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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spotted: Real Techniques Brush Sets at Walmart

A while back, I heard from several of you that Walmart was selling Real Techniques brushes on their website. But did you know that they're now in stores too? Reader Jessie shared this pic with me last week, and since then a few of you have commented here on the blog that you've spotted this display as well. Take a look:

image credit: Jessie for Nouveau Cheap
Real Techniques Brush Sets at Walmart
(retail: $14.98 each)

Keep reading for more info...

From left to right, the sets in this display are:

Core Collection 2.0 
Starter Set 2.0
Travel Essentials 2.0

These sets all seem to have one or two less items vs. the sets on the Real Techniques website, and the price is $14.98 vs $18 for the sets on the website.

I reviewed all three of the brushes in the Travel Essentials 2.0 Set back in 2011 here, and I still use those brushes to this day. They're very high quality and I can't recommend them enough.  The ONLY thing that you're not getting in the Walmart Travel Essentials 2.0 set is the little back travel case, so this is a great deal for $14.98 (vs. $18 for the set that comes with the case).

Have you spotted this Real Techniques display at your Walmart yet?

Thanks so much, Jessie, for the great sighting and pic! I really appreciate it!


  1. Interesting that they didn't bring the full set to Walmart, just to confuse people. The sets we have at Walmart Canada are the same as those on RT site

  2. I just got back from Kmart and saw they now have Real Techniques brushes. They were not in sets like this, but sold individually like at Ulta. The prices were similar to Ulta ($9.99 for a large powder brush).

  3. I just wanted to point out that the eye brushes starter set is also missing what I believe is the deluxe crease brush. On the realtechniques website, there are five brushes in the eye set, but the Walmart ones only have four.

    1. I looked at my five-piece eye set and the Walmart set has the deluxe crease (it's the big one on the far left of the set). The Walmart one is missing the tiny, flat accent brush. :-)

  4. oh snap! gotta look for these, thanks

  5. My Wal Mart had three of the brush sets for eyes in the clearance for $5.00 each!!! I passed them up because I need more brushes like I need a hole in the head! I'm on the Central Coast of California.

    1. Really, on clearance?!? Too bad I am on the other side of the country!

  6. I feel this is great for people who never used the black stand up case to begin with. I will for sure be looking out for these.

  7. I love this line of brushes! Even better to score them at Walmart prices. I pretty much only use RT, EcoTools, and eyeslipsface(elf) for brushes, maybe some no-names here and there and my 2 Stila ones that I loooove and had for many yrs.

  8. I love love love the purple eyeshadow brushes; they're all I use now. I bought the five-piece set with the black case on Amazon for ~$15 (with Amazon Prime free two-day shipping).

  9. Great! These little jewels are disappearing from the Ulta website. I will now have to scout all my local Wally World's to find these. Great info!

  10. These have been available @Walmart in Canada for at least a few months now...they sell for $18.99 (+ 13% taxes). I LOVE the RT brushes, great quality for the price point. I've also picked up a few brushes when I've been travelling in the U.S. at Ulta as Walmart only carries the "set". I've also recently seen a few of the individual brushes on sale here at Winners (the Canadian equivalent of a TJMaxx/Marshalls).


  11. that's pretty dumb that they didn't include all of the brushes.

  12. I forgot to see if my had these, and maybe I'm behind on this and this has been reported, but I saw ELF at my local Wal-Mart. They had a small display.

  13. Where are the locations in California. . any info pls..or in Ga?

  14. I love these brushes. . but can't find them at any near walmarts.. do you know how I can find out what Walmarts have them. living in Ga now..east coast. . Thanks!


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