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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ways to follow Nouveau Cheap (bye bye, Google Reader)

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it was getting rid of Google Reader (it officially disappears on July 1st) and that left many of us with the task of finding a new RSS reader.

Since I know that so many blog readers use Google Reader for their primary RSS, I thought I would let you know about some alternatives, in case you're looking for one. Here are some of the more popular alternatives: Bloglovin'The Old ReaderPulseFeedly.

And for newer readers, here's a summary of ways to follow Nouveau Cheap:

Nouveau Cheap Daily Email
- if you're more of an email newsletter type of person when it comes to following blogs, hover over the little RSS symbol (looks like a half rainbow) on my social networking bar on the upper right side of this blog. A drop-down menu will appear where you can subscribe to my daily email. This email will hit your in-box every night and will contain a summary and link for each blog post published that day.

Bloglovin' - If you follow me here, all of my blog posts will automatically appear in your feed as soon as they're posted.

Twitter - I tweet a link to every single blog post I write, immediately after the post is published. I also tweet about beauty deals, etc. that I don't always write about here on the blog. I also tweet about non-beauty-related things (just a warning!).

Facebook - If you haven't joined the Nouveau Cheap community on Facebook yet, we'd love to have you! I post a link to every blog post I write, as well as other beauty and non-beauty related tidbits. This is a great way to ask beauty-related questions that I, or other members of our little community, might be able to answer.

Instagram - I've only been on Instagram for three weeks, but I'm having so much fun over there! I share pics of SOME of my blog posts there (not all though) as well as other beauty and non-beauty related photos. If I'm in a store and find something interesting (beauty-related) I might share pics there that you won't see here on the blog.

Pinterest - I only have a few boards as of the time of this post (I'm new over there!), but one of my boards is "Highlights from the blog" which includes my favorites photos of the week from the blog. I also have a board titled "Beauty Wish List" which is my own personal list of beauty products I'd like to try someday.

Google+ - I post a link on Google+ for every single blog post I write.

Hello Cotton - I'm currently trying to figure out why my images aren't loading in my feed over on Hello Cotton, but my posts do appear as soon as they're published, in case you're a member and would like to follow me over there! UPDATE: Thanks to reader Amanda for the heads-up that Hello Cotton is closing its doors on April 11th. Sad!

What do you plan to use in place of Google Reader? Have you already made the switch to something else?


  1. This is such a bummer but luckily I'm on all those sites so hopefully people will catch on. :)

  2. I'm going to check out Bloglovin'. I'm trying to use feedly and it's not my cup of tea. I'm going to miss Reader!

    1. BL is super user-friendly. Hope it works better for you!

  3. Unfortunately HelloCotton is also closing down - as of 11th of April 2013. :(

    1. Yep, a reader on twitter just told me...sad! :(

  4. I wish I knew the difference between GFC and google reader :/

    1. Whatever the differences might be, I believe they're getting rid of both. :S

  5. I switched to The Old Reader already, it's very similar to Google Reader so the learning curve is minimal!

  6. I joined TheOldReader [I hope they change their is a mouthful and once GR is gone it'll be a bit weird.] I've really liked it. Same as GR, really, with a few enhancements. They're rolling out new features, too, so its getting better.

  7. I will miss Google Reader but I've switched everything to Feedly and I like it, too. I'm on Pinterest the most and I'm enjoying following you, G!

  8. Feedly(.com) is another option! Pretty spiffy, I like it so far... :)

  9. I'm planning on using Feedly, it's the only one I've found that I like the way it opens posts.

  10. I switched to Feedly and love it. It's so customizable! Each feed can look more or less like Google Reader or be tweaked to other style formats.

  11. I'm going to try Blog Lovin, The Old Reader and Feedly. I'll see how it goes.

    Also, What are people going to replace igoogle with? ighome seems popular.

    Unrelated, I really like the new look of NC. Great job G.

  12. Wow didn't know that Hello Cotton is closing down. How sad :(

  13. I found out Sunday. I was looking something up and stumbled across a message that said Hello Cotton was closing down April 11.


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