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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Flower by Drew Barrymore Shine On Lip Gloss in Hibis-Kiss

Continuing my coverage of the Flower by Drew Barrymore products I purchased on the Walmart website a while back (Flower is exclusive to Walmart and you can click here for a store locator), today I'd like to show you the one shade I purchased from the Shine On Lip Gloss line:

 Flower Shine On Lip Gloss in Hibis-Kiss
(retail: $6.98, 0.18 oz)

There are ten shades in the Shine On Lip Gloss range and you can click here to view them. 

From the Flower website:

Creamy, rich, and smooth gloss
Pillow-like softness on lips
Medium buildable coverage

Keep reading for my full review...

As with all of the Flower products I've reviewed to date (click her to see my past reviews), the label on this product indicates that it was made in the US and that Flower "never test on animals."

Unfortunately, when I peeled the white label/safety seal off this tube to reveal the ingredients, the type smudged and the label ripped, so it was impossible for me to photograph the ingredients for you. Sorry! Hopefully, eventually, the Flower website will list full ingredients for all of their products. 
Also, as with other Flower products I've reviewed, once you remove the paper label, there's no other permanent label on the product to indicate the shade name. So you might want to jot down the name of your glosses for future reference.

This gloss has a standard doe-foot applicator:

 Despite the fact that this looks like a pretty bright shade of pink in the tube, it's actually quite wearable on the lips.

Here are my (chapped--sorry!) lips. I would consider the natural pigmentation of my lips to be in the medium range.

And here's what my lips look like after applying Flower Shine On Lip Gloss in Hibis-Kiss:
See? Not bright at all! In fact, very, very wearable and work-friendly.

Texture and consistency: This is a thin gloss that feels smooth on the lips (no gritty feeling). It has a very slight tackiness to it, but I wouldn't consider it sticky.

Finish and pigmentation: The shade Hibis-Kiss is a creme (no shimmer or sparkle), and I would consider it a hybrid, falling somewhere between sheer and milky (it's a little bit of both). The pigmentation is exactly as promised on the website: "medium buildable coverage." It's not a barely-there color by any means, but it's also not richly pigmented. You can definitely build for more color or wear a light application for just a hint of color.

Staying power: As with most glosses I own, staying power is not stellar. I can get, at the most, two hours of wear from this gloss (one hour if I am drinking a lot water, etc.). 

Moisturization: I don't find this formula to be super hydrating, but I also don't find that it leaves my lips feeling parched after it wears off. I'd say it's pretty standard.

Fragrance and flavor: This gloss has a stronger fragrance to it, and to my nose it smells like straight up roses. The flavor tastes like rosewater and I would say the flavor is medium-strong. Both the flavor and fragrance dissipate quite a bit after about ten minutes of wear.

FINAL VERDICT: For me, the real selling point here is the color. I find it quite wearable and perfect for springtime. I love the fact that you get buildable pigmentation, and I think the slightly sheer, slightly milky finish is a nice departure from your standard shimmery drugstore lipgloss. I feel a bit more "sophisticated" when I wear this gloss and for that reason, I enjoy it quite a bit. Sure, it doesn't have great staying power and the rose scent and flavor could be a bit strong for some of you, but it's a lovely color and it's not a super sticky gloss, which is much appreciated. I will definitely continue to wear this shade, but I'm not sure if I actually want or need another (I just love this color so much that I'm afraid other shades might disappoint me!).

Do you own any Flower Shine On Lip Glosses? I'd love to hear about your experiences with them!


  1. It's very beautiful! I think all of the colors in that line are sophisticated and gorgeous. And they also seem to match some of the lipstick shades very well, so they could work very well in combination with the lipsticks. And the Baby's Breath is a dupe for NARS Turkish Delight to a tee.

    1. Well, I think you just tempted me to try another shade! Lol!! I own Turkish Delight and would love to have a good, affordable dupe. Thanks for the great tip! :)

  2. oh wow. that's really pretty on you! my lips are pretty pigmented so shades like this won't do much for me. =((((( i looove the packaging of this brand. it's simple and nice to look at. I'm definitely going to try those cream eyeshadows. Speakin of, have you tried the new Hard Candy cream shadows? I bought the olive one and its gorgeous and great staying power (for me at least, i still use primer). Great as base or alone. I'm definitely going to try other colors

    1. I haven't yet, but after your comment, i'm excited too! Thank you! :)

  3. How lovely! I love lip glosses like that--no shimmer, not too sheer.

    1. Thanks! That's my fave kind too. :)

  4. Such a beautiful and everyday color. I've been quite impressed Drew Barrymore's new line. I hope that she'll releases more products.

  5. Pretty. I'm bummed my Walmart doesn't carry this brand, they seem to have a lot of nice products.

  6. This is surprisingly nice! I am not quite sure I would pay $7 for it though. I'm cheap, I know. Lol!

  7. I read that for chapped lips, Dr. Oz suggests Lanolin. Hope they feel better soon!

    Overall, How do you feel about the whole Flower line? Is it comparable to other makeup lines? Does it rate with Maybelline/Covergirl or the higher ends of L'Oreal/Revlon?

  8. I purchased the gloss over the weekend, I can't remember the name of the color but in the tube its a beautiful orangy pink and goes on a really pretty coral-pinky shade. I also love that you can build the coverage and I was able to get it to last for me for an afternoon. I don't love the smell but like you said it doesn't last long enough to really bother me. I also purchased a lipstick in Tempting Tuberose and the feel and wear beautifully, and the foundation. I don't normally wear liquid foundation but was looking for something to offer me a little more coverage than normal for special occasions, its really nice. I also got a mascara that I haven't tried yet, I can't wait to go back and buy the blush and eyeshadow palettes, I'm kicking myself now for not just getting them. This is a great line and the packaging??? So beautiful and elegant and simple, its a selling point on its own I think. Really gorgeous and sophisticated but not ridiculously overdone. Love it!!

  9. I purchased Pretty in Petunia, bright coral-y color but also work-safe and I LOVE IT! I'll be picking up a few more shades in the future because I like it more than some high-end lip glosses :-)


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