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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spotted: New Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream Collection

2013 is definitely going to be the year of innovative at-home hair color. Already we've seen a major innovation from L'Oreal, and also one from Garnier (Olia, which I'll be posting about later today). Revlon's new innovation in at-home hair color is ammonia-free and contains three different butters:

The New Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream line is ammonia-free and contains three different butters: mango, shea and coconut. It promises "nourishing cream color."

Keep reading for a closer look....

New Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream Collection
(retail: $6.49 each at Rite Aid)

I'm 99.9% positive that this is not the full range of shades--just sampling:

I've had good luck with the regular Colorsilk line (probably the best drugstore line I've used to cover grays) so I'm excited to give this new line a whirl. Thoughts?


  1. I have used this like exclusively for years! I jsut love the results so I am kind of excited to try these. Usually I take 2 or 3 blonde colors and do my own mixing depending on the time of year and how blonde I want to be! I know they take longer to develop than some of the other products that only take 10 minutes but I feel its worth it! I love when the drug stores do a buy one get one half or 2 for $6! I stock up! I mean "hello???" what is not to love! :)

  2. I tried Colorsilk and it was terrible. Rinsed out in no time. I'd rather pay a lttle more and get better results.

  3. I saw that at Wally World the other day ($4.49 or so there) and was very impressed with the three or four different shades of black. =)

    Full color range listed here btw:

    Their regular ColorSilk line is Holy Grail for me (no ammonia and it lasts like whoa) but I did not like the ColorSilk Luminista--it bled out like semi-perm. I hope this is not just a repacking of that since Luminista also claims conditioning butters in their formula.

    Either way, I'm very tempted by the blue black...

  4. I've always wondered about Colorsilk. It's always on sale at Target for about $2.99, which gave me pause. I used it once a while ago and my boyfriend said it gave me the best red color he'd seen me try yet, but my hair's been so fried lately I've been nervous to try anything else.

    I can't say it did anything bad to my hair health-wise that was noticeable.

  5. Revlon Colorsilk in Brown-Black is my HG color. It's ammonia free, doesn't dry my hair out, and doesn't fade to red. If its even possible to improve on this, then I'd love to check this out!

  6. since i work at Walgreens when i saw this when it came out i got it. I got the burgundy color one it is a pretty color. i notice when i tried to dye my hair is that if you have a darker hair color you might need 2 boxes in order to show the colors.I love the conditioner that it comes with in the box it makes my hair so shiny and soft i love it!

    1. Hello ladies i have short relaxed hair and i saw this at Walmart for4.49 decided to try it in the Blue Black, loved the results it is indeed a deep black shade didnt leave my hair fried,no offensive smell

  7. i've been using colorsilk in dark mahogany brown for 2 years now & i love it!!!! it's the perfect red brown color that i like in my naturally mousy brown hair. & for around $4 a box (& i need 2 for my long hair), it's buying 2 hair colors for the price of one!! after reading this post, im going to look for it in my drugstore & see if they have a similar color to dark mahogany brown. & for $6.50 a box isn't too bad of a deal either, especially when i'll need two boxes.

  8. love the buttercream line. i use it in 12BB and my hair looks amazing. i didnt care for there colorsilk line at all. but this one is a winner.

  9. I use the Light Golden Brown, 54G shade to color "out" all of my white beard and mustache hairs. I leave it "in" for 90 minutes before washing out and the result is a rich and beautiful medium-dark brown color. My new "image" includes shaving my head "bald" for the Kojak look. My friends say I look 15-20 years younger. And I am pleased that I don't have the nasty ammonia smell to deal with! I love this product!


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