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Monday, May 27, 2013

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Update

I hope everyone's having a nice holiday weekend (if you're in the US)! I just wanted to let you know that I just updated the CVS Beauty Clearance Master List again, and added some new products and shades.

Also, a few tips and reminders:
  • Walgreens, Ulta, Rite Aid, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond (stores with an extended beauty department) all seem to be putting many of the same products on clearance right now as CVS. So if you don't live near a CVS or haven't seen products on clearance at your CVS, try another retailer! 
  • I started a Walgreens Clearance Sightings Open Thread Post a few weeks back, in case you want to know what's been spotted on clearance at Walgreens. NOTE: Be sure to check the comments on that post because I haven't updated my post to add anything from the comments!
  • Thanks to several readers for the heads-up that the CVS $2 off Revlon coupon that helped me get this lipstick for $0.07 is printing at the red scanner box DAILY! I got it again the other day, so be sure to scan your Extra Care card as many times as the machine will let you (it doesn't always print for the first scan!). Scan your card until it says "no more coupons for today" or something like that.


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I don't think the Revlon coupon is printing from the Red Scanner machine anymore (at least in the Boston area). I had last printed a Revlon Sat, 5/25. But, today I tried again and printed all coupons until the machine said 'no more coupons' and there wasn't a Revlon coupon. There is a $2 off of $12 coupon for Beauty purchases.

  2. these posts make me want to visit CVS tomorrow to investigate :D

  3. I got a $5 off 2 almay products and combined with the 75% offs. I got a foundation and concealer for $1.24

  4. I tried in the Atlanta area to print the Revlon coupons, no such luck. Sorry I missed it.

  5. I was at CVS today and had a woman ring me out for a Revlon lipgloss that was 75% off. I showed her my $2 Revlon coupon and she refused it, saying the coupon can't be applied since it was a clearance item already. I tried to point out to her how the coupon made no mention about clearance items being excluded. She still said no, it can't be used. Anyways, I didn't want to argue any longer with the witch (I think she was some shift supervisor/manager because she wasn't wearing the usual CVS blue polo). I left and used my coupon with no issues at another CVS. Anyone else ever have this problem or was she just making up her own rules?

    1. You're right, you absolutely can use coupons both cvs and manufacturer towards clearance items. Lol, the witch was uneducated and didn't care to check with anyone else in the store and so probably did just make up (no pun intended) her own store policy. Sorry to hear that you had to go to another cvs, I had a similar experience during this sale but I stood my ground (politely, even though I was getting more and more annoyed wasting my time and knowing more about store policy than the employees and supposed managers.) an actual manager told me that the %off stickers on the clearence items only applied on the 2nd one if I bought 2, he said it was kinda like a bogo...seriously?! So a cashier came over and told me what I already knew and he checcked out my purchases and I had both the cvs printed coupon and manufacturer coupons...they were fine to use in addition to the sale.


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