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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty Bite: Real Techniques Shading Brush

As some of you may already know, I'm a big fan of Real Techniques brushes. I reviewed the Travel Essentials Sets back in 2011 and I still uses those brushes regularly, to this day. I've purchased other Real Techniques brushes since then, but today I'd like to talk about my most recently acquisition, because it's seriously rocking my (eyeshadow) world.

Real Techniques Shading Brush
(retail: $5.99)

I purchased the Shading Brush at my local Bed Bath & Beyond about a month ago (it's also available at Ulta, iHerb, Target, and of course via the Real Techniques website).  By the way, you can view a Shading Brush tutorial on the Real Techniques website here (there are tutorials on the brand's website for all of their brushes, by the way).

For size perspective:

Left to Right:
e.l.f. Essential Eyeshadow Brush
Real Techniques Shading Brush
Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush
(the one that comes with the Naked Palette)

  • Very soft, synthetic bristles that can hold lots of shadow for packing color onto lid
  • Excellent size for targeted application of color to the lid, crease, brow bone, inner corner or outer "v"
  • Excellent density for blending crease and outer "v" (nice and fluffy)
  • Small brush head is ideal for blending the crease without disrupting colors on lid or browbone 
  • Well-constructed (no shedding after multiple washings)
  • Great price-point
  • Unless you live near an Ulta or Bed Bath & Beyond with an extended beauty department, you might have trouble finding this one locally, which means you'll have to order online

THE LAST BITE: I completely understand why this brush has an average rating of 4.7 stars on Makeup Alley. It's a fantastic multi-tasker and an excellent value at just $5.99. The density of this brush makes it ideal for packing color onto your lid, because the bristles do a great job at picking up and holding color. But this brush also works beautifully for applying color to the crease and outer "v". It's small enough for targeted application, but it's also fluffy enough to blend shadows beautifully. What I especially like about this brush is that I can blend my crease without disrupting the shadows already on my lid and brow bone. Sometimes, with larger blending brushes, I end up blending away my lid and highlight colors when I'm trying to blend out my crease, but I never, ever have that problem with this brush. I highly recommend this one for both application and blending--I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how often you'll find yourself reaching for this one.

Do you own any Real Techniques brushes? What are some of your favorites? Do you already own the Shading Brush?

The products featured in this post were purchased with personal funds. For more information, click here.


  1. I love these RT brushes. I wonder if their price point will cause ELF to lose business. Personally, ELF used to be my go-to for cheap but good brushes, but they fall apart so often that it doesn't make sense to keep repurchasing. I have one RT stippling brush and LOVE it. I would definitely by more from the line.

  2. I need to go to Ulta this week. I'll keep an eye out for this!

  3. Replies
    1. Do they selll the single brushes like this one in-store? I thought the only sold the sets (the ones I posted pics of a few weeks ago). Thanks!

  4. I love this brush! When I'm okay with light application that can be a little messy (say, neutral eyeshadows), I love using this instead of my Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush, which I use when I need to be more careful/precise. I actually used this brush in the makeup tutorial I just uploaded. Wonderful brush.

  5. Christmas tree shop also carries rt brshes

  6. I was at ulta earlier today and i REALLY considered picking up the expert face brush and in the end i put it back. but i do have the lash and brow groomer and i love it. the brush on it (along with clear mascara) has actually helped trained my wonky eyebrows to grow in the direction that i would like.

    1. I was at Harmons Face Value yesterday and picked up the RT Lash-Brow Groomer on clearance for $2 + change! I love their stipling brush and the one in this post.

  7. I like my real Techniques powder brush, but I wish the packaging would tell you about the brush so you don't have to go look up information on the site (not that there's tons of info on the site either!). I'd rather know some uses for the brush by looking at the packaging instead of trying to do a google search. That's my only gripe with the line.

  8. i own almost ALL of the real techniques brushes and LOVE them!!! i absolutely LOVE all of my face brushes from RT as well. The buffing brush is my holy grail and it applies my foundation flawlessly.

    i need to get the limited edition set though. Do you have that one? what do you think?

  9. I really like most of the Real Techniques brushes. Sometimes I find this one too big for my lid, depending on the sort of look that I'm doing, but otherwise, it's a great brush.

  10. I just bought this the day before you reviewed it! Glad you like it so much! I bought the eyebrow one with the metal comb because emilynoel just raved about it & snagged this brush on impulse. Can't wait to use it!

  11. Found it at Fred Meyer if anyone has one in their area :)

  12. I just purchased this brush and the eye kit from the kohls website with 20percent off


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