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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

A few of you were kind enough to call my attention to the fact that my beloved Holy Grail facial exfoliator, St. Ives Green Tea Scrub, is on clearance at CVS for 50% off (thanks again for that tip!). Upon hearing this news, I immediately had two thoughts::

"Ooooh, time to stock up!"


"Oh no. Please do NOT tell me this product is being discontinued."

Well the other day at Rite Aid I practically did cartwheels in the aisle when I saw this:

Actually, if inanimate objects could talk (and emit pink hearts into the air), I'm sure my beloved St. Ives Green Tea Scrub would have said this:

 OK, back to reality:

This product was not discontinued, just repackaged! It looks like they just changed the name from "Naturally Clear" to "Blemish Control." Whew! Can you feel my happiness pouring through your screen right now??

To see my original review of this product (which I love more than any other facial scrub ever) click here.


  1. I had the same thought. I recently, like just last night, saw this 50% off at my local grocery store (albertson's). Not my go to place for anything beauty, but I quickly picked one up just in case it was getting discontinued.

  2. I use the Apricot scrub, and I don't find it too harsh at all, in fact I really enjoy the texture, but It'd be awesome if it had salicylic acid in it for my acne prone skin! Also, I adore green tea, what green tea does, and how it smells! Which makes me think I need this instead!

    So, question. Do u think that this scrub will be too gentle for me? Lol! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I like to feeeeel my scrubs, scrubbing! I'm assuming its more gentle than the apricot scrub, considering how huge and sharp the shells are, and I wouldn't mind a slightly less abrasive feel, I just don't want to lose all feeling...

    Please, LMK...I'm actually hittin up the DS with the BF tonight, and would love to pick up a potential HG tonight!! :D

    I think that was the most acronyms I've ever used in one sentence! Lol!

    Thanks, G!!

    BTW, while I'm already typing this insanely long comment, I should add that you've reached "Fave Blogger" status for me! Honestly, I feel kinda bad for ignoring some of my other faves! Lol! Just wanted u to know I appreciate what u do for us readers, and really look forward to checking ur blog each day! ...and all night! Lol

    1. Hiya Simone, they actually DO have an apricot scrub that contains SA. I picked up a triple pack back in the summer at Target. :)

    2. Say what?!
      Lol. Ill be on the lookout!
      Thanks :)

  3. I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control, have you ever tried it? I wonder how it comapares to this, I just ran out of mine, so I wonder if I should check the Green Tea scrub out instead.

  4. Oooh, I saw this (and tons of other stuff) on clearance at the local grocery stores this week!

  5. Based on your reviews I picked up the scrub and used it for the first time tonight, I am in love!! Maybe I can snag a few 50% off ones!

  6. My CVS offered them at 75%. I picked up 2.

  7. I picked up 2 bottles for 75% off at CVS. (Houston, TX) I hope the price goes down in other cities.

  8. Hi Simone
    If u like n r used to the apricot scrub, then u might find the green tea one not " scrubby" enough. I used the apricot one long time ago , maybe over 8 yrs. I don't know if the size of scrub n texture has changed. It was too harsh for me. I used the green tea one few months ago n I didn't even feel like I'm scrubbing enough. It's too gentle granted I dont have sensitive skin. The best one I tried is " beyond belief" ABH scrub purchased at Sally. It's got the best texture n graininess .

  9. This is funny : ) Your scrub loves you !

  10. As usual thanks for the information! Just as I was deciding to try a new scrub My CVS actually has it for 75% of. Luckily I got the last one.


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