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Thursday, April 25, 2013

More pics and details about the new CoverGirl products

Big thanks to reader Nikki for sharing some pics of the new CoverGirl display at Walmart. If you missed my post the other day about the new CoverGirl products, you can click here for more information.

This display does NOT include the new eyeshadow pots or jumbo shadow pencils , and apparently there's ANOTHER new line of products coming our way soon as well. Spoiler: a new line of nail colors! Details after the jump.

 image credit: Nikki for Nouveau Cheap
New CoverGirl Clean Glow Blushes and Bronzers
New CoverGirl Clean Whipped Foundation

Looking at the pic above, you can see that not only are there new Clean Glow Blushes, but this line also includes Bronzers. (according to reader Sienna, these appear to have a matte finish).

Also in the pic above, you can see the new Clean Whipped Creme Foundation (which, thanks to several of you, appears similar to the old whipped creme foundation from CoverGirl from years ago). 

Reader TheNormaBurke purchased this new foundation and had this to say about it:

I bought the foundation today and it feels super silky! The texture reminds me a lot of the Benefit PoreFessional primer. I think that's because the first ingredient in this foundation is dimethicone. Also if feels really moisturizing and I attribute this to the glycerin that's in the formula. As for the finish I would say its a natural matte finish. Somewhat similar to the Chanel vitalumiere aqua. Coverage is light to medium. I would definitely say that this foundation is meant for dry skin types like myself not so much for oily skin types.

  image credit: Nikki for Nouveau Cheap
New CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara

Reader Nikki also purchased this mascara and shared some pics:

 image credit: Nikki for Nouveau Cheap

Nikki said that she really likes this mascara so far, and that it gives her "long, fluttery lashes."

 image credit: Nikki for Nouveau Cheap

  image credit: Nikki for Nouveau Cheap
New CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies

Pictured above is the new Lipslicks line called Smoochies (not to be confused with the regular Lipslicks--some of you read this as LipSTICKS in my first post so I just want to be sure you know this is a new LipSLICKS line, not lipSTICK). 

Reader Sienna purchased a few of these and shared some thoughts:

...I picked up two of the Smoochies - #luv u, a mauvey pink and #text me, a pinkish red. They're very reminiscent of the NatureLuxe gloss balms, from scent to texture to opacity. Same size as the original Lipslicks, although the packaging is very retro...

Sienna also brought it to our attention that the copy in the photo at the top of the display refers to ANOTHER new line:

Finally, the sign above the rack of Smoochies mentions that the models are wearing something called Glosstinis in addition to the Smoochies. Seems there's at least one more new Cover Girl product headed our way. 

I did a quick Google search for "CoverGirl Glosstinis" and found that this is a new line of Limited Edition Outlast Nail Colors. The official name is CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis Nail Gloss and these appear to be minis (0.11 oz), thus the name "tini". 

You can see one shade here, and another shade here. I'm not sure if the polishes in the above display are the Glosstinis or the regular Outlast polishes, but they look like full-size bottles so they're probably the regular Outlast polishes.

A bit more info about the Glosstinis, from Amazon:

This season's hottest on-trend shades in a mini. Limited edition glossy nail colors in tropical cocktail-inspired shades. Glossy exotic color that can last as long as a week. Glossy exotic colors of the season. With built-in topcoat for glossy shine.

A HUGE thanks to reader Nikki for the pics and info, as well as to readers Sienna and TheNormaBurke for the additional info! I'm more excited than I was before to see these new goodies in person!


  1. Thankfully, nothing here really appeals to me (which is a good thing, since Maybelline is already seducing my wallet).

    1. I agree! Almost seems like they are just repackaging products they discontinued. However, I still want to see the eyeshadows... And yes, Maybelline has a lock on my wallet too! ;)

    2. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if half of the products are just repackaged. Covergirl did that with their bb cream

    3. I must be missing something. What is going on with Maybelline that is so exciting?

  2. Wow, I want those Glosstini's that Orange and that Sangria is the business.

  3. Oh, so the Glosstinis are nail polishes! Never would've guessed that from the name.

  4. Covergirl has some weird names for their products! haha

    1. Agreed. "Smoochies" is an awful name. I'm opposed.

  5. IS THAT MILEY CYRUS?! Oh god we're all screwed...

  6. I think the regualar size for the outlasts are 11ml, aren't they?


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