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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spotted: NEW Maybelline Baby Lips ELECTRO Collection

UPDATE: Click here for swatches of all six shades!

Here's some exciting news for my fellow Baby Lips fans! Longtime reader Cheryl R. spotted the new Baby Lips ELECTRO line at her local Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and was nice enough to share some pics!

I had NO idea that Maybelline was coming out with an entirely new line of Baby Lips lip balms, did you? Take a peek:

image credit: Cheryl R. for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Maybelline Baby Lips ELECTRO Collection
(retail: $2.99 each at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Keep reading for lots of pics...

There are six shades in this collection:

image credit: Cheryl R. for Nouveau Cheap
 Left to right: Pink Shock, Strike A Rose, Oh! Orange!, Berry Bomb, Minty Sheer, Fierce N Tangy

image credit: Cheryl R. for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Baby Lips Electro in Pink Shock
Cheryl purchased the shade Pink Shock and was nice enough to share a pic of her wearing it:
 image credit: Cheryl R. for Nouveau Cheap
Cheryl wearing Pink Shock

 Cheryl had this to say about Pink Shock:
It's sheer like they all are but not as sheer as some of the regular Baby Lips that I own. 

So I'm guessing that the difference between these and the regular Baby Lips is slightly bolder colors (and they also don't contain SPF--the original line contains SPF20 but the Limited Edition Baby Lips collection that came out last year didn't contain SPF either). The ingredients highlighted on the front of the package (shea butter and Vitamin E) are actually in both the permanent Baby Lips formula as well as the Limited Edition Baby Lips formula. So...that's not new.  Also, notice that the display and the packaging do not indicate that these are Limited Edition.

Oh! And now we have our answer to the question about that mysterious new shade, Oh! Orange!, that was featured in the latest edition of Seventeen Magazine (remember I posted about that a week or two ago?). Oh! Orange! is one of the shades in this new Electro collection!

Have you spotted the new Baby Lips ELECTRO line in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much, Cheryl, for the awesome sighting and pics! I really appreciate it!


  1. May or may not have been screaming while reading this... I must have all of them!! thanks G!!

  2. May or may not have been screaming while reading this... I must have all of them!! thanks G!!

  3. I wish these had SPF like the original line! But at least they give a little more color. Pink Shock is cute! :D

  4. I cried actual tears when I saw this. I love baby lips so much! I want the purple and green one!

  5. Oh great, between this and the mascara you posted...guess where I gotta go! You know I have no willpower when it comes to mascara and lip balm, lol. I did order the Asian orange flavored Baby Lips from Amazon at the same time I placed my Sasa order so that should be coming soon...but still... ;-)


    I WANT THESE!!!!

  7. I want these! I love that they look like they have more color payoff. I do wish they had both SPF and non-SPF versions, though.

  8. What location where these found at? I've been calling all of the BB&B's in my area and they don't carry these yet :(

  9. Wow these look interesting! I'll have to pick one up!

    xoxo aly

  10. There are some things for which I have no self-restraint. Baby Lips are one of them, lol. I probably will end up with them all.

  11. I wonder if this means the green and the yellow will show up on the lips, if the collection is more pigmented?

  12. Woo hoo! These look great, I love Baby Lips! When I was reading Seventeen, I wondered what line Oh! Orange! is in, since I haven't seen it before, and now I know! Strike a Rose also looks promising to me, along with Pink Shock. I probably won't buy the other three though, since I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't ever wear them, I'm not that much of a beauty daredevil. I'm excited!

  13. OMG!! Yay! I love me some baby lips and these look so cute!

  14. There are five shades in this collection, Its actually six shades.

  15. I went and got these today and they are limited edition. The head of makeup dept checked in the computer. Each store only gets one set.

  16. I live in south Florida and i found these at bed bath and beyond and there was a huge display. There was at least 5 of each color.


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