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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spotted: Tea Beauty The Bouquet Collection Scented Nail Enamels

A huge thanks to reader @allibally on Instagram for sharing these pics with us! Alli spotted a new nail polish brand at Walgreens the other day and I don't know what it is, but I'm loving everything about these. Take a peek:

image credit: @allibally for Nouveau Cheap
Tea Beauty The Bouquet Collection Scented Nail Enamels
(retail: $4.99 each at Walgreens)

Keep reading for more info and a closer look at these shades...

 image credit: @allibally for Nouveau Cheap
Left to right:
Cherry Blossom, Vanilla Petals, Lavender Sugar, Peony Paradise, Mint Leaf, Pink Rose

Alli said that the label on these polishes indicates that they're made by Tru Fragrance. I actually was already familiar with that company because they specialize in women's and men's fragrances (you know how I love my fragrances!). Tru Fragrance makes their own fragrances as well as private label fragrances for retailers like Charlotte Russe and Buckle, but I didn't know they were branching out into nail polish (until now!). But it totally makes sense that they'd make scented polishes considering their background.

Have you spotted these polishes at Walgreens yet? I'd love to hear what you think of them!

Thanks so much for the great sighting and pics, @allibally! 


  1. G. They are scented. Lavender Sugar is the one I bought. The scent is very perfumed vs a true scent.

  2. Drat!!!! I definately have to make a list on my phone! It is getting too long to remember everything! I will be adding these to it! Thanks G. and Alli!

  3. i don't usually go for scented polish (i'm not big on polish to begin with) but these are so intriguing~

  4. Oh man, I kind of really want these... I really doubt my Walgreens will get these, though. We never get anything. :/

  5. I swatched the lavender color on my nail, not realizing it was supposed to be scented. The whole way home I could not stop smelling it because it smelled like fresh laundry to me. Not sure if that's what they were going for, but I was alllll about it, haha.

  6. I just bought two of these at my local walgreens Mint Leaf (light blue/green and Vanilla Petals(beige/nude) Right out of the bottle the mintleaf smells like mint...the Vanilla petals is a little more obscure..maybe when it dries it will be more definitively vanilla. I have a scented polish (Tuff Scent in Pink Peony) that only smells after it dries and boy does it have a nice fragrance and Pink Peony is also an option with the Tea line. Pretty cool.

  7. Rose smells like rose water. Didn't realize they were scented... painted my nails yesterday. Been wondering if there was a possibilty that they were scented.... came on to the internet and lo and behold... they are. Im going back to get a few more. Curious if anyone has tried cherry blossom and how it smells.

  8. I have the vanilla one (beige color). I didn't realize it was scented when I bought it. I just loved the color. I kept smelling my hands the whole day yesterday and this morning. The smell isn't very strong, so that's good. It's delicate. It's also not very "fake" smelling. It's a good smell. Subtle.

  9. I wanted to add something else to my review. After using it, I noticed it REALLY stained my nails yellow. Not tinted, but completely turned them bright yellow. I have never experienced anything like this with a nail polish and I use a lot of different nail polishes/brands. I now have to wait to grow out my nails and keep covering the yellow tone with other nail polish. I will not be repurchasing/reusing this brand. Anything that turns your nails yellow is not good in my book. Sorry.

    1. Same experience here. Gross. So so so yellow, more than your typical staining. I look diseased!

  10. I Just Bought Mint Leaf And Cherry blossom And Can't Wait To Try Them! I Really Hope Both Smell Great And Not To Over Powering. Love The Bottles Also, Cute Design.

  11. I have pink rose and I love it!!!! This color stays on great and is so long lasting. I love this brand.


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