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Friday, March 29, 2013

Spotted: Maybelline Limited Edition Super Stay 24 Color Collection

Here's a surprising little display for you today. The Super Stay 24 Color lip colors  (longwear, 2-step lip colors) don't seem to get as much attention these days as other Maybelline lip colors, so I was surprised when reader Tara said she spotted a Limited Edition collection the other day at Rite Aid. Take a peek:

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap

Keep reading for more pics and info...

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
Maybelline Limited Edition Super Stay 24 Color Collection
(retail: $9.49 each at Rite Aid)

There are five shades in this limited edition collection. Tara confirmed that all of the shades are cremes except for 125 Very Violet which has some iridescence.

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
120 Continuous Wow

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
115 Really Rapsberry

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
105 Always Red

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
110 Constant Coral

Tara said that this photo is accurate in terms of brightness, and that Constant Coral actually looks like a bright tangerine orange (as opposed to coral) in person.

 image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
125 Very Violet

Are you a fan of the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color lip colors? Are you excited to see some limited edition shades in this line?

Thanks so much, Tara, for the great pics and info. Much appreciated!


  1. the 125 Very Violet looks like my holy grail lipstick that I use from that collection- are we sure it's limited edition? Even so, I want to check these out! I swear by this brand/collection.
    Note: I don't have the shade I use on me so I'm not sure what number/color mine is.


  3. I believe it is a repromote of the same LE from last year, but I'm not 100%.. I know at least a few of the colors are the same. Also be aware that I have two of them, the "coral" (actually bright tangerine orange) and the violet.. and they are both transparent sheer washes of color, nowhere near as vibrant as they appear. They are very pretty and easy to wear, in fact I probably could not wear them if they were really that bright.. but very misleading. Much more "whisper" than "vivid".

    1. Thank you for the heads up on the opacity of Constant Coral. I was eyeballing that one but my first thought was if it would show up on my pigmented lips.

    2. It's translucent.. and bright at the same time.. if that makes any sense, lol. Kind of like a lip gloss that stays put all day. It would probably show up (I don't want to say for sure because I don't know the color of your lips), it certainly does on me, and it's definitely tangerine.. but it's not the color you expect when you look at it in the tube.

      They do layer well, as long as you do it before you put the balm on.. so that may be an option. I have one in Neverending Pearl that is a really pale frosty color, I don't care for it by itself but I found it's nice on top of other colors for that "pop of shimmer" in the middle of the lip look.

      The violet one gives the "just ate a grape popsicle" look. Very pretty and wearable. I'm not really interested in the pinks but may go back and get the red if it goes on sale before they sell out of them, if it has the same transparency it could be really nice.


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