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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quick Comparison: Sinful Colors Pistache vs. Sinful Colors Exotic Green

Sometimes I get my mental inventory of the Sinful Colors polishes I own all jumbled in my head. I'll see a new color and think:

"Oooh, I think that looks too much like the shade XXX, which I already have, so I think I'll pass."

And sometimes I'll think:

"Oh, that new shade looks nothing like the shade XXX, so I better buy it!"

And of course, I'll get the new shade home and find it's just the opposite of what my memory was telling me. So when I finally spotted the new-to-the-US shade Pistache at my local Rite Aid (part of the Buff To Bright display), I thought:

"Does this look like Exotic Green? Nawww, it's a lot lighter. But it does have a yellow undertone to it, and so does Exotic Green. I wonder how they compare?" 

So on the off, off chance that you also asked yourself this question, here's a very quick comparison for you!

No top coat for either nail

As you can see, both greens have a bit of a yellow undertone to them but they're vastly different.

Pistache: This is a lovely green that many of you said resembles the color of pistachio pudding (I agree!). It's practically a one-coater (I used two for the swatch above) and the formula was very, very nice and easy to work with. This is a straight-up creme.

Exotic Green: Love the color, hate the formula. This is such a sheer, streaky polish, and I rarely wear it because of that. I used three coats for the swatch above and if you look to the bottom of the "nail" you can see that it's still streaky after three coats. The finish of Exotic Green is a "crelly" (jelly-creme).

Of all the green polishes I own (which is a lot, I promise you), I couldn't find one that closely resembled Pistache. All of my other greens of this nature are more mint green, seafoam green or lime green. None are quite like this, so I'm SUPER happy I found it.

Do you own Sinful Colors Pistache? What do you think of it?

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  1. I was thinking that pistache and innocent would be close. Any way to do a compare with those two?

    1. Innocent is way more lime green, Jen. Hope that helps! :)

    2. Trying to find a paler green then innocent(which I own) and was hoping the pistache would be a closer shade to what I was hoping

    3. Oooh, get the LE Maybelline Color Show! It is suuuper pale green! I'm going to be reviewing it soon. :)

  2. I've been soooo loving green polish lately. These are both awesome!

  3. Pistache looks a lot like a Sally Hansens Parrot to me. I saw it and thought the colors were similar so I passed on Pistache since I already had Parrot.

  4. I'm still hoping to spot the Buff to Bright display, I'm dying to get my hands on Pistache!

  5. Pistache looks so nice, thanks for the swatches! ^^

  6. I was thinking Color Club Twiggie maybe. I have it somewhere, I should dig it out and see. Wearing Pistache now and loving it!

  7. Ugh, dying to get my hands on Pistache, but it's no where to be found in my neck of the woods! :(

  8. Managed to snag the last Pistache from Rite Aid yesterday, so excited to try it out

  9. I picked up Pistache, Endless Blue, and Genteel from a brand new display at my RA yesterday. If you guys haven't found it yet, keep looking. I'm still on the lookout for Diamond Lust.

    Although Exotic Green gave you fits with the formula, G, I'll bet those two colors would look great together as nail art. Maybe in a water marble?


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