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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sugar Coats now on clearance at Target

For about a week now, I've been receiving a constant, steady stream of heads-ups from readers here on the blog, on Instagram and on Twitter that you are now finding the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes on clearance at Target (both the original shades and the brand new shades have been spotted on clearance by some readers!). Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to share this info with us--it makes my job so much easier if I know that a clearance sighting is widespread (I try not to post about clearance sightings unless I believe they're widespread because I don't like to get peoples' hopes up!).

So I think it's safe to say that this is probably a nation-wide clearance, but the clearance price is going to vary a bit depending on your store location. I have heard the clearance price at some Target stores is $3.84, while at others it's $2.84 and I've even heard from people who have seen them for $1.54! So it really depends on the location of your Target.

Two lovely readers on Twitter were nice enough to share pics of their Target clearance sightings and both were spotted VERY recently (like, within the last day or so):

 image credit: @bamaannie for Nouveau Cheap

Reader @bamaannie spotted the Sugar Coats on clearance at her Target just the other day...

image credit: @chibigirl626 for Nouveau Cheap

And reader @chibigirl626 spotted them at her local Target just the other day as well. Both @chibigirl626 and @bamaannie told me that they also spotted some of the Summer 2013 Insta-Dris on clearance as well (I've also heard this from other readers too so be sure to look around and see what you can find!).

Thanks again to ALL of you for taking the time to share this clearance sighting with me on Instagram, the blog and Twitter. And an extra-special thanks to @chibigirl626 and @bamaannie for sharing these pics with us!


  1. Saw those, Instadry, & Fuzzycoat on sale today

  2. At my Walmart these are on sale for $3.00! Not sure if it's widespread but it never hurts to check :)

  3. Does anyone know if they are on clearance in Canada too?

  4. Never tried these, I guess now would be a good time!

    xoxo, Aman

  5. I hope I can find them on clearance. I want a backup of Royal Icing.

  6. Since they are now on clearance, I'm sure my target will never get them. :(

  7. Lol no kidding. The displays just made it to Canada last week, and you guys already have them on clearance. No fair! I want some for $1 haha

  8. I am STILL looking for Royal Icing!! I need that to "complete" my collection of blues for the summer! If I can only find in sale too that would be awesome!

  9. I've been wanting these but don't want to pay $6. This, however, is tempting. Hoping I find them at Target soon! I want those sparkly ones in particular!

  10. I'm still on the fence about these...maybe I'll pick one up since they're so cheap. I wonder why they're on clearance so soon after coming out...

  11. I'm guessing they weren't that popular.

  12. I just went by my Target and they were $3.54. Only the original ones were clearance. I passed this time. Hope they drop again.

  13. I guess I'm not surprised. These just look gross!

    1. Yup! I tried the Fuzzy Coat, although I'm not into the texture thing the Fuzzy Coat just seemed like a cousin of bar I tried it and it was a gloppy nightmare, I'm thankful for fair return policies.

  14. Ladies, ladies... Please don't rush out and buy these! The formula is horrible. Nothing like the other Textured polishes out right now.

  15. OK, so I held out on buying one of these, sadly not long enough for a clearance price, but I bought the LE Pink Sprinkle and am wearing it now. Can I just say that I love it?!?!?! The color is like a raspberry pink with gold glitter in it. I find myself rubbing my fingertips over my nails to feel the bumps. It is taking some getting used to the non smooth feel but the color and sparkle make up for it! I did find that the bumps were getting caught on my more delicate fabrics but top coat took care of the snaggy bits nicely. Love if I can find Royal Icing...

  16. Aw man, not on clearance at my local Target (Hilo, HI). They only have four special edition colors too, no Royal Icing (which is the only one I really want lol).

  17. Just found all four (cotton candies, razzleberry, sour apple and bubble plum) at my local Target on clearance for $1.64 each! I'm so excited!


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