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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spotted: New Black Radiance Under Eye Color Correctors and Full Effect Mascara

At the beginning of January I posted about the new Spring 2013 products from Black Radiance, and I'm happy to report that they're finally starting to pop up in stores! For those new to Black Radiance, this brand is owned by Markwins (makers of Wet n Wild).

Reader Tara spotted the new concealers and mascara recently at CVS and was kind enough to share some pics (note: these products are new permanent additions to the Black Radiance line, not limited edition):

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
Black Radiance For Your Eyes Only display

Keep reading for more pics and info...

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 New Black Radiance Full Effect Mascara in Black

This mascara contains Argan oil:

  "Dramatic volume and definition transforms coarse, dry lashes.  Exclusive Soft Touch formula infused with Argan oil to condition and protect."

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 New Black Radiance Under Eye Color Corrector in  CAB17

 I love that these kits contain eye primer, corrector and setting powder.
There are three shade options in this line.

"Instantly helps to smooth, neutralize and correct imperfections.  
3 step system wakes up tired eyes on the go!"

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 New Black Radiance Under Eye Color Corrector in  CAB18

image credit: Tara for Nouveau Cheap
 New Black Radiance Under Eye Color Corrector in CAB19

Have you spotted these new Black Radiance products in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks so much for the sighting and pics, Tara!

1 comment

  1. G,
    I left the house w/o mascara today Gaaaasp. I have 4 open tubes of my fave mascara, Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. I have 1 in my vanity, 1 in my purse, & 2 in 2 different makeup bags. I have diff makeup bags for diff sized purses with duplicate or alternative products. However, I switched purses & never put my m/u bag back in my purse & was running late. I'm not a girl who can get away with the "au natural" look IMO, & to make matters worse I had applied a subtle smoky eye look today. I determined that a trip to the 24 hour Walmart on my break was crucial. The 3 Walgreens in the area (Fort.Lauderdale) are not open 24/7; therefore I would not be able to buy my beloved Jordana mascara. I found a Black Radiance Value Pack that included the Full Effect Mascara & an 8 pan palette named Downtown Browns. I really just wanted to try out some popular Mascaras like Maybelline Lash Stilleto, Collosal Volume, Or Lash Discovery (to use all over today but keep for bottom lash use). However, I'm a sucker for a good deal & so I took the risk even though I really didn't see any e/s colors in the palette that I don't already have in my collection. They roped me in good as always. The point of this whole story is that I tried the BR Full Effect Mascara & to no surprise it was horrible. I usually blame the brush for first impressions. I really dislike it but I can make any mascara work with several coats, applying to both sides of the lashes & a few mins to coat & seperate. I like volumizing formulas that clump to add volume but still separate, lengthen but don't flake, don't release curl after a few hours & don't fade from black to dull black. I can only say that this mascara is a dud & the only way I can salvage it is too remove the included wand & insert a clean L'Oreal Voluminous or Jordana BLEV mascara wand & keep it in a ziploc in case it's not a perfect fit. Worst case scenario, if neither of these fabulous wands fit, I will simply use a disposable wand purchased in bulk from e.l.f. Cosmetics to apply & keep the original wand inserted for the sole purpose of preserving the mascara. I can make it work since the formula doesn't seem to be the issue instead of returning it since I would like to try the Downtown Browns 8026 palette. Oh & the Value Pack was $4.98, on an end cap in the cosmetics section, & there was also an 8 pan palette named Urban Jungle 8028 containing mostly green & brown shadows with a champagne highlight & lip product packs as well. Now I'm going to search your blog for a review on these palettes. Sorry if this was annoyingly long winded but I enjoy reading posts like this from you so I hope it's ok. If u r the only one that sees this comment I will be happy to at least have shared it with u. Love yr blog!


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