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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spotted: Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection

New for 2014, the Maybelline Color Show Street Art "textured top coats" (aka: splatters) are now surfacing in drugstores. I've got pics from three lovely readers to share with you today, so let's take a closer look.

Note: Nowhere on this display does it indicate that these are limited edition, and Maybelline is very good at putting the words "limited edition" both on the display and on the bottles themselves, so I believe these are permanent additions to the Color Show line.

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Maybelline Color Show Street Art Collection

image credit: Brie for Nouveau Cheap

Longtime reader Brie of Simply Thrifty Nails spotted this display at her local CVS and shared the pics above with us. These polishes contain matte bar and hex glitter in a clear base and, as you can see, each polish contains one color +  black. The colored glitter shades are red, dark blue, light blue, light pink and chartreuse. I know that the light pink shade above looks like it could be white, but it's actually light pink.

Longtime reader Kris Feral spotted the display below at his local Walgreens and shared some pics with us:

image credit: Kris Feral for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Kris Feral for Nouveau Cheap

Note the price difference of these polishes depending on the region and retailer ($4.49 in the pics from Brie and $3.99 in the pics from Kris). And just FYI, Color Show polishes are $2.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond stores (and probably Walmart too).

image credit: Kris Feral for Nouveau Cheap

Reader Tia spotted this display at her local Rite Aid this week and shared some close-ups pics with us:

 image credit: Tia for Nouveau Cheap

  image credit: Tia for Nouveau Cheap

And last but not least, Brie shared this pics of four of the five shades in this range (all but the light pink) swatched over a gray creme:

image used with permission by Brie of Simply Thrifty Nails
Maybelline Color Show Street Art Polishes swatched over a gray creme
Left to right: Blue Beats, Wild At Heart, Green Graffiti, Nighttime Noise

 Brie has several other swatch photos of the four shades she purchased over on her blog here. Definitely check them out!

So just to summarize, this collection is now popping up at all three of the major drugstore chains: CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find, and I'm assuming these polishes will make their way into the permanent Maybelline display after the first of the year.

Thanks so very much, Brie, Kris Feral and Tia, for the great sighting and pics!


  1. Loving the look of these, I can't get word if they are coming to the UK. We are still in the midst of Brocades!

  2. Thank goodness I only want Nighttime Noise, but they're all pretty. The nail polish people at Maybelline are amazing!!!

  3. Last summer I bought an indie polish and the glitter in it was less like glitter and more like teeny tiny pieces of polish that kind of exploded when applied and and took on a splattered look. I love it and that is what I think of when I hear street art. I kind of expected something like this until I saw the photos. The colors are kinda hip but not earth shattering...

  4. They're like the Sephora X polishes!! Oh, I'm definitely going to get a lot of these....

    1. I just got a sephora one as a gift.I might return and get something else and buy these instead! For the price of a formula x I can have 4 of the maybellines

  5. I'm really relieved that they are not LE. That way I can spread out some of this beauty-buying I am doing this month. Phew!

  6. I tagged you in a photo of new NYC polishes and I have bottle shots of them all as well if you would like! Just wondering if you saw it! :)

  7. I'm going to be very tempted to buy these if and when I see them. Unfortunately the Color Show formula is awful and I have a feeling these are going to be disappointing.

  8. I just found these at my CVS and was getting ready to send pics. How cool are they? I bought the color Blue Beats

  9. I just saw these on another blog the other day but I think it was a press sample. I am glad that you have posted that they have been pun intended. No matter I definitely have to check my Rite Aid tomorrow to see if they have them yet. I MUST have these. I'm so glad to see something really original in nail polish by a major drug store brand that doesn't cost a lot.


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