank several of you for sharing pics of your orders with me via email and social media. I love seeing what everyone purchased with the code!

 I took advantage of that code too, so I thought you might want to see what I got. Also, there were some questions about what Lancome deluxe samples look like, in relation to full-size products, so I hope this post helps for any future promotions that may pop up down the road.

My Lancome promo code haul
(total price: $15 with free shipping)

So the promo code enabled me to get free shipping and three deluxe samples with any purchase from the Lancome website. I purchased one of the limited edition Summer 2014 nail colors for $15 (you'll see swatches of that in a moment) but first let's take a look at the free deluxe samples I received:

First, I got a free deluxe sample Juicy Tube in the shade Miracle (sheer hot pink with glitter):

This tube is 0.35 oz (a full-size tube is 0.5 oz). So it's a very good size for a deluxe sample, and it comes with the standard slant-tip applicator that you get with the full-size Juicy Tubes:

Next, I got a free deluxe sample Color Design Lipstick in the shade Designer Bloom:

Lancome Color Design Lipstick (deluxe sample)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (full-size)

The Lancome deluxe sample lipstick is 0.14 oz. For comparison, a full-size Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is 0.15 oz. So you're basically getting a full-size lipstick even though it's technically a deluxe sample. Actually,  I believe that Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks are 0.14 oz., so yeah, it's basically full-size!

My third freebie was a deluxe sample of Blush Subtil in Sheer Amourose:

This deluxe sample is 0.07 oz. For perspective, a CoverGirl Cheekers Blush is 0.12 oz. So this is a thin pan, but it's not small diameter-wise. It would still be very easy to use with a standard blush brush. I would compare the circumference of this pan to roughly the size of a Stila eyeshadow single.

And finally, the product that I actually paid for:

Lancome Summer 2014 Limited Edition French Rivera Collection
Vernis in Love Nail Polish in Nuit d'Azure
(retail: $15, 0.21 oz)

I honestly can't remember the last Lancome nail polish I purchased, but I know it was a long time ago (we're talking over ten years ago). But I swear they used to be bigger than this. Check it out:

As you can see, a Sinful Colors nail polish is 0.5 oz, which I consider the standard size for nail polishes. I'm OK with them being smaller if the price is proportionate, but when you get down to 0.21 oz (the size of the Lancome polish), that starts to feel like a deluxe mini to me, and $15 is pretty darned steep for a mini polish. I mean, people complain about the $15 price tag on ButterLONDON polishes, but you get 0.4 oz. of product in a ButterLONDON bottle (basically double the amount of this Lancome bottle).

But I really wanted this color, and it is gorgeous. Look:

Two coats, no top coat

This polish has a very nice brush and it applies very smoothly. It's one of those perfect creme polishes that has just the right thickness and consitency--it feels like it paints itself. Plus, it dries very quickly to a nice, shiny finish. Oh, and NO STAINING during removal. I applied this polish to all ten fingers, left it on for 24 hours and removed it with no issues using my regular acetone remover. So no complaints at all here, aside from the small size of the bottle.

After wearing this polish for a while, I thought for sure that I had a dupe for this color (I own a lot of bright blues). So I compared it to my Rimmel Salon Pro Polish in Barmy Blue (click here for my full review of that polish):

I'm wearing Rimmel Barmy Blue on my ring finger above, and you can easily tell that it's not a dupe for the Lancome shade. It's darker and it leans more toward the navy-blue end of the spectrum. I"m guessing that Sinful Colors Endless Blue is going to be closer to Lancome Nuit d'Azure, but my mom is currently borrowing my bottle so I can't do a comparison (sorry). I have a feeling they're QUITE similar...if any of you own both, I would love to know if you agree!

So do I regret my purchase? No. Not one bit. Those freebies were great and I'm giving my mom the lipstick and blush as extra little Mother's Day gifts. I love Juicy Tubes but I never finish them, so I'm perfectly content with that smaller tube (and I bet I won't even finish that one). Yes, I'm bummed about the size of nail polish (0.21 oz for $15 is kind of ridiculous in my opinion) but the color is beautiful and the formula is wonderful. Getting all of this for $15 plus free shipping was definitely worth it to me.

Did you place an order with the Mother's Day promo code? If so, I would love to hear what you think (if you already got your package) and how you like your goodies! 

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I received mine and I love it! One of my lipsticks was missing (I chose to get two tubes of lipstick since I don't prefer the gloss formula) and Lancome already shipped it out! That's great customer service!

  2. I also took advantage of this code and got the same things as you but a different polish color (the gray one). I also think the price of the polish is really high, but with this deal everything averaged out to under $4.00 each, so it is a great deal. I also received by Beauty Brands order (Laura Geller set) with the free gift bag with goodies, and man that is awesome. I'm thinking about doing another order so I can get another bag!. Thanks for all your work on your blog. It truly is one of the best.

  3. I just received mine today. I agree, the polish is too pricey, but with all the deluxe freebies, it was well worth it. I doubt I will ever buy a regular sized Lancome or other high-end products, so this was fun. Thanks for posting the info to begin with!

  4. I made two orders, I got the same nail polish color and freebies as you got in my first order, and in my second order I chose to get 2 of the lipsticks instead of the gloss and I got the nail polish color "Rose Satin" which is a gorgeous medium-bright pink creme. Awesome freebies!

  5. Not a bad little haul for $15! Thanks for sharing!

  6. For more dupes for your nail polish, I think Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails XTreme Wear will be pretty close!

  7. I tried to do this deal but my order ended up getting cancelled. I called them and they honored everything but since that promo code didn't work anymore I got different samples (mascara primer, mascara, bi-facil, juicy tube, and their eyelash curler). Great customer service! Thanks for telling us about this promo! Oh, and I agree about the redic price for the tiny nail polish!

  8. OMG that nail polish is absolutely gorgeous!! Kind of a bummer that its small, but I'm in love with that color.

  9. I picked up a Color Design single shadow (Eclair - it's a gorgeous taupe!) and a Baume in Love, which they sent me two of, though I was only charged for one. Weirdly, the same day I received an order from Sigma and the same thing happened. I received two of the same eyeshadow but was only charged for one.

  10. I got it too! I got the nailpolish for my Mom for Mother's day and I looked at the freebies and gave her the lipstick and blush too.

  11. You're right about the old Lancome polishes. They were .5 oz and in different bottles. Polished Claws Up has a couple posts with older lancome bottles. I'm not sure when they changed since I haven't owned any since the 90s lol

  12. Lancome brought out the Vernis in Love line a few years ago. Yes, they are smaller but compared to other department store polishes that are $21 and up, I like them better!


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