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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Call!

I'm sure you ALL know this by now, and I first posted about it back in April, but just a reminder that today is the last day for Google Reader--tomorrow it's going "poof" and will be gone forever.

So here's another recap of the various ways to follow this blog, and how they differ from one another:

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Bloglovin'. The preferred method of many of you for keeping track of all your favorite blogs, BlogHer did a great tutorial on how to make the switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin' right here. PS: I'd like to thank everyone who follows me on Bloglovin' for helping me get to the #16 spot in the Top Beauty Blogs section. I can't believe it!!

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Twitter. I tweet every single time I post something new on my blog. I also do my best to answer any questions you may have (it may take me a while but I try to respond to all questions on Twitter!). I also tweet about beauty-related info that you won't ever see here on the blog or on any of my other social media channels and I also share occasional non-beauty related tweets as well.

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Google+. I'm still warming up to Google+ so, for the most part, I only share new blog posts over there (I post on Google+ every single time I do a new blog post). So if you ONLY want real-time updates, that would be a good choice for you as of now.

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Facebook. Just like with Twitter and Google+, I post a link to every new blog post on my Facebook page as well. The Nouveau Cheap Facebook community is instrumental in helping shape what you see here on the blog (they're the ones who asked for a reader nickname and came up with the term "Nouvettes"!) and they also voted on the title of my new Beauty Bite series. Facebook fans also share their sightings, deals and sale info on my Facebook page (thanks again to everyone who does that--it's awesome!). It's also a great place to ask a beauty-related question and receive answers from me or other readers.

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Instagram. I'm kind of obsessed with Instagram and I'm quite active over there. I do NOT post whenever there's a new blog post on my blog, so if you follow me there thinking you're going to know whenever I publish a new blog post, please know that you'll be missing out on a lot of blog content! I only post on Instagram about new blog posts about 75% of the time, because this is more of a "slice of life" type account with a heavy emphasis on beauty. I often post haul pics, sightings, food pics, and other fun things that I do not share anywhere else but on Instagram.

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Pinterest. I am lagging on my "pinning" these days but I do have some boards that you might find interesting, such as my Beauty Wish List and Highlights from my Blog. I do NOT share every single new blog post on Pinterest so, again, the best way to keep up with new blog posts in real time is via Bloglovin', Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

Follow Nouveau Cheap on Google Friend Connect. See that little box on the right-hand sidebar with all of your pretty faces? Yeah, that's still around! I've heard rumors (and they seem to be nothing but rumors as of now) that GFC might be going away someday, but for now it's still here and if you like to see new blog posts pop up on your Blogger dashboard, that's the way to go.

Subscribe to the Nouveau Cheap Daily Email. If you are still reading this and you're just not into social media, you can get one email per day from me that will include a summary of every single blog post I published on my blog that day. It will hit your in-box at around 11PM Pacific every night and you can sign up by hovering your mouse over the little RSS icon (looks like a little rainbow) in the social media menu bar at the top of this blog.


  1. Don't forget Feedly! That's how I'm keeping up with all my favorite blogs!

    1. Yup! Been following NC + a bunch of other blogs with Feedly for the past month. Digg reader also seems to be getting high marks, too.

    2. Thanks, ladies! I mentioned Feedly, The Old Reader and Pulse in my original post back in April, but good to see them mentioned again here as alternatives that people are using (and liking)!

  2. AOL reader is very similar to Google Reader. I haven't seen it mentioned much, but I like it better than The Old Reader.

  3. In EST Google Reader was still up when the date changed to July 2. I got a kick out of that.

  4. G- I wanted to subscribe to the You Tell me page but the receive posts via email wasn't visible (I WAS logged in to my gmail account at the time). Is it not their because Google reader is gone? Is there any way to subscribe to the You Tell Me page to still receive emails each time a new post is added? Thanks!

  5. Scratch that last comment. I figured it out (sigh) GRRRR

  6. yeah Google Reader is still working for me and its now July 3..weird. lol


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