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Friday, March 7, 2014

Special Anniversary Reader Interview Series: Get to Know Jammies!

In honor of the five year anniversary of Nouveau Cheap, I'm interviewing fifteen readers in this very special series, as my way of saying thanks for your support (to read more about this interview series, including how the readers were selected, click here).

All of the readers who were interviewed for this series were given the same ten questions, and they were asked to submit a picture of themselves, their pet, their makeup stash, or anything else they felt like sharing.

The first interview in this series is with reader Jammies. Take it away, Jammies!

Jammies' dog Smoky, sniffing gladiolas grown by Jammies herself...

G: How long have you been a fan of drugstore beauty products?

Jammies: I've loved beauty products of all kinds since junior high, even though that occasionally meant some stains where I forgot to take a lip gloss out of my pocket before throwing jeans in the wash!

G: What was the first beauty product that you remember purchasing?

Jammies: The first beauty products I ever bought on my own were those adorable flavored lip glosses in the metal tins with sliding lids.  I spent a lot of my allowance collecting all the flavors. [Jammies, if you're talking about Village Lip Lickers, those were MY first beauty purchase with my own money too! --G.]

G: What are your five can't-live-without drugstore beauty products?

Jammies: In order:
1. Triple-size cotton balls
2. Pure acetone
3. Lip balm, either Jordana or Chapstick
4. Burt's Bees lemon cuticle cream
5. Milani eyeliners

G: Tell us your best "drugstore score" story (something you got for a great deal on clearance and/or with coupons, store rewards, etc.).

Jammies: About a month ago, I got $64 worth of nail polish for $23.20!

G: What's your go-to shade of lip color?

Jammies: Nude (as in, just gloss).

G: What's the one movie you can always re-watch, no matter how many times you've seen it?

Jammies: The Muppet Christmas Carol (seasonally, of course!).

G: What's your current favorite TV show?

Jammies: The Amazing Race.

G: What was the last book you read?

Jammies: Half-Off Ragnarok, by Seanan McGuire (She's an amazing writer!).

G: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Jammies: I would love to be a professional perfumer.

G: Tell us a bit about your hobbies, what you like to do in your spare time, or anything you're very passionate about!

Jammies: Nail polish, of course, is something I'm passionate about, as is perfume. :-)  I'm an avid gardener and an even more avid reader, and I've always been owned by dogs and have been lucky to share my life with some amazing companion animals.  

As part of the interview, I asked Jammies to share a link to her blog, Facebook page, Twitter page or whatever else she would like to share. Jammies chose her blog, Bubbles & Baubles.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you as part of this series, Jammies! I absolutely loved getting to know you a bit better, and I hope other readers feel like they know you a bit better now as well!


  1. Cool! Nice to meet you, Jammies- and super-cute dog!!!

  2. I love her movie answer! I look forward to watching Muppets Christmas Carol every year; hands down my favorite holiday movie!

    1. I love that movie too! My mom and I always watch it while we hang up our Christmas tree ornaments.


  3. Given your love for the Village Lip Lickers-have you tried the ones from Vintage Sister?! They're the closest thing I can find and she makes some great flavors.
    Love the reader spotlight and am so glad this is back!

  4. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the interview!

  5. G, thanks so much for the chance to be part of this series! Yes, it was the Village Lip Lickers. Happy blogaversary and I can't wait to read the other interviews.

  6. Nice to meet you Jammies! I Love these interviews!

  7. i remember those Village Lip Lickers too (and i was born in the 80s- how long were they available?)! Nice to meetcha, Jammies!

  8. I love Burt's Bees Lemon Cream,and The Muppets Christmas Carol also.


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