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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Flower by Drew Barrymore Win Some, Rouge Some Créme Blush in Pure Petunia

Continuing my review of all the Flower products I purchased online from the Walmart website, today I'd like to show you one of the creme blushes. If you'd like to see all of my other Flower reviews to date, click here.

 Flower Win Some, Rouge Some Créme Blush in Pure Petunia
(retail: $7.98 at Walmart, 0.14 oz)

This blush (along with all Flower Cosmetics) is available exclusively at select Walmart locations and online (click here for a store locator).  There are six shades in this range, which you can view here.
From the Flower website:
  • Conforms to skin for a soft “powder”-like finish
  • Blush transforms into a soft velvet veil on cheeks
  • Deposits gentle color for a healthy glow
  • Perfect for layering to build your desired look

Keep reading for my full review...

As with all of the other Flower products I've reviewed to date, the label indicates that the product is "Proudly made in the U.S.A." and that Flower "never test on animals."

When you peel open the label above, here's what you'll see:

Unlike the Flower Color Play Créme Eyeshadows, which I think contain five forms of parabens, these blushes are paraben-free. I also like that they contain jojoba seed oil:

These blushes are small--the pan is just a hair or two bigger than a MAC eyeshadow single. Top of compact:

I really like the packaging design. The overall feel of this compact is sturdy, and the inlaid "Flower" logo in rose gold is lovely:

Pure Petunia looks pretty warm in the pan, but on the skin it actually has a cooler pink undertone:

This product contains no shimmer, sparkle or glitter. As you can see, this is a wonderfully-pigmented blush. But that doesn't mean that you can't blend it out for a more subtle look, because you definitely can:

(Any shimmer you see above is due to the face powder I'm currently testing--there is absolutely no shimmer, sparkle or glitter in this blush)

Texture and consistency: This is a light, yet creamy blush. It is in no way dry, heavy or hard to work with--it glides on the skin with ease. 

Finish and pigmentation: The blush has a creme finish--no shimmer, sparkle or glitter. The pigmentation is excellent right out of the gate, but it's not one of those crazy-pigmented blushes where you have to use only the tiniest dot to avoid looking clown-like. I really love that you can easily build for more intensity, but things don't become cakey no matter how much you apply.

Application: This blush is a true joy to apply. I've just been using my fingers and I love using it that way so much (you have such great control) that I haven't been tempted to try it with a brush. Because of the smooth, light consistency, it's effortless to blend this product onto the skin. 

Staying power: I can get about 4 hours of wear on my oily skin if I'm using a more emollient foundation. If I use an oil-control foundation and/or powder, I can get through an entire work day and still see traces of this blush after eight hours.

Fragrance: I detect no fragrance at all from this product.

FINAL VERDICT: When not used with the shimmery face powder I wore for the photo above (review of that product to come this week) I absolutely love this blush and it's probably my favorite of all the Flower products I've used to date. The smooth, light texture makes it a dream to apply using just your fingers, and it blends like a dream. You can easily control the pigmentation and build for intensity without things becoming cakey. I know that my pores look accentuated in the photo above but that, again, is due to the face powder I was using and not this blush. I find that the shimmer-free finish of this blush does NOT accentuate my pores at all, and it helps give a very smooth look to my (42-year-old) skin. Staying power is good but if you have oily skin I would suggest using a good primer first, and/or an oil-control foundation or powder to help keep this blush in place longer. I'm absolutely thrilled with the shade that I purchased sight-unseen, and I can't wait to try other shades.

Have you tried any Flower Win Some, Rouge Some Créme Blushes yet? Thoughts?


  1. Pretty color. Looks great on you!! :)

  2. I love the lipstick you're wearing. Care to reveal which one it is -- if you remember?

    1. Sure! It's the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick I reviewed last week. :)

    2. Excellent. I thought it looked a bit familiar, and now I know ...

  3. What a pretty flush of color on your cheeks, G! Very pretty :)

  4. This looks gorgeous on you. The shimmer powder you are testing looks beautiful as well! You have such a healthy and happy glow!! I can't wait to see what it is!

    1. Wow, thank you, honey! I'll give you a hint on that powder review coming up: the initials of the brand are PF. ;)

  5. I'm not sure if my last comment went through or not but my toddler was smacking the phone like a bad man and then my comment disappeared lol. I was going to say I love this but I'm horrible at picking blush shades for my skin tone. I'm about an nc35-40 and anything in the middle of collections seems like it would work but it never does!

    1. I have the worst time with blush too. I have relatively fair skin with a lot of hyperpigmentation, and a really yellow undertone. Most of them just look odd on me. I have had really good luck with the CG simply ageless blushes, and the Milani blushes (baked and the old mineral powder) though.. for some reason pretty much all of them look good on me, something about the way they sit on the skin? or the colors they choose? Don't know for sure but I have bought dozens of blushes and I always go back to those.

  6. It looks gorgeous on you G! You look lovely.

  7. G. that color is gorgeous on you.. and your skin is amazing. I'm 38 and I can only wish my skin looked so good. I'll have to pick one of these up and give it a try.

  8. Yes, I have tried this blush and I LOVE it! Getting more for sure...and your picture is so pretty! When I scrolled down and saw it, I thought to myself, boy she sure is pretty!

  9. you look super pretty in this picture!

  10. Last month I picked up the same shade, as well as a lip gloss "What a Dai-sy" and I'm super happy with the blush too! I thik the size is perfect...if I'm dipping my (clean) fingers into a pot on the regular, six months down the road it has got to be a germ fest...nomatter how clean your fingers are prior to using. I also love everything about the packaging.

  11. That blush looks so beautiful and natural on you!

  12. Your skin looks just beautiful, G!!

  13. I had this but returned it! It looks much better on you! The finish was way too powdery for combination dry skin and after awhile it started to look real patchy!

  14. I can't wait to get my hands on the powder blush.

  15. Wow! I am happy to see this creme blush works so well and the color really does look great on you! I have been searching high and low for a really good creme blush as I thought that it may help me dry winter skin! So far I am not seeing at the local Walmarts and hopefully they will pop up soon! P.s. It is nice to see how the Rimmel lipstick you reviewed last week really looks on you! It is so pretty on you that I just may have to go buy it! ;)

  16. I love cream blush but my Walmart doesn't have anything but nails and lips. I'm going to have to break down and buy online. Love this color!!!

  17. I definitely want to try this. Thanks for the clear pictures of the ingredients.

  18. I need more of these in my life! I have one shade (can't remember the name), and I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality! I find myself reaching for it quite often!
    I actually like the size! It's so nifty to slide in your purse!

    You've definitely convinced me to make yet another trip to wam mart! With these babies, and the new Hard Candy releases, I'm gonna become a freakin wal mart person! Oh man.

  19. G thats the prettiest blush that has enhanced your features Ive ever seen.

  20. I looked these products over today and wanted to learn more about what is 'good' from this collection. Looks like I will be getting a creme blush to go with the lipstick and eyeliner I picked up last week.


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