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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New from Ulta: Raincoat Waterproof Mascara Topcoat

Clear top coat for my nails is an absolute necessity. But a clear top coat for lashes? Well, if you want to waterproof your favorite washable mascara, this could be your new necessity! This just in from Ulta:

Ulta Raincoat Waterproof Mascara Top Coat

This topcoat by ULTA instantly waterproofs and protects mascara for an all-day dependable look.
Details: Specially designed asymmetrical brush features one side with shorter bristles to evenly coat the lashes and the other side with longer bristles combs and defines. This lightweight, quick drying formula dries clear and is also ideal for taming and shaping unruly brows.
 Available in ULTA Stores nationwide and on

As a washable mascara lover who ALSO has unruly brows, I'm seeing many uses for this product. I know a lot of you who love waterproof mascaras love them for their ability to hold a curl better than washable formulas.  So if you have a washable formula that works in every way BUT for holding a curl, I wonder if this might improve things? I'm also wondering how it might work for mascara formulas that look great on me right after application, but then fade and/or smear after just a few hours? If this is my key to finally being able to wear a Rimmel or L'Oreal mascara and achieve the luscious results that so many of you are able to achieve, sign me up!

This product launched just yesterday (2/11), and I will be sure to review it as soon as I get a tube and put it through some rigorous testing!



  1. I wonder if it's any different than other clear mascaras, I've heard of people using them to waterproof their mascara as a top coat in the past.

  2. This reminds me of the one from Anastasia. I wonder if it could be a cheaper alternative? I will be waiting for your review! :)

  3. I use one from Anastasia & LOVE IT!

  4. Oooh, this looks like a knockoff of the Anastasia Lash Genius top coat. I wonder how it applies, I'm looking forward to your review! (I also wonder if it would help my stubbornly Asian lashes that rebel against nonwaterproof mascara)

  5. GASP! I don't even bother with mascara anymore because I have NEVER found anything that stays. It always smudges onto my undereyes. I'm just dying to know if this is the miracle I've been waiting for!

  6. Well it sounds like a wonderful product and about unruly brows speaking this would be a perfect product for me unfortunately we don't have any Ultas here in the Dutch Antilles

  7. If this is comparable to the Anastasia Lash Genius I will be overjoyed. It doesn't matter what mascara I wear, I end up with it all over my face with in 2 hours. The Lash Genius is the only way I can avoid looking like a raccoon most of the day. I would love to avoid the $21 price tag.

    1. ditto to that! i have the oiliest eyelids ever and almost everything smudges on me. lash genius is a godsend for me!

  8. Exactly what I need for the same reasons G! I will try it for sure next time I see it at Ulta or have reason to do an order


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