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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Official List of Wet n Wild Discontinued Products for 2014

Due to popular demand, I have for you today the complete list of products that Wet n Wild is discontinuing for 2014.

I received this list directly from Wet n Wild, so let there be no doubt that these products are being discontinued. The good news? If any of these products are favorites of yours, you'll still have a few months to grab them, as retailers probably still have inventory that they need to sell (and we'll probably see some of these products at discount stores as well, in the coming months).


Coloricon Eyeshadow Singles


NOTE: The shades with an asterisk above are NOT being discontinued--they are receiving different SKU numbers. You may see these shades on clearance at various retailers, but rest assured the colors themselves are NOT going away--they're just changing SKUs.

Coloricon Glitter Eyeshadow Singles


Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios

Cool As A Cucumber
Knock On Wood
On Cloud Nine
I Dream of Greenie
I'm Feeling Retro
I Got Good Jeans

Coloricon Eyeshadow Collections (8-pans)

Blue Had Me at Hello

Natural Blend Lip Shimmers


Juicy SPF15 Lip Balms


*UPDATE: These shades will only be discontinued in stores that carry these lip balms on cards (cardboard & plastic packaging). They will still be available in stores that carry them in the permanent wall fixtures.

Mega Shield Lip Color SPF15

Birthday Suit*
Peachy Keen*
Salsa Lessons*
It's a Girl*
Pink Champgne*

*UPDATE: These shades will only be discontinued in stores that carry these lip colors on cards (cardboard & plastic packaging). They will still be available in stores that carry them in the permanent wall fixtures.

Mega Last Liquid Lip Color

Do I Make You Blush?

Ultimate Match Foundation SPF15


Fast Dry Nail Color

The Wonder Yellows
Sage in the City
Teal of Fortune

Wild Shine Nail Color

Mauve Frost
Lady Luck
Night Prowl

Did any of your favorites get the cut? Anything you're planning to stock up on within the next few months?


  1. I like the I'm Feeling Retro trio! Nooooooooo

  2. Replies
    1. I bought a trio from NYC called Midtown Mauve and it has the exact same shades. It's not as creamy or buttery but it's fairly pigmented.

  3. You scared me with that list of singles!! I'll need to pick up Envy and On Cloud Nine and possibly Blue Had Me At Hello. The other 2 trios that I don't have don't interest me... Lol

  4. Knock on wood!? Really wnw? Why! ? The big thing right now are pinky rose colors. So why!? WHY? :( now to go buy 3. And blue had me at hello. So sad :'(

    1. Right?! With the naked 3 palette just launched you would think they would try to promote it! Ugh... so sad... may have to buy a back up. It's hands down my favorite wnw trio.

  5. Blue had me at hello is soo gorgeous with great pigmentation. Why would they discontinue it ??? :-(


  6. They need to get rid of the whole Liquid Lip Color line & reformulate it , to be honest .

    The formula is horrendous . One of the worst I've ever come across .

    --- Nicole

  7. Thanks soooo much for the heads up! It's a bummer but now I know I need knock on wood asap...and to take this list to see what else ;)

  8. Knock on wood was one of my faves! I gotta get a backup!! Or two!

  9. Uuuuuh. I will be buying ALL the Knock On Wood trios I see. Why, WnW? Why?

  10. So sad.. Gotta buy some back up trios.. The trios and 8pan are so awesome .. I'm surprised they're phasing out such a great neutral palette like knock on wood.. Strange..

  11. i am relieved that the original singles are just being relabeled but i will pick up some on clearance anyways. Brulee and Nutty are HG!

    1. I almost had a heart attack when I saw Brûlée there! That eyeshadow is THE best drugstore secret ever.

    2. Me, too. Brulee is awesome! Mine broke. :( I am surprised that they are discontinuing the Teal of Fortune nail polish, but I already have it, so that's okay for me. I also love FuchsiaRama for polish jelly sandwiches, but again, I already have it. It is probably a hard sell for anyone who doesn't know about jelly polishes; they would just thing "Dumb, why is this so sheer?" as I would have a few years ago.

  12. Oh man I am so glad walking on eggshells wasnt on that list!! Blue had me at hello made me a little sad though...that's a beautiful palette

  13. I really love Envy /and/ kitten singles.. perfect for all-over-the-lid looks :( also really disappointed on Night Prowl, because that's a fantastic colour! I have to go stock up on a few of these before they're gone! thanks for the heads up!

  14. I'm really hoping the death of the pretty blue 8-pan means they're going to come out with a new 8-pan and not just limit it to 2 of them! Fingers crossed for Nude Awakening from this Spring becoming a permanent one... I never got my hands on it.

    1. Looks like you missed this the first few times I posted about this, but THERE IS a new 8-pan. I've already reviewed it. Just scroll back through my posts a bit until you see it. It's called POSTER CHILD.

      Hope that clears it up!

    2. Oh neat! Haven't seen it in stores yet! Mystery solved though. :)

  15. Aww, Teal of Fortune is a favorite of mine! I would get a backup, but I have *several* similar colors already. I absolutely love that shade.

  16. OMG! I own I have Kitten, Envy, and Lagoon but now I feel like I need backups! Especially for Kitten and Envy. I love those shades. :( I'm surprised they are getting rid of all those Glitter Singles too - they are so pigmented and definitely my favorite glitter shadows. It's sad to see these great singles replaced with those greasy nasty glitter singles. Time to stock up!

    And OMG Knock on Wood is one of my favorite trios nooooooooo!!! >.< ITA with Melissa Garcia - those colors are so "in" right now (though I have always loved the KOW trio)! I also love I Dream of Greenie and I'm Feeling Retro...all of them really. :(

    And whyyyyyy Salsa Lessons - it's the only good color in the entire Mega Shield line! Wow. Salsa Lessons is my favorite summer red, SPF and all!

    There are so many other things they could have DC'ed. Man, they are getting rid of a lot of great stuff. *sigh* Thanks sooooooooo much G! I'm so happy to know ahead of time so I can nab my favorites before they're all gone. Thank you so much for this list!

  17. WnW seems to be going in a bright makeup direction lately. Incredibly bright blues, greens, and purples, but that's not for me. Brulee and Nutty are very popular...

    1. Same here re the brights. Like the Poster Child palette, looks like finger paint shades to me or clown mu, no offense but no thanks

  18. Oops, just saw the notation about those shades.

  19. I JUST bought Knock on Wood from the CVS clearance sale. So glad I snagged one before it was too late~!

  20. Almost died seeing Brulee on this list. Thank goodness it's just getting a new SKU. I actually use this as my concealer since it's a really good match for my skin and super pigmented.

  21. I'm surprised to see night prowl on there. It's really pretty and I don't like glitters that much. I'll probably get it and Knock on Wood this afternoon.

  22. oh my god my heart was beating so hard I thought nutty was being discontinued that's really the only product I would have been crushed if it was discontinued. Knock on wood is an amazing trio; i've had it for almost a year and there is almost no dent and it will take me forever to completely use it up so I'm not that crushed. Nutty tho... almost hitting pan... Wet n Wild better never discontinue that one!!! Can't find brulee in my store but it's still on the wet n wild website.

  23. I LOVE Knock on Wood! I wish they wouldnt discontinue that one! All the others I dont care about, but NOT KOW!!!!

  24. If anyone is still looking for the Knock on Wood trio, our local Super WalMart was well-stocked with it. I picked up KoW and the complimentary (not meaning free, meaning "goes nicely with") Silent Treatment trio.

  25. sh... that's why, when i went at walmart i couldn't find the trios i wanted.... ugh


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