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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Revlon and NYC Limited Edition Nail Color Lookalikes

So the other day when I was out doing my usual "research" at the drugstores, I noticed that, at one Rite Aid I visited, the NYC Limited Edition Disco Inferno Collection was placed right next to the Revlon Limited Edition The Evening Opulence Collection. When I saw the two displays side by side, I noticed a couple of polish lookalikes, so I thought it was worth mentioning!

 NYC Limited Edition Nail Color in Flashback (retail: $1.99)
Revlon Limited Edition Nail Color in Rich (retail: $4.99)

As you can see,  Revlon Rich is a bit more chunky, and the gold isn't as predominant (although Rich certainly has gold in it). Here they are at another angle:

Here's the other lookalike:

 Revlon Limited Edition Nail Color in Seductive (retail: $4.99)
NYC Limited Edition Nail Color in Boogie Nights (retail: $1.99)

Clearly, Seductive has more purple in it than Boogie Nights--Boogie Nights is more of a true oxblood shade. But at certain angles, they appear even more similar:

I'm certainly not saying these are dupes, but they are similar! I just thought it might be helpful to know that there are a few lookalikes between these two collections, especially if you can't find one display in your area but you can find the other. Hopefully this can help you to determine whether you "need" both of these slivers and/or oxblood shades!

Do you own any of the four polishes featured in this post? What do you think of them? 


  1. I have the NYC Flashback and love it, especially since I picked it up for 40 percent off.

  2. I have both the Revlons--haven't seen that NYC display yet or I'd probably have those, too. :) I found that Revlon Rich is very very close to Carbonite, the Chanel Graphite lookalike they put out a couple years back.

  3. I have Revlons Rich and I like it a lot.

  4. I finally found the Evening Opulence display and I was so suprised that nothing called out to me! I passed up all of it, but it is good to know that there are some dupe-ish items in case of a mind change and unavailablity! Thanks G.!

  5. I wouldn't call it an exact dupe but Rich is also very close to Urban Decay Addiction (limited edition) -- I swatched them side by side on a nail wheel.


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