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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring 2013 product launches from Essence

A huge thanks to reader icrimsonlipzi for letting me know that Chic Profile has posted all of the new Spring 2013 product launches from Essence, as well the Spring 2013 Limited Edition New In Town Collection!  

The international launch date for all of these products is February 2013 at Ulta (since Essence is a German brand, the "international launch date" is the date when those outside of Germany will see these products), so we only have to hold tight for a little while longer.

Here's just a sampling for what you can expect to see next month!

(all images and information courtesy of Chic Profile)

Colour & Go Nail Polish  New colours! From orange to dark purple to two new blue and green shades – things are about to get colourful this spring with seven new colour & go nail polishes. The brilliant gel-shine finish guarantees an extremely glossy look and thanks to the extremely fast drying time, you’ll have perfect nails in a flash. The patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat to make application even easier. Without damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. The 8ml bottle has a cool essence design – with the usual colour-coded cap in the corresponding nail polish colour. Available in seven new and a total of 44 trendy shades.
NEW SHADES: Flashy pumpkin, That’s what I mint, Miss Universe, Prom-Berry, Upper green side, We rock the green, Hello Marshmallow!

Nude Glam  Do it nude: the new nude glam nail polishes dazzle with a gel-shine finish as well as a quick-drying and long-lasting innovative formula. The two new soft nude shades are slightly transparent if you apply just one layer and offer more coverage with a second layer. Either way, perfect nail polish results are guaranteed! For an individual nude look that’s always glamorous and up-to-date.
SHADES: 07 Mit claim, 08 Peach & Cream

Keep reading to see what else Essence has in store for us next month...

All In One BB Cream
One for all! This lightly tinted cream ensures a smooth, radiant and flawless complexion. It makes small skin imperfections disappear without blocking your pores. The oil and perfume-free beauty balm is available in three different skin tones with SPF 30. The MUST-HAVE amongst foundations for a smooth complexion.

SHADES: 01 Universal, 02 Natural, 03 Medium

3D Duo Eyeshadow
Innovative and unique: the new essence duo eyeshadow with a 3D look and a 3D effect is here! The 3mm-high relief design offers an ultimate 3D look and the ultra-light eyeshadow texture creates a cool finish with a 3D effect – from satin to metallic to shimmering – upon application. The excellent color-dispersion and high coverage leave nothing to be desired. Applied moist, the 3D duo eyeshadow guarantees even more intense results. Nine duo eyeshadows with two perfectly aligned shades each are the highlight of the season for eye make-up in three dimensions!
  • 001 Irresistible green
  • 002 Irresistible purr-ple
  • 003 Irresistible first love
  • 004 Irrestistible caramel cream
  • 005 Irresistible Blue
  • 006 Irresistible Mermaid kiss
  • 007 Irresistible smokey eye
  • 008 Irresistible Vanille Latte
  • 009 Irresistible Chocolates
Match2Cover Cream Concealer
A perfect pair. The creamy, matt texture of the concealer offers high coverage that reliably conceals impurities of the skin and dark circles under your eyes. Simply apply with your fingers and any traces of long party nights or annoying blackheads will disappear! One kit contains two shades in light and medium beige, which can also be mixed together.
  • 10 Cream Concealer
All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
If you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! It can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. For a matt, natural and smooth complexion. Available in one transparent color for all skin types – so it’s perfect when you’re out and about with your girls!
  • Translucent
All About Matt! Fixing Loose Powder
Mattify and set! This extremely fine, transparent loose powder is invisible on your skin and provides a matt and natural look. The new loose powder is also ideal for blending rouge or foundation and can be used as a finishing powder to set your entire make-up. Available in one transparent color that’s suitable for all skin types.
  • Translucent

Stay Matt Lip Cream
Color-intense, long-lasting and now in the latest trend for your lips – matt! The supple, smooth formula gives your lips a cool and long-lasting matt-effect. With a pleasantly soft vanilla mousse fragrance.
  • Velvet Rose
  • Smooth Berry
  • Soft Nude
  • Silky Red
Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss
Now even more color-intensive and long-lasting! This lipgloss stays exactly where it should – on your lips – and stands out for its amazing colors. Available in a new, bright pink as of February and a total of six colors.
  • NEW SHADE: Pretty Witty
XXXL Shine Lipgloss
Timeless and beautiful! The wonderfully shiny lipglosses in subtle colors give your lips a gorgeous, pampered look and amazing shine. Glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible! Available in one new and a total of 14 colors.
  • NEW SHADE: Dazzle Glow
Makeup Sponge (Beauty Blender
The new face tool with a fun factor! This make-up sponge is ideal for the easy application of foundation, concealer, blush or powder. A cool utensil that’s unique and super practical at the same time: the rounded edge is perfect for foundation and blush, while the slim, pointed side is ideal for hard-to-reach areas. It can be used dry or moist, is latex-free and can be washed.
  • Pink
  • Lila
There are many, many other products, in addition to the items above, that are launching at Ulta  next month. Click here to view them all.

Also, click here to see the limited edition Spring 2013 New In Town Collection from Essence, also launching in February at Ulta.

As of the time of this post, I do not have US pricing on any these new products, but I think it's safe to assume they'll be similar to existing Essence products (between $1.99 and $3.99 each). 

What do you think of these new products? Are you excited about anything in particular?

Thanks again, icrimsonlipzi, for the heads-up about these!


  1. Nice to see them stepping it up! See a few things I would love to try :)

  2. I rarely see Essence collections at my Ulta - it still doesn't even have the new nail polish bottles! - but I really hope this one shows up. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. This is really exciting! I love their nail polish, so I'm sure I'll definitely pick up a few of those. I'm really interested in the BB cream, concealer, and makeup sponge as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I'm interested in trying the nail polishes, lip color and maybe the beauty sponges along with the translucent powder.

  5. need, tha vanilla latte eyeshadow, that translucent powder and that berry matt gloss
    gosh and they don't sell essence hier

  6. Oh nice! I'm definitely interested in the blue/mermaid looking polish! And maybe the sponges too! I just started to get into the beauty I want to try this one! :D

    I'll definitely keep an eye out!

  7. I hate updates like this (not really though) because the Essence section of my Ulta is teeny-tiny. And I rarely find anything I see online there. Makes me sad! Especially because, as a personal rule, I will buy any nail polish with the word "marshmallow" in it.

    1. If it helps my Ulta had a few of these things in the display and scattered around the new products area.

  8. I hope this will be available on!

    I'm always disappointed in drugstore BB Creams, but I still want to check this one out!

  9. Can't wait!!!!I am super excited about this collection!!!!I love essence products, they are amazing and great value!!! I want to get everything from this collection!!!:)

  10. I'm excited for that sponge! It's the first potential dupe of the beauty blender I've seen that actually has the same shape! And for hopefully <$5!

  11. Interested in the matt fixing powder, velvet rose and soft nude lip cremes, and the lilac sponge blender. Oh, and the 3d eyeshadows in mermaid kiss and vanilla latte annnnd maybe the two nude nail polishes too! The lip cremes are iffy though, gotta ask a rep at ulta for a fresh one from the back if possible...this brand is unwrapped and pple just can't resist gettin grubby wit it. Uhhhg!

  12. OMG I can't wait! Just to let you know, I have to first 2 nail polish colors in the old packaging, they used to be called Wake Up! (orange) and You Belong to Me (mint blue) :)
    I know in Germany they've just come out with an anti-spot BB Cream and Stick concealer, any news about those coming to Ulta?

  13. I'm SO excited! The first two colors I have in the old smaller packaging and I was just wishing the other day that I could get a new bottle of the blue one! (The orange used to be "Wake Up!" and the mint was "You Belong to Me").
    Also, In germany they just came out with an anti-spot BB cream and stick concealer, any news of those coming to Ulta?

  14. I have a few Essence polishes and like them so I'll definitely be on the look out for these!

  15. huh, my ulta had that orange nail polish in the clearance section today :/ hmm.

  16. So excited about the BB and the Fixing Compact Powder!

  17. excited about the matt lip creams and the powder!!! wish they would be stocked in Singapore soon!

  18. Damn it essence I WANT EVERYTHING

  19. Our Fred Meyer's always seem to get the Essence stuff early, cause my store just got in a bunch of new polish shades (I haven't seen ether of the greens above), along with TONS of new nail treatments a couple weeks ago. They also have a bunch of new nail art stuff, I picked up a pack with some loose hex glitter and cute little bow rinestones, along with a fan brush for nail art. I LOVE Essence!

  20. I trust German products alot more than other countries usually because their products are so well made (milanj, essence)
    So i will be trying their bb cream and its gonna b my 1st(: yay!
    And the concealer, the matte fixing powder, and the pink makeup sponge (I'm a sucker for pink stuff haha)

  21. I really hope to see these in my Ulta soon, the Essence display is rather small, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  22. YES!!! Hope they release the older collections too i WANT that mac bad fairy dupe

  23. I want those sponges. I also love their nail polishes. Those really tend to be one- or two-coaters. And a perfume-free BB cream is definitely something I want to know more about.

  24. I don't seem to be able to get in on these new Essence releases. They get snagged up at Ulta before I can even find them. There are a few here that I would really like to get too.

  25. My Ulta has the worst Essence selection so I already know I won't end up with any of these which is a bummer. The eyeshadows are all awesome, all the nail colors are a must buy, the BB cream, the matte powder, the sponges!! AH. I want it all.

  26. I WanT it ALL!!
    When will the full collection be on ulta some is but not all

  27. I'm really excited about this! I've never been too interested in Essence and my Ulta doesn't have large selection, but I'll be looking out for this and ordering online if I can't find it because there are definitely some things I want to try.

  28. Hi,

    You have a wonderful blog that is costing me money!
    Seriously, you were as great a find as some of the sales you post about.
    I have a request.
    Would it be possible to list the area (city, town or state) where things have been spotted? Not only is it interesting to see how new products become available across the country, its nice to give locals a heads up.

    Thanks again for your hard work.
    GG in Illinois


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