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Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash

I love St. Ives (their Green Tea facial scrub has earned Holy Grail Status for me). I also love body washes with new or unusual fragrances. You know, something we don't see everyday. Such as Pear & Soy. So when I spotted this new body wash from St. Ives at Target a little while ago, it won't come as a surprise to you that it immediately ended up in my basket.

You kind of need this body wash. How's that for a review? I could seriously just end it right here and allow you to discover the beauty of the product on your own, but if you want more info, keep reading!

New St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash
(retail: around $4.50, 24 oz)

Keep reading for my full review...

The product itself has a pear-colored, pearlescent finish

If you're a fan of sugary-sweet pear scents like Victoria's Secret Pear Glacé, I'm not sure if you'll be a fan of this one. To my nose, this smells like real pear. Tart, a bit sweet, and very much like the actual fruit. I also get a tiny bit of a milky note, due to the soymilk. The fragrance level is medium (not knock-your-socks-off strong, but also not "I can't smell anything" faint).

A normal-sized squirt onto a bath pouf and you'll be good to go. No need to dispense half the bottle before you can get a good lather going. Speaking of lather, this body wash has one of the richest, thickest lathers of any of the drugstore body washes I currently have in my shower (and there are many, I promise you). I'm telling you, the lather of this body rivals some of my higher-end body washes--it's super luxurious.

After my shower, my skin is softly-scented (the scent does go away after a minute or two though) and I don't feel any dryness, tightness or itching after my skin is dry. This is a small miracle considering the weather we're having in San Diego right now--a lot of my body washes are making my skin itch like crazy due to the yo-yo temperatures, but not this one. 

FINAL VERDICT: At under $5 for a huge bottle, I say that if you're a pear lover, you need this one. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the rich, creamy lather of this product. My skin feels nice and clean after my shower, but not dry, tight or itchy.  It's also refreshing to see that pear extract is actually in this formula, and it also contains soymilk. It's nice to see a drugstore beauty product called "Pear and Soy" that actually contains both..

Do you already own this new body wash from St. Ives? Thoughts?


  1. Oohhh this sounds really nice! That rich lather. :D
    Definitely want to try this one.

    I've been loving St. Ive's Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash lately.

    1. That's a really nice one too, but I like this one more! :)

  2. I have been using this for about a week and love it as well! My skin is left silky soft and the smell is pleasant.

  3. I had this one in my grasp at Target the other day, but I summoned up the willpower to remind myself that I don't need it ... yet. I love the St. Ives Creamy Coconut scent!

  4. I have this and might just hoard it. It's amazing.


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